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Did J.J. Abrams Just Confirm a Big ‘Star Wars’ Spoiler?

Never let it be said that J.J. Abrams doesn’t know how to drive the Internet crazy.

The filmmaker, famous for his “Mystery Box” approach to secrecy, is either pulling the curtain back on his Star Wars: Episode VII plans, or leaning into expectations purely to rile up the fan base. The most recent case in point: Abrams announcing the results of the “Star Wars: Force For Change” campaign, by way of a mysterious photo:


The robot hand seemingly ties to recent rumors that the opening scene of Star Wars: Episode VII features a robot hand floating through space, fueling the film’s central mystery. Is Abrams confirming that rumor, or just messing with us? Either way, it’s a pretty fun way to engage with fans.

It’s not the first time Abrams has directly responded to Episode VII rumors by fueling the rumors. When photos of the Millennium Falcon leaked, Abrams released a photo message asking people to stop “making ridiculous claims that the Millennium Falcon is in the movie,” with the photo itself clearly taken inside the Millennium Falcon.


It sure seems like Abrams is having a blast making the movie, or at least tweaking fans. Here’s hoping the energy keeps up as we march toward Episode VII‘s release of Dec. 18, 2015.

(via io9)


  • Trent88

    Just make the freaking movie. This is one of the stupidest things JJ Abrams does, trying to make his movies and shows into big puzzles. That’s why they aren’t particularly good as stories. It’s one thing for a filmmaker to be involved in marketing, it’s another for him to try to make the marketing program. There are really great marketing and PR people involved. They don’t try to make the movie. He shouldn’t try to do their job.

  • Simon DelMonte

    I just hope he doesn’t pay his taxes this way.

  • Get mad nerd

    So mad.

  • astnmartin23

    The rumored opening isn’t Luke’s robot hand floating through space, it’s his actual hand from empire strikes back so this picture is irrelevant and doesn’t confirm anything.

  • Jay

    No, it was his cybernetic hand in the rumoured opening. His cybernetic hand looks ‘real’ though.

  • dregj

    gee JJ thanks for ruining star trek ,
    now if you could just move on to star wars

    we could complete the utter ruin and rape of everything Ive ever loved
    my mother corpse is still available ?

    god bless

  • Carlos Lomas

    The butthurt is strong in this one.

  • Keith Lindow

    I think you have JJ confused with Michael Bay……

  • brett1368

    I only pray what we’ve heard about the SW Episode 7 story is false. Because if the rumors are true, it will probably be the worst Star Wars movie ever made. The concept that Luke Skywalker has not been seen since ROTJ just makes absolutely NO SENSE. Because the WHOLE point of Star Wars — all of them — was Luke redeeming his father. So, if, after learning that Leia is his sister AND Luke finally redeems his father — Luke just up and runs out on the ONLY family he has left — Leia — and doesn’t see her for 30 years? And in that 30 years Han, Leia and Chewie never tried to find him until they find his lightsaber?
    At first I was really excited about this flick but now, it sounds dumber that Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice (if that’s possible). So, if the story floating around the web is true, the new trilogy is going to make the prequels look like academy award winners by comparison.

  • Livnthedream

    What are you talking about, he made great Star Wars movies under the Star Trek label!

  • Cristóbal Jorge Robles

    JJ is under orders from George Lucas to make a trilogy so bad that people will remember 1-6 as the good ol’ days.

  • Gary

    What the hell, dude? Stop being so quick to criticize.

    Maybe Luke, like so many youngsters trying to find themselves, wanted to hike across Europe and just got lost along the way.

    Perhaps Luke, with the loss of his right hand along with his natural masturbation technique, found himself in a 3 decades long depression.

    Of course, there’s always the possibility that Luke finally found the time to go to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters.

    Ye of little faith.

  • Gary

    The prequel was part of the god ol’ days?

  • M’Quve

    Just shut up and make the movie already. Are we to be subject to constant drivel like this for a whole year before the film’s released? If they put half the effort into making good scripts that they put into this kind of nonsense, I would bother to actually see these movies. Makes me nostalgic for the days before the internet when you didn’t hear much about a movie until it was about to be released.

  • Gary

    “Makes me nostalgic for the days before the internet when you didn’t hear much about a movie until it was about to be released.”


