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Katee Sackhoff Downplays Marvel Superhero Rumors


No, Katee Sackhoff isn’t playing a Marvel superhero. At least, not yet.

The Battlestar Galactica veteran found herself in an unusual position last week, having to shoot down rumors that she’s starring in an upcoming Marvel Studios movie, stemming from enigmatic clues she was dropping on Twitter. Despite fans’ wishes to the contrary, Sackhoff isn’t in line for a Marvel role. However, that doesn’t mean she’s not interested.

“As of this moment, I have not sat down with anybody from Marvel for any role specifically,” she told Vulture. “But that doesn’t necessarily mean that something with Marvel is completely off the table for the future.”

Sackhoff’s comments seemingly put an end speculation she’ll play Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron. But it also suggests there’s interest on the part of Sackhoff, and of Marvel, to make something happen in the future.

In other words, there’s still hope, even if a role isn’t imminent.


  • ResurrectRider

    Hey, its not off of the table…so, that is a plus. Oh, Marvel, please cast her as Carol Danvers.

  • C4darkmane

    she’d be perfect, they could put her in agents of shield as CIA Danvers, the shove her into a film later maybe Avengers 3? and she becomes captain Marvel or ms marvel then. i think she’s cheap enough to start in a TV show but popular enough to hold a film.

  • Matt Schwindt

    No not Danvers. Terrible choice. I can think way better choices.

  • lewis4510

    Remember Paul Rudd’s evasiveness and outright denials over his Ant Man role?We all know how that turned out.

  • Gary Tucker

    I envision her as Power Girl for DC. For Captain Marvel, if they stick with Carol Danvers, then how about Laurie Holden? If they make a switch and go with Monica Rambeau, I would pick Sanaa Lathan.

  • Livnthedream

    She doesn’t have the rack for Power Girl.

  • Jay

    Nobody does.

  • Rob Grundy

    I know a lot of people really want this to happen, but I personally hope it doesn’t. I’m all for a Captain Marvel film, but I don’t like her as an actress. I’m not saying she is objectively terrible, just that I’ve never liked her in anything and don’t have any interest in seeing a movie that is carried predominantly on her shoulders.

  • Chlojack

    If Ms. Marvel does have a cameo in Avengers 2, I wish they’d just announce the actress already. There are a lot of people (especially Katee Sackhoff fans) who are getting their hopes up that their favorite actress might still be in the running.

  • alex

    Katie Power: She’s adult and she’s not taking anything from anyone! :)
    I hope Whitey Whitemane shows up in a Marvel movie someday.

  • Livnthedream

    Fair enough!

  • Don’t mess with the classics

    Wait, Gal Gadot doesn’t have the rack to play Wonder Woman yet she was still cast as her. At least Katee would be believable as Power Girl.

  • Deucifer the Sixth

    So Marvel should spoiler one of their biggest movies half a year in advance just so some random Sackhoff fans don’t get their hopes up?

  • Gime

    I’m glad she doesn’t! I want Katheryn Winnick to play Carol Danvers.