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‘Profoundly Grateful’ James Gunn Starts Work on ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2′

james gunn

Director James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a massive hit, grossing $94 million in its opening weekend at the North American box office and setting a new record for the best-ever August debut. But while the money’s nice, Gunn doesn’t share his characters’ mercenary mentality.

In a Facebook post, he says he’s much more focused on a different aspect of Guardians of the Galaxy‘s success:

“I am of course happy with all the film has accomplished box-office-wise. But what touches me the most is that the film I told the folks at Marvel I wanted to make two years ago is the film that you’re seeing in theaters today – it’s that so many of you seem to be directly EXPERIENCING the film I INTENDED. The cast, the producers, the crew, and I felt like we were making something special while we were making it. But it is very rare that a director’s INTENTIONS in creating a film, or a scene, or a character, or a line of dialogue are, seemingly, specifically what is experienced by an audience (not to mention critics!), and that seems to be what has happened here. You have allowed a talking raccoon – for a moment, a minute, or a day – to make you a little more human. And for that, I am profoundly grateful.”

Gunn is channeling that gratitude by putting his fingers to the keyboard, working hard on making Guardians of the Galaxy 2 into a reality:

“I’ve spent this weekend hard at work on the sequel. I couldn’t help myself! The results are nice but it’s really the creative process I love and that keeps me going. I’m on fire with this thing! The Guardians have so many hardships and heartaches and triumphs ahead of them, and I can’t wait to share them with all of you.”

The Guardians of the Galaxy sequel arrives July 28, 2017.


  • Mr November

    He has talent, but hopefully he can learn from the mistakes of the first film.
    It was good film till right at the climax they had Peter/Star Lord dancing and singing to stop Ronan. Completely destroyed all the tension and excitement all for a cheap joke. Judging by the collective groan in the cinema a lot of people where not impressed (but that just one cinema screen).

    Not first time a marvel film has shot itself in the foot for a cheap awkward joke at the most inappropriate time. but after winter solider I thought maybe they’d of learned they don’t need to insert a lame joke in every 10 minutes to keep the audience entertained.

  • MZ

    Opposite experience. It stayed light-hearted and FUN (Take some notes, other superhero movies) right until the climax, and people in MY theatre were dying of laughter. Every single other movies does the crazy action and fight scene at the end. I’m grateful something unique was done and done well to boot.

    Anecdotes only go so far, but I know I personally loved it and the humour never once fell flat with me. And from what I’m reading online, even that dance-off is looked upon favourably on the message boards.

    James Gunn, make the movie you want please. You deserve it!

  • CosmoThe Spacedog

    Great movie! I loved the classic 80’s syfy feel & music. It felt like Indiana Jones meets Star Wars.

  • Brady

    To be fair, that was a total Star Lord thing to do. He was so well portrayed in this movie, I was very impressed. While it may have seemed like a cheap joke to some people who are not as familiar with the character, fans of the comics and such know that it’s not too far out there for him to do.

  • GotG Fanboi

    I think a lot of people didn’t realize that Quill is a cornball and I think Chriss Pratt got it perfect

  • BeastieRunner

    Fans of the 2008 DnA/Giffen Star-Lord (which the movie is based off on), not the 1970s version, were happy. Just thought I should clarify.

    But Peter has always been an a-hole, but not 100% a dick. ;-) So that was good.

  • BeastieRunner

    That’s how you do a dance scene, Spider-Man!

  • percane

    to me it was star wars meets the avengers by way of hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy

  • CosmoThe Spacedog

    Bring on Richard Ryder aka. Nova! I would also love to see Vance Astro aka. Major Victory, Bug, Cosmo The Spacedog (incert celebrity voice), Adam Warlock & The Soul Gem, Moondragon, & Michael Korvac as the main villain.

  • Brady

    Well I mean I don’t think I believe ANYONE is 100% a dick…

  • Dave

    Um, not in my movie theater, there a ton of laughs for that. You’re a god damn liar who makes up shit to make your singular opinion substantiated.

  • Jason

    Loved that line! lol

  • Manuel J Maura

    I really want them to insert Cosmo and Bug. Mantis would add some funny sexual tension with Peter Quill too.

  • Mr November

    but i am a fan (well of Abnett and Lanning era) and I still didn’t think it was right.

    I don’t think it was an issue with the character. Rather, I think it was an issue with writing/direction/tone of the scene. Gunn spent a lot of time building up the tension and excitement in the final battle only for it too be instantly lost, and then only seconds later Gunn is asking the audience to go back to taking it serious again with Peters almost sacrificing himself. the tone shifts far to quickly and for no reason, as result that one jokes ruins the impact of scenes that before and will come after.

    I actually have no problem with Pratt or the humour in this film.
    The humour in this marvel film was for once pretty good. I was dreading it being as bad Iron man 3 or Thor 2.

  • Mr November

    well I did say: “Judging by the collective groan in the cinema a lot of people where not impressed (but that just one cinema screen).” as make clear I was making a opinion based on the limited evidence so to avoid getting “Your Wrong, I’m Right Screw You” internet reactions. but I didn’t know you where my cinema screen. Screen 1 at the AMC Manchester, UK at 19:30 screening. Never heard anyone describe it as a movie theatre, sounds more of american thing ;)

  • Mr November

    Pratt was great, Knew he would be the second he was cast. was more disappointed at nathan fillion cameo in the film

  • Tophman

    I was extremely disappointed when Cosmo didn’t “talk” at the post-credits scene and ‘consoled’ his captor. You’d also expect that he’d be a little miffed that the Collector had stuck him in a box for around 5 decades. I was expecting to hear something along the lines of, “I tink someone put you in box and see how you liking it” and as the Collector looks around to find who said that, Cosmo walks by and pees on his leg.

    Perhaps this simple act of kindness at the end will urge the Collector to ‘enhance’ him so that he’d have a loyal assistant. ;)

  • oblivion328

    Were you actually expecting him to fight Ronan? Ronan could have massacred all of them at once even without the Infinity Stone.