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Henry Cavill Dons New Costume in Photo From ‘Batman V Superman’ Set


Fans got their official first look last month at Henry Cavill in his new costume from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, complete with dramatic lighting and a lot of rain. The promotional image revealed a handful of minor changes from the suit worn in Man of Steel — lower placement of the S shield, alterations to the ribbing on the torso and wrists, a modified “belt” — but with all of those effects, how can we really tell what it will look like?

Well, courtesy of MTV, we now have a photo from the Detroit set of Zack Snyder’s film showing Cavill in his new threads. While it’s difficult to judge how the color will play on screen (those who saw the clip at Comic-Con International, feel free to chime in), this costume certainly appears to be lighter than the one from Man of Steel. It might even be closer to Superman’s comic-book depictions.

Just as notable are the shaded contours intended to make Cavill’s legs appear even more muscular; perhaps that was deemed necessary to compensate for the lighter color?

In any case, it’s certainly interesting that Snyder & Co. seem to be opting for a brighter/lighter look for Superman for a film most presume will be pretty dark in tone. (Just as interesting: the explanation of where the new duds came from.) However, as Moviepilot suggests, it could be a way to heighten the contrast between Cavill’s younger Man of Steel and Ben Affleck’s older Dark Knight.

Arriving March 25, 2016, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice also stars Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Jeremy Irons, Laurence Fishburne, Diane Lane, Holly Hunter and Scoot McNairy

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  • Dedpool

    He looks huge!! And the hair looks even more Superman than before! Even without the S curl.

  • robertmm66

    Need I remind you, “It’s NOT an ‘S'”!

  • Superman

    The brighter the colors, the easier for the blood splatter to show up on his suit when he moves on from snapping necks to wholesale decapitation of his enemies.

  • Justin

    Hopefully they can take care of that artificial musculature in editing. That looks aweful.

  • William Molnar

    not as awful as your grammar. j/k

  • Will of the Nerds

    Oh God, what’s with the muscle thing they;re doing? First Batfleck, now Superman. I liekt he rest of the suit though. Definitely better colours, though the belt being red would definitely help the colour balance.

  • Jimi

    pathetic comment.

  • H.E.V.nix

    Red belt? I’m sure that would help. /s

  • Superman

    Yes, it was. Why’d you make it?

  • DaMak

    Well here on Earth, It’s an “S”

  • Floyd Fenris

    This looks much much better than Man o Steel costume