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Paul Feig Rumored For Female-Led ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot

ghostbusters-logoIf the Ghostbusters franchise must live on, at least it looks like it will move forward in very interesting hands.

Paul Feig, the director behind the hilarious Bridesmaids and The Heat, as well as one of the creative masterminds behind the brilliant but short-lived Freaks & Geeks, is being targeted to direct Sony’s next Ghostbusters movie, according to various reports. However, there are differing points of view on the exact nature of the movie.

According to TheWrap, Feig is in talks with Sony to direct Ghostbusters 3, featuring a female-driven lineup of Ghostbusters. However, Variety contends Feig’s movie is not the long-rumored Ghostbusters 3, but a reboot. In their words: “Feig is not helming ‘Ghostbusters 3′ or another sequel, in any sense of the word, as has been incorrectly reported.”

Regardless of the nature of the film, it seems agreed that Feig’s take would center on comedic actresses in the Ghostbuster roles. The news, which broke over the weekend, was met with the usual dose of online skepticism, which Feig challenged on Twitter:

For now, there are no official director, casting or release date announcements regarding the next Ghostbusters film — but all signs indicate that it’s now a matter of when, not if, another Ghostbusters moves forward.


  • lewis4510


  • BeastieRunner

    If this ever gets made, (which it won’t) I wonder which lead will get recast as female? Peter, Ray, Egon, or Winston? Egon and Winston would be the safe bets. A female Peter might be kind of fun …

  • kneelb4zod24

    So which role will the unfunny fat chick get?

  • David Fullam

    That idea scares the living hell out of me!