  • M’Quve

    Why can’t they just shut up and make the movie. Put less effort into drivel like this and more effort into good story and script. It’s nonsense like this that makes me miss the old days pre-internet when you didn’t hear much about a movie until shortly before its release.
    And as for that new Star Wars logo design, whatever happened to “If it aint broke, don’t fix it.”

  • Gary

    I think you have JJ confused with LL. Momma said knock you out.

    But yeah…Bay blows.

  • Cristóbal Jorge Robles

    No no, that is the point of my comment.

    Currently: Prequel is viewed as bad.

    George Lucas’s Future Goal: New Trilogy so bad, Prequel seems good.


  • Gary

    …oh. It actually seems obvious now.

  • M’Quve

    Maybe Luke’s son finds an old Star Wars arcade game from 1983 and manages to get himself beamed into that world and he finds a reclusive Luke living on a compound like Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now. Hey, it worked for Kevin Flynn.

  • Shawn Patrick

    No, no it wasn’t. It’s his mummified real hand that is considered a “Jedi relic,” according to the rumor and the now-discarded EU.

  • Brad

    How long do you guys think it took him to do this? Five minutes, tops? Relax.

  • Yawantpancakes?

    Why are people surprised by this? This is JJ Abrams MO. He did it with Star Trek. He did it with Cloverfield. A bunch of hype and “secrets” months before the movie drops. And the movie isn’t that great, IMO.

  • cruizerdave

    Such fun! Good on ya J.J.!

  • cruizerdave

    Yeah, how terrible. He’s used this stupid stuff to raise nearly $5 million for the cause of easing human suffering. What a jerk!

  • cruizerdave

    Perhaps you shouldn’t listen to bullshit rumors and just wait for the movie to come out before turning your bitch switch on.

  • Andrew Arnold

    I don’t get the significance of a robot hand… is it supposed to be Luke’s, or Vader’s, or C3PO’s? What the what???

  • Andrew Arnold


  • Troy

    To Josh Wigler…

    Or maybe Abrams is playing you for the fool with purposeful mis-information to keep your prying nose of the trail. Betcha never thought of that now did you?

  • species-521

    Because you’ve seen it like ten times already and know lots of shit that we don’t, right? Damn, I envy you…

  • Trent is a turd

    just stfu Trent88….your just showing what kind of Rtard you are

  • The brain of Brett

    Brett at this point you sound dumber then Batman vs Superman. You believe every goddamn rumor on the internet? f-ing turd burglar.

  • Trent88

    Thank you, everyone. You have confirmed my hope that I am at least independently minded and not a pop-culture lemming who has already decided that his groupthink will prevent him from recognizing that three of six “Star Wars” movies have been unrelievedly awful, that one of the other three is not very good, that JJ Abrams’ films to date have been minimally interesting, and that you’re being conditioned by one of the world’s largest entertainment conglomerates to buy its products. You didn’t learn in 1998 that “Star Wars” does not automatically equal “good,” or even “passable.” JJ Abrams is so in love with his “not Khan,” “not purgatory” ridiculousness that he’s duped you into believing he is the next George Lucas … even though the first George Lucas had a pretty bad batting average. Go ahead, have your fun. You’ve pre-ordained that this is going to be the best movie ever made, even if it stinks.

  • carbonunit

    Stop calling Trent a retard! You are doing a disservice to people with the ailment. Trent just needs to shut the hell up, because, unbeknownst to him, no one on planet Earth gives 2 cents what he thinks.

  • carbonunit

    Most people loved his Star Trek movies. I know I did. I hope he makes more.

  • Trent88

    Apparently you guys care about what I say. Well, look, he did a lame knock-off of Roddenberry, he did a lame knock-off of Spielberg, he even did a six-season lame knock-off of Serling, so I guess it makes sense that now he gets to degrade both Lucas AND Disney in a single movie. Maybe it’ll be good, who knows. But I’ll wait until December 2015 (more likely May 2016 once Disney stops fighting) to find out. I’m sure between now and then there will be lots of puzzles, contests and pointless “intrigue,” rather than the straightforward kind of photos and websites Lucasfilm used to do to keep diehard fans interested. Like they say in “Chicago,” “Give ‘em the old razzle-dazzle, daze and dizzy ‘em.” No one ever did go broke underestimating that American taste, either, did they? Have at it boys. You’ll get the movie you deserve.

