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Kate Mara Wraps Production on ‘Fantastic Four,’ Shares Cast Photo

kate mara fantastic four selfie

Kate Mara has finished filming her role as the Invisible Woman in Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four.

The actress tweeted the above photo along with the message, “That’s a wrap on #FantasticFour! Thanks to my boys @Miles_Teller @michaelb4jordan @1jamiebell for the fun times …” That’s, from left, Mikes Teller (Mr. Fantastic), Michael B. Jordan (Human Torch) and Jamie Bell (The Thing).

Teller added in a tweet of his own, “And that’s a wrap on the lovely & talented @_KateMara. They couldn’t have picked a better invisible woman for me to lust after.”

Although Mara alarmed fans of the Marvel comics property last month when she was quoted as saying Trank told her the plot of the Fox reboot “won’t be based on any history of anything already published,” producer Simon Kinberg was quick to clarify, “I actually think that this Fantastic Four movie is sort of a celebration of all the Fantastic Four comics that have preceded it.”

Fantastic Four opens June 15, 2015.


  • samuel

    Already done filming her parts? Have they released pics of them in costume or anything? They keeping things that under wraps?

  • dekko

    I’m sure she wrapped first because they don’t need her for all the times that she’s invisible… ;)

  • Relâmpago, o de fléche

    I guess they said there won’t be any costume. But I might be wrong, since I’m not following the news on that matter.

  • Sean Walsh

    From what I’ve read there may not be any costumes.

  • Josiah Silas Michael

    I was unphased by most of the controversy around this movie but expected it to pay off when we got sweet promo images and a badass trailer, but… wth? Where is it? There’s litereally nothing for even the most open minded person to be excited about yet.

  • CaptainWhitebread

    The FF didn’t have costumes for their first two issues, so that’s no big deal to me.

  • RobotShlomo

    That photo says to me one thing; it’s a gigantic “F’ you” to everyone who’s been lambasting this film. Especially the fake smile by Michael B. Jordan (god I’m sick of him). I’m sure he’s making a jerking motion under the frame. If they could have gotten away with flipping off the camera, they would have.

  • Shokdiesel

    Umm…did you have your tinfoil hat on when typing that comment? Damn. I haven’t heard something this convoluted since trying to figure who the 3rd Summers Brothers was….

  • RobotShlomo

    “Summers Brothers”? If you’re going to go completely hipster and use an anachronistic reference to show how well versed and “open minded” you are, at least get it right.

  • Chuck777

    Sounds like she’s barely in the film.

  • Valeria Kementari

    Watch Fox piss on Marvel’s First Family while in retaliation they cancel the comic.

  • Ben Richardson

    I don’t think they understand how genetics work.

  • Gruff

    Whatever, Simon. The films were terrible and had nothing to do with science and exploration.Which is every reason the fantastic four are great story builders in the marvel universe.

  • Mark Kuykendall

    I do rather like Kate Mara.

  • Agent HUNK

    not one person looks even a little bit like the character ….

  • Ederson Nunes

    I´m not going to watch this movie.

  • G

    Should have let Mr. Fanastic take the picture. Would have been a better selfie…

  • J.p. Ducey

    We dont even know if they have their ACTUAL powers in this movie….

  • J.p. Ducey

    I have a feeling this will knock off Ang Lee’s HULK as the all-time worst comic book adaptation from the Big 2. As unbearable as Ang Lee’s HULK is…..he didn’t intentionally F it up. He tried something different, when this Golden Age of superhero movies was still in it’s infancy, and it didn’t work. He’s commented on it since then and talked about how bad it turned out and what he would have done differently if he could go back. It almost feels like Josh Trank is pissing on this film deliberately just to sabotage Marvel. I’m sure that not his true intention, he must want to make a good film, but he seems totally out of touch with the source material and Fox apparently didn’t have the balls to tell him that. He comes off as an arrogant d*ck who wants to make the movie HIS WAY no matter what and won’t listen to anyone else’s advice. Then when people started voicing how unimpressed they were with all of news that has come out about this film, he became very defensive and somewhat insulted the fan base. Not a smart move. Honorable mentions for worst Superhero movies from the big two goes to Green Lantern, Elektra, and Ghost Rider: Spirits of Vengeance.

  • Spiderrob

    I think Rodger Corman thinks this looks bad lol !

  • Jay

    And I don’t think you understand how adoption works.

  • Roddy

    Really? Hulk worse than Batman and Robin or Catwoman? Seriously?

  • Chuck777


    Hulk was a bad movie but it isn’t even near the bottom of the “bad super hero films” list. Heck, to be honest, it is probably in the middle of the pack.

  • John

    I really want this movie to be good but the more I hear from the cast and crew the less likely I think that will be.

  • Blogvader

    This movie is going to suck.

  • TheWolverine

    That’s the point. They were never adopted.

  • Steve Sierer

    Yes, worse than ANY of them. I’m the biggest comic book movie mark I know, have seen every super hero flick since Superman the movie (Yes; EVERY), and I would happily dig out my bootleg copy of Roger Corman’s FF or even subject myself to Bat-nipples than go anywhere near this aborted fetus of film making….

  • TheWolverine

    What has me disappointed is this air of almost embarrassment that the producers, director and actors have about the source comic. A large portion of comic based films have at least showed some form of reverence and credit due for being able to adapt them into film to begin with. As you’ll recall even Howard the Duck had a fairly good adaptation made back in the day( and maybe another in the near future?)

  • Roddy

    Hulk was not a good movie but there were great scenes in it, I defy you to give me even one great scene from Catwoman. And B&R is just unwatchable. Hulk is Citizen Kane next to those two.

  • J.p. Ducey

    I said “Golden Age” which is really from 1998 – Present starting with BLADE, so I wasn’t counting the Superman or Batman Quadrilogy, but if I had my choice I would watch Batman and Robin over Ang Lee’s HULK every time. I’ve never seen Catwoman but I dont think any respectable fan would include it when talking about Superhero movies. It doesn’t even feature a single comic character.

  • J.p. Ducey

    Batman and Robin is at least good for a laugh! Ang Lee’s Hulk is agonizing. It’s also 2 hours and 20 mintues so based on that fact alone I’d rather watch a shorter terrible movie than a longer terrible movie.