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Marvel’s Kevin Feige ‘Absolutely’ Wants to Make ‘Captain Marvel,’ ‘Black Panther’

If you’re eagerly awaiting Black Panther and Captain Marvel movies from Marvel Studios, here’s some encouraging news right from the source.

Studio President Kevin Feige sat down with IGN for a conversation about current and upcoming projects, including the status of the two aforementioned movies, which have not been announced, but have been widely speculated about and hoped for. The pleas for films centered on T’Challa and Carol Danvers haven’t fallen on deaf ears, apparently, as Feige says he and Marvel “absolutely” want to make those a reality.

“They’re both characters that we like, that development work has been done on; it’s continuing to be done on them,” he said. “It’s a question I get asked more than anything else — more than Iron Man 4, more than Avengers 3. That’s sort of the first time that’s really happened to us. That makes a difference. That’s something we have to pay attention to.”

But just because the interest in Black Panther and Captain Marvel has reached a high point, doesn’t mean Feige and Marvel will alter their plans.

“I’ve always said we have our plan, and it’s served us very well,” he said. “There hasn’t been anything that has made us deviate or change from that based on opinions. Because opinions online change, and they alter, and are based on what limited information they have of behind the scenes.”

That said, Feige concedes things seem different in the case of Black Panther and Captain Marvel.

“In this particular case, I think it’s a groundswell,” he said, “and I think it means something substantial.”

See Feige’s comments for yourself in the video below:


  • David Fullam

    I would like to see Mar Vell first, then Carol Danvers.

  • karlos

    I wanna see Shang Chi!

  • lewis4510

    Her origin can be streamlined that it doesn’t include Mar-Vell at all. I know it sucks for fans of the character. He’s been dead in the comics for years. They’ve tried to resurrect him numerous times but it’s never stuck.

  • Jon Grasseschi

    Speaking solely for myself, I would rather never see Mar-Vell. The dude has a legacy that I don’t feel he ever earned, and I never found him that interesting.

    Danvers is the better character, frankly, and the one I’m more likely to drop ten bucks to see in a theater.

  • nin

    Danvers has never caught on either despite the relentless hype (see perpetual low sales). Mar Vell I would go see, Danvers no.

  • Codename: David

    Yes! I want to see Captain Marvel in the silver screen soon :D

  • blu girl

    Agreed. Mar-Vell very much felt like he was created just so Marvel could snatch up the rights to the name Captain Marvel. Carol is a much more interesting character. Even without her own title she usually appears in an Avengers book. As much as people claim they care about Mar-Vell there’s a reason he was killed off and rarely brought back. Although I’m sure if a Captain Marvel movie is planned and he’s part of it Marvel will find a reason to bring him back from the dead :(

  • Robb Welch

    I just don’t see why we can’t do both. Air Force Captain Danvers comes across Kree infiltrator Captain Mar-vell, changes his mind, during their adventure he sacrifices himself and she gets her powers somewhere in there [i’d prefer it if she didn’t “inherit” them and they somehow manifested before he dies, that way she still stands on her own feet]. Dedicates herself as Captain Marvel in tribute.

  • Robb Welch

    You’d think that if Black Panther and Captain Marvel interest and demand were so high, their sales numbers wouldn’t be so abysmal. While I absolutely want to see these movies, it seems like the demand is more in the form of people feeling that it would fulfill a social justice than actual entertainment interest.

  • Alex Rolette

    My only thought towards him saying this over and over is that they are phase 3 movies and he’s not revealing them because that’d spoil plot in Age of Ultron.

  • Carter Hall

    Isn’t superherodom kind of all about social justice though? Both on the page and off? It’s inherently part of the medium, so it needs to be addressed. Marvel has some more diverse heroes and the two biggest characters that fit that bill (whom they also own the rights to) are Black Panther and Captain Marvel. Guardians of the Galaxy proves that brand recognition and demand don’t necessarily affect box office numbers, in fact, the film has increased GOTG comic sales. Iron Man wasn’t nearly as popular before Robert Downey Jr, so maybe the lack of demand in the comics for Captain Marvel and Black Panther is because people see potential in those characters but are waiting for a definitive version of T’Challa or Carol Danvers reignite that interest.

  • lawrance goodwin

    The only problem I see with Captain Marvel is brand confusion if DC’s SHAZAM! gets out first (Since the main character of Captain Marvel is in both (And yes, I know about the new 52 thing, but when has DC been consistent with cross media promotion)).
    I know you would assume people would be smart enough to avoid this or figure this out for themselves and you might be right but still…
    Also, if they do have a Captain Marvel movie for Marvel they should probably just steal Monica Rambeau’s origin. Because it is literally the only one (of the Captain Marvel origins) that does not somehow involve Mar-Vel and would actually fit. Since she was hit by Extra – dimensional energy, just change “Cargo Ship Captain” to “Air Force Captain”, add a throwaway line of “It’s not Ms., its Captain Danvers” in the beginning to give the wink to the fact she was “Ms. Marvel” before.
    But then again that all be either stupid or not

  • lawrance goodwin

    Of just go the “Dying alien hands over powerful weapon” thing and just have a Dying Mar-Vel just give Carol the Nega-Bands (The things that give him his powers).
    I still really like the “It’s not Ms., its Captain Danvers” line…even though it’s kind of…yeah…

  • Robb Welch

    Movie makers aren’t superheroes though. These are all good points. But no one was chomping at the bit for a Guardians movie, and if they were I’m pretty sure they didn’t get the movie they were asking for and we’re probably better for it. The point is that it seems like they’re really interested in making the movies that they feel would be the most entertaining. I don’t go a day without seeing some kind of article about how Marvel NEEDS to make a Black Widow or Captain Marvel movie or something or that they NEED to make a Black Panther movie. I don’t think they need to focus on making movies purely about of some presumed social justice obligation. If they can do both, though, that would be great. But it seems like they already have a plan for what they want to do already and that’s been working out pretty damn well. If that plan just so happens to include a Christopher Priest-inspired Black Panther movie or a Captain Carol Danvers film, I’ll be pretty happy. But some of these articles make it sound almost like the 19th amendment will dissolve if Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel/Black Widow don’t have successful movie franchises by the end of the decade. Meanwhile I’m over here pumping my fist for Jessica Jones on Netflix because it sounds incredibly entertaining.

  • sappy404

    Directed by Gareth Evans. Fuck yes.