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Peter Jackson Weighs in on King Kong Reboot ‘Skull Island’

Step aside, Peter Jackson, there’s a new King in town.

The filmmaker, who directed 2005’s King Kong, was asked to weigh in on the newly announced King Kong reboot Skull Island, from Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures. It’s rumored that Joe Cornish is the top choice to direct, but as with most Legendary-associated projects, Guillermo del Toro is a name floated around by fans.

In an interview with Collider, Jackson gave his thoughts on Skull Island, and what he would think of del Toro as director; the two filmmakers have history, of course, having collaborated on The Hobbit series before del Toro moved on.

“If Guillermo did King Kong, that would be great. That would be fantastic,” Jackson said. “I’ll be there on the first day, and will help him with anything he needs. I’ve always wondered, if in my lifetime, whether we’re going to see The Lord of the Rings film remade, or The Hobbit remade. How long will it actually last or survive until someone remakes it? It will be interesting to see. But with Kong, we were the ones who remade it for the third time.”

It doesn’t seem likely that del Toro will direct Skull Island, if for no other reason than his already incredibly busy slate. But Jackson’s views on rebooting King Kong (a film he himself rebooted, and a film that had already been rebooted before his involvement), and on movie reboots in general, are still pretty interesting.

Whether it’s Cornish or del Toro, someone will be chosen to direct Skull Island in the near future; the film is due in theaters on Nov. 4, 2016.


  • the_Hold_Steady

    This is going to be a reboot that does not culminate with the Empire State Building precisely so that the big ape is left alive for a potential “King Kong vs Godzilla” movie sometime down the road.

  • BeastieRunner

    People need to learn the difference between the words, “reboot,” and, “remake.”

  • Melwing

    They, also, need to learn, how to, use, “commas”.

  • Ewan

    The word ‘reboot’ was used to many times in this article for my liking.
    Or is that just a sign of the times?

  • Melwing


  • BeastieRunner

    My usage was correct and intentionally tedious in reference to the number of times the word reboot was used. I’m glad it went over your head. :-)

  • Melwing

    No, your usage was not correct.

  • BeastieRunner

    Prove it. I’ll give you a no prize.

  • Joe

    As with all announced projects this is a long shot. I really doubt we will see a King Kong vs Godzilla movie come out of this. In the recent movies, Jackson;s Kong was not much bigger then a two story house, while the 2014 Godzilla is about 100 meters tall.

  • Benjamin Statham

    Prequel to P. Jackson’s film? Anyone ever read ‘The Island of the Skull’? Could follow that story…
    Could also be a terrible and fantastical remake where Kong is 200 feet tall and can fight the new Godzilla… But that would be TERRIBLE.