  • Trent88

    Thank you for caring. :-)

  • Trent88

    Meesa thinking you sounding rightso!

  • Sentry616

    “ailment”? You need to check your neurotypical privilege son.

  • JC

    So if this is a robot hand that is floating through space at the movie opening, that would not be Luke’s hand, or his lightsabre, as it was his real hand that was cut off at Cloud City. However, DARTH VADER did have a robotic hand, holding a lightsabre, that was sliced into the abyss at the end of ROTJ. Interesting…

  • loder74

    Your rant is dumb.

  • loder74

    The hand in that pic will be attached to Luke in the movie. The “floating” hand will burn up when it enters the atmosphere of the planet it gravitates toward, leaving behind just the lightsaber to be found.

  • Turo Orvel

    I wish there would be fewer people like you.

  • Trent88

    Because then no one could ever harm your perfect world in which JJ Abrams is a cinematic genius despite all evidence to the contrary? Or no one can point out that 2/3 of the “Star Wars” films are genuinely bad?

  • Nieroshai

    This is what sets you off, not a hand refusing to burn up on re-entry?

  • Nieroshai

    Of course, you could go watch original Trek and tell me with a straight face how much better it is.

    TNG at its worst was on par with TOS at its best, and at very least Abrams struck par with TNG’s middling quality.


    ACTUALLY its the lightsaber in the hand thats considered a jedi relic not the hand itself, the hand just happens to be holding the lightsaber still

  • snowcrave

    the roomer is that Luke’s severed hand from empire strikes back is found several years later setting off a search for Luke who for some reason has been missing for 30 years and for some reason nobody has been looking for him. i doubt there are any real hidden clues in this considering that the roomer involves a real human hand and not a robot one.

  • snowcrave

    i would like to point out that the rumor in question involves a severed human hand and not a robotic one.

  • Bill1893

    Well said.

  • Bill1893

    It’s called The Ancient Fear, and has to do with Max Von Sydow’s and likely Andy Serkis’s villain characters. It’s not called “The Mystery of the Missing Jedi Hand” the whole premise of which sounds very dumb. The first script reading photo shows the cast sitting around with the script open to the very beginning, probably Act 1, Scene 1, and the only actors reading actively and engaging JJ are the ones who play Han, his and Leia’s daughter, Chewie, C3P0, and John Boyega’s character. That means the opening scene will involve Han, Chewie, 3P0 and R2, and John Boyega’s character (who may be Lando’s son). It won’t be the kids find a hand on Tatooine. The show will have to be a feel-good reunion fest with the old characters plus an exposition of the new. Luke’s a Jedi master at this time, and a major character (given the filming schedule), and he no doubt has Jedi knights in training, including possibly a son. If the plot is about finding him, little of that could be possible. None of this portends a quest to find Luke from a discovered hand/light saber.

  • DanK

    Why are so many people worried about Luke’s hand?! It was a damn internet rumor. There is no truth to the rumors on how the movie will start or what “relic” will drive the plot. STFU and wait ’till December 2015 before you all start bitcing about the plot.

    And FYI, Star Trek is entertaining but it’s never exactly been “good”. A pioneer in the realm of Sci-Fi/Fantasy for TV and film? Yes. But 80% of the storylines and plots suck. Just admit it to yourself.

  • Andrew Arnold

    Ah, that clears that up… now I’m just vexed by why you corrected your first instance of misspelling ‘rumor’ with ‘roomer’ but you didn’t correct the second one…

  • Cory

    Hollywood is dead, when O?ama took office in 2008 they just fool around and procrastinate until bad movies are releases, with political propaganda… were in a NEW WORLD ORDER, and custom good films and ideas have run out.

  • Cory

    JcPenny= Jesus Christ is worth One Cent/ury?

  • Cory

    But spoken with stylish Czar orgasm.

  • zaracyn

    wait…we’re not going to have “LOST” – like flashbacks in the new Star Wars are we?

  • Dr. Moebius

    JJ is the master for milking a good idea for a year too long. Although, his films are ‘wicked good’ and as far as I’m concerned, he can tweet his ass and we should all just kiss it.

  • Zedro


  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

    What “ailment”, numbnuts? There isn’t one called “retarded”, or whatever you believe it to be called. There is something called Down Syndrome, which is far from an ailment. Go learn what words mean before trying to use them.