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‘Batman V Superman’ Most Talked-About Film of Comic-Con

wonder woman gal gadotAlthough it will be some time before the box office has its say — and isn’t that what really counts? — it’s already clear which film won over fans at Comic-Con International.

According to information provided to Variety by research firms Mashwork and Way to Blue, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was the most talked-about film on Twitter following Saturday’s Hall H presentation that debuted the first footage and the first photo of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

About 73 percent of reactions to the footage considered it “amazing”; the official image of Gadot was retweeted more than 7,000 times. Wonder Woman was also the most talked-about superhero of the convention, with 149,316 mentions on Twitter.

Mad Max: Fury Road is being considered the sleeper hit of the show because of positive reactions to the teaser trailer.

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron received 173,782 Twitter mentions, earning the fifth spot in the rankings, behind Batman v Superman, Mad Mad, The Hobbit and Guardians of the Galaxy.



  • lewis4510

    I believe if Marvel had shown a picture of the Vision other than that silhouette they would’ve generated more buzz. Unless the final version isn’t ready yet.

  • amp69

    About time she gets the respect she’s entitled to!

  • Not surprised

    Wonder Woman is one of the most well know superheroes of all time. Marvel’s news was spread over 3 films. Plus they can only announce the first Avengers movie one time. Its going to really hard to top that EVER just like DC is going to have a hard time topping the first time their Big 3 were in the same film. Its the downside of setting the bar too high.

  • braun

    glad they’re bringing Xena back but I feel like it was a slap in the face to Lucy Lawless not even inviting her to the panel

  • todd

    I love Gadot’s costume and that film footage was amazing. I can’t wait for Batman v Superman.

  • Chuck777

    Wonder Woman stole the buzz. Deservedly so. The outfit looks great and Gadot has definitely bulked up since the announcement (hopefully the process will continue as I would not mind seeing more muscle definition).

    Marvel started at a deficit since they were promoting three movies, rather than one, and two of which starred fairly obscure characters (compared to Batman, Supes and WW). It would have helped if Marvel had leaked the Avengers 2 footage.

  • Will of the Nerds

    I like the costume, but like Superman’s I’d definitely want it to get some brighter colours eventually. It’s good to see Gadot put on some muscle. The only thing I know her from is some Fast NAND Furious movie that I left playing when it was on TV one time, and she was ultra-thin there.

    It’s good to see WW being talked about, but I don’t think it’s because of any epic Badassery of the movie’s. I mean, it’s called “Batman V Superman”. A movie with that name revealing anything is going to be big. But the film also has the big three, who are much, MUCH more engrained into pop culture than any of the Avengers are. And then there’s the whole “Dawn of Justice” thing, just to make it clear what this movie is. It’s no surprise at all that this film was the most talked about.

    Still, I’m much more excited for Ant-Man. I didn’t like Avengers that much, but I’m still looking forward to a more interesting plot in Avengers 2, and I’m saying this as someone who much preferred DC comics (actual comics, not the company… Ugh naming…) a few years ago, albeit they were pre-New 52 things, and Smith’s DC films do have the New 52 feel.

  • TheWolverine

    Ha! Good one.

  • PietroMaximoff

    hell yeah! teen wolf!! XD
    lol it’s set higher than Avengers 2? can’t believe it! still, awesome!

  • Leandro Arteaga Vega

    More buzz? yes, but more buzz than WW I doubt it

  • Thiago Rosa

    Now tell us how many of those mentions said “WW movie costume looks like crap”

  • shaunn

    I just read about Gal Gadot’ s facebook post praying for IDF soldiers as they invade and bombard Gaza. She doesn’t mention the Palestinians being killed at all. That is really sad. It’s bad enough Zach Snyder chose a former IDF soldier to play Wonder Woman; now she shows that she is a nationalist bigot. I make a point of drawing a line between what artists do/say in their private lives and their art. But it is guaranteed that if this woman had been giving her support to apartheid in South Africa, it would have evoked a lot more condemnation and outrage.

  • hanson724

    I don’t see how praying for her own people makes her a bigot

  • Rip Hunter

    Nearly ALL Israelis are formerly soldiers. Hard to hold that against her. Plus, wouldn’t it make her character portrayal more believable?

  • Rip Hunter

    I don’t believe so at all. More women (if not all) know about Wonder Woman than any other comic character.

  • Cylon

    And people still call it a COMIC con…