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Wesley Snipes Reflects on ‘Blade’ and Its Influence on Marvel

He’s no longer slaying vampires and trying to ice skate uphill, but Wesley Snipes still has a lot to say about his time with the Blade franchise.

In an interview with The Telegraph to promote The Expendables 3, Snipes looked back on playing Blade across three movies, and how that franchise helped to fuel the current success enjoyed by Marvel Studios.

“There were empires and institutions that were built off the Blade franchise,” he said. “I mean, look at Marvel now, to this day. It’s a megalith!”

Snipes said he would be “in a whole different ball game” with his career had he understood the potential of Blade as a franchise while he was working on those films.

“You know, if I would have understood the potential of … doing, or adapting comic book characters to feature films, and also the tie-in to gaming and digital technology, when I was doing the first Blade films, then I’d be in a different business now,” he said.

Although he looks back on the Blade character in fondness, there’s one aspect of that era Snipes is glad to have behind him: Blade Trinity, the trilogy’s maligned final act, written and directed by David S. Goyer. Snipes said he wasn’t disappointed when Blade Trinity debuted to soft numbers and harsh criticism — because he expected that outcome to begin with.

“Bad ingredients going in, bad cake coming out,” he said. “If you’ve got sour milk going in your cake, you’re going to get sour cake.”

Snipes appears in The Expendables 3 (not as a half-vampire vampire slayer), in theaters this weekend.


  • mel

    There was no Blade 3 in my mind.

  • ElWaldorf

    Even Snipes knew David S. Goyer is bad news.

  • James Page

    When we say something like “David S. Goyer is bad news” what do we mean and specific to Blade (and comic movies in general)? One of the major problems with the comic movie is to create in them what is called the “adult story line”. Most of the people who we want to play anywhere from 6-9.00 dollars a ticket to see one of these movies must have something with which they can possibly connect with otherwise we get the complaints of how unrealistic these movies are. What I think helps to mitigate that kind of thing (until the creative impulse comes along which will find a way to deal with it more directly) is the interaction and relations of the characters when not fighting the villain and also that the villain is not just a one-dimensional stock “bad guy”. We all know Bryan Singer almost ruined the X-Man franchise and thank god for Marvel because the history of the comic guarantees that some idiot with a Joel Lovett let’s kill off Jean Grey, Cyclops and Professor X…yeah, that’s the ticket idea can’t really destroy the character or series (thank god for re-boots) so when we say someone is bad news say why they were just as we say when they are genius “like Joss Whedon and family” we say that. Joss Whedon and the Gross brothers seem to get it regarding comics. Many of these other idiots wanting to be “director-producers” don’t.

  • David Fullam

    Wow Snipes, got ego much?

  • Marc McFly

    from what I read it was Snipes own fault to a huge degree, that Blade 3 was a crappy movie. Patton Oswalt stated similar things… its easy to hate on the director, especially if its goyer, but Snipes unwillingness to cooperate on set and all those other nightmares you can read online certainly didnt help.

  • Investigatind Detective

    You do know Singer made X2 and DoFP right? X-Men 3 (:Abomination) was directed by Brett Ratner. I agree with your point but lay blame where it goes. And Goyer is a hack. Not much better than Ratner actually.

  • Investigatind Detective

    Very true. I’ve read a lot about Snipes being a pain in the ass. That said, you could’ve have the most cooperative person in the world and with Goyer’s script and “direction” the end result would’ve been the same. Snipes wasn’t wrong about that part.

  • Alton

    Also has he paid taxes lately?

  • Chuck777

    Blade had less to do with the success of superhero movies and more to do with the continued success of vampire movies.

  • Convoy

    No it had a lot. For Marvel, out of all their characters, this was the first movie that was a hit. It did light a fire under Marvel.

  • Laetitia Soler

    It’s mainly because they have very different attitudes.Goyer is known for having a very stereotypical view of nerds and geeks,he makes movies for them,but he thinks himself above them and doesn’t want to be associated with them.He also displays a fondamental lack of understanding of the source material (She-Hulk porn star comments,no bisexual Constantine,etc)Joss Whedon and Kevin Feige are not only working in the industry for a living,they love it and are huge fans themselves.They have a very good grasp on the material they want to bring to the screen.Just look at Agent’s of Shield,it had a borring first season but once it was over,people agreed that it was just bad timing,that there where to many restrictions because of upcoming movies and that everyone involved in the series,actually made a decent job.

