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Here’s the Dancing Baby Groot Scene From ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’


If a metric ton of fan art and DIY projects, and that one GIF, aren’t enough to satisfy your demand for Dancing Baby Groot, you’re in luck: Yahoo! Movies has gotten its hands on the much-talked-about sequence from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Yes, I’m aware some readers haven’t yet seen director James Gunn’s blockbuster — although with a domestic haul approaching $194 million, there can’t be too many — but given the ubiquity of Dancing Baby Groot online, I can’t imagine this falls into spoiler territory. He’s a leafy little pop-culture sensation!

“It was initially written as a tag for the very end of the film,” Gunn tells Yahoo!. “But after we shot it, it worked so well I wanted to put it at the actual end of the film so none of the audience would miss it.”

As for the selection of the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back”? It’s the filmmaker’s “favorite pop song ever.” Perhaps that’s why Baby Groot’s dance moves are based on Gunn’s own.

“Baby Groot dancing is 100 percent me,” he says. “I was too embarrassed for anyone to be there, so I made everyone leave the room and I set up a camera and I videotaped myself dancing. Then I sent the video to the animators and had them animate over that. I begged them not to leak the video! Two of my closest friends came to an early screening and said ‘Hey, I recognize those moves! That’s you dancing isn’t it?!’”

Watch the scene below, or at Yahoo! Movies.


  • reptar

    so cute ~_~

  • ElWaldorf

    Well, watching this will be the rest of my evening.

  • steven

    yeah, but people want a dancing baby groot toy. A la the dancing daisies from the 90s.

  • marccoogs

    If Disney wants to dominate Christmas, they will come out with a Dancing Baby Groot toy for the holidays. Its a no brainer.

  • JAck

    No words to express my love for this movie.

  • Sylv Taylor

    Not even Bob Ross could come up with a happier little tree. <3

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