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SDCC | Sam Raimi Reveals He’s Writing ‘Evil Dead’ TV Series

evil dead ash with chainsaw

Appearing today at Comic-Con International in his role as producer of the video game adaptation The Last of Us, filmmaker Sam Raimi surprised the audience by revealing he’s writing an Evil Dead television show with Bruce Campbell, Rob Tapert and his brother Ivan Raimi.

Alas, not other details were offered. As Empire reports, “Raimi said no more than that, but it was something of a bolt out of the blue.”

Given the rise of original programming on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Yahoo! Screen, and the increased interest in genre projects by cable channels, it does some like a good time for Raimi to bring his gory horror franchise to the small screen. And, as Empire points out, he and Campbell have been trying to put together some kind of Evil Dead project for a while now.


  • Openmindedpositivity

    Wow. I’m so excited. This has the potential to be epic!

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