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Simon Kinberg Helped Josh Trank Land ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff Job

If you’re excited for Josh Trank’s Star Wars spinoff, there’s someone you should thank: Simon Kinberg.

Kinberg and Trank are collaborators on Fox’s upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. Furthermore, Kinberg is part of Lucasfilm’s Star Wars brain trust, helping to write some of the films, as well as the Star Wars Rebels animated series. Speaking with Slash Film, Kinberg revealed that he was the one who connected Trank and Lucasfilm.

“I spoke very highly of Josh to the Lucasfilm guys. They were interested in him because he, like Rian [Johnson, director of Episode VIII] and like Gareth [Edwards, director of a 2016 spin-off], is very much that next generation filmmaker,” Kinberg said. “He comes from a background of making a big movie without a big budget. Which I think is also, not that these movies … they’ll have huge budgets, but the sort of the tradition that George [Lucas] started was somebody that came from making American Graffiti to making a huge science fiction movie. And so there was some of that sort of vibe I know Lucasfilm likes about these new filmmakers. But yeah, I definitely was involved in that process.”

As for whether Trank and Kinberg will carry their working relationship from Fantastic Four to Star Wars, the writer/producer played coy: “I think we will, in one form or another, be working together again.” Sounds promising.

There’s no word on when Trank’s Star Wars film will hit theaters; for now, look forward to his next effort in the form of Fantastic Four, in theaters on June 19, 2015.


  • neonrideraryeh

    It will be found footage movie where a few guys (including Michael B. Jordan) discover they have Jedi powers. Apparently that’s the only movie Trank knows how to make.

  • kitty

    josh trank is the darth vader of tenants! he destroyed a historic home in baton rouge. he shared it with his dogs and he left it urine and feces infested, causing major damage!

  • FF Fan

    The guy that wrote XXX:State of the Union and X:Men 3 shouldn’t be recommending hiring anyone…EVER

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