  • Brian White

    He needs to stop whining about Blade Trinity. He ruined his own career because of his bitterness about sharing the spotlight. Hannibal King and Abigail Whistler were excellent support characters.

    The problem with the plot was the attempt to retconn Dracula, not the characters.

  • Brian White

    He paid his debt other ways. Don’t movie studios withhold taxes when they pay their actors?

  • ID304


  • akkadiannumen

    Yeah, he really screwed the pooch. Blade could have saved him from doing at least some of the crap he’s done in the last 10 years.

  • Truthseekingmissle

    The same PAtton Oswalt who said nothing in regards to Goyers She-Hulk Porn Comments. Sounds like to me perhaps he made up or embellished half of his Snipes stories to cover up a bad directing job. I mean if Oswalt was such a stand up guy..he would have called his friend on his absurd She-Hulk Comments. But He didn’t.

  • Truthseekingmissle

    LOL. Share the spotlight with a first time director with no clue.

  • Nick Carton

    This is a long comment considering that you haven’t made a single point to validate your opening line. Singer didn’t direct The Last Stand and is credited by most as having made the only good X-Men movies to date. He did make an awful Superman film but it’s hard to judge the man when nobody else has been able to pull it off yet either.
    Blade 3 was the drizzling s***s because Goyer lacked the vision of Del Toro or even Stephen Norrington and tried to mask his short comings with new characters and a comedy heavy script.. It takes only one glance at his Imdb page to see that he is indeed ‘bad news’ for comic movies. Even the Dark Knight movies, which I enjoyed, were so far removed from comic book Batman.

  • Marc McFly

    why would he? he was involved in the blade movie. he wasnt involved in the she-hulk dilemma.

  • tenshi yuki

    Well of course blade trinity was mess, the fact that they try to make the supporting characters take up as much space as the main character was an insult to blade and black actors in general. The same thing sadly happened to his television show on hbo. It’s like if the main lead is black, they are afraid of focusing on him.

  • That Yellow Bastard

    The Blade trilogy is among the best superhero trilogy IMO easily ahead of the Iron Man one

  • PietroMaximoff

    i hate it when they say they knew all along it was a bad movie.
    couldn’t they re script? re-shoot? stop and whine and argue it’s a bad movie and the audience deserve better?

  • William_Spike

    What a dumb comment. Are you even aware of the fact that Goyer also wrote the first two Blades and The Crow?

  • William_Spike

    You try to sound like an experrt but you really dont know anything. Bryan Singer only made the great X-Men films (X1, X2 and DofP) and procuded First Class (another great one): He had absolutely zero to do with X-Men 3. Thanks for that evident display of your incompetence and the confirmation that nothing you say can be taken seriously.

  • William_Spike

    with Batman that was deliberate though. the nolan films were all about putting Batman into a realistic concept. so obviously the comic book elements that did not fit that concept had to go. Nolan never tried to make faithful Batman films so you cant really blame him or Goyer for making Batman films that are not faithful to the comics.

  • Drithien

    How do you know that he didn’t? They are friends, right? They talk to each other frequently; perhaps he did tell him he was wrong about it at some point.

    That is how friendship functions. You talk to your friend; not “call him out.” Why does everything need to be public. So we can have something to gossip about?

    As for Goyer’s comments: they are far from absurd. They are wrong. But not because She-Hulk hasn’t been treated throughout the years as “a giant, green porn star,” but because that was not Stan Lee’s intention with her. She was certainly mishandled quite a bit (lot) in such a fashion through the years though.

    So he made the mistake of assigning blame to the wrong person. The blame is there still. And it is not just She-Hulk, but female characters in general. With the way they were treated in the recent past, and still are quite often.

  • Truthseekingmissle

    Oswalt is known to voice his opinions in social media. He did not say one word.

  • Truthseekingmissle

    His friend Goyer was, however. And Patton has spoken about others things he wasn’t directly involved with..just third person. I am just saying his silence was suspect.

  • Timmy

    The Blade show wasn’t on HBO, it was on Spike tv.

  • Remy

    Snipes knew well, and there are many stories that say he voiced his displeasure with it on the set. I think he may have almost come to blows with Goyer over it. The third act is what killed that movie IMHO.

  • Guest

    He wrote the rough scripts. They were edited later.

  • Grungebreath

    He also wrote Nick Fury – Agent of Shield and the unborn, which I’m guessing you’re not mentioning as they don’t conveniently fit the point you were trying to make. Goyer is TERRIBLE.
    You give him credit for the Crow? He wrote the sequel which was complete rubbish – not the original.