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SDCC | Legendary Sends King Kong to ‘Skull Island,’ Confirms Edwards For ‘Godzilla 2′

king kong

Legendary Pictures is staying in the giant-monster business.

During its presentation today at Comic-Con International, the production banner behind this year’s Godzilla reboot confirmed that director Gareth Edwards will return for the sequel — putting to rest any doubts about his involvement after signing on to helm one of the Star Wars spinoffs.

Vulture reports Legendary CEO Thomas Tull also showed a video reminiscent of the Godzilla opening-credits sequence, depicting “classified” footage of Rodan, Mothra, and Ghidorah. “Now we have more monsters to play with,” he said, “and we’re excited about it.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Legendary also delighted the Hall H crowed with footage of an ancient island that ended with the reveal of a roaring King Kong. That was followed by a tweet that announced, “Prepare to explore the mysterious and dangerous Skull Island. In theaters November 4, 2016.”


  • Enough Already

    Maybe its me, but I swear I just saw a big budget King Kong remake in the past decade. These studios are getting more and more desperate for attention.

  • Chris Zaun

    bring back kong!

  • Chris Schillig

    I’m curious to see if SKULL ISLAND is a remake or a prequel. I hope for the latter. Either way, it’s intriguing.

  • Hypestyles

    no more gorillas.

  • Statham

    And? You saw three Batman movies plus a reboot version of him in ten. I think there’s room for more Kong.

  • Jason Hall

    its going to be a Prequal . It will be based on a book and will tell what happened to the other Kong’s and how he is the only one left

  •!/ David R. Schmitt

    That was over a decade ago. Memory starting to fade?

  • PietroMaximoff

    well… it was horrible.. maybe that’s why they are making another one.

  • IrmaWClark

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  • BeastieRunner

    I thought they said it was a prequel?

  • 2005

    It was actually in 2005, 9 years ago. How’s your memory? You should really look these things up first.