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Five Wasp Looks We Won’t See in ‘Ant-Man’

1 OriginalAs Marvel’s Ant-Man began principal photography last week, Evangeline Lilly immediately kicked up a whirlwind of rumors by posting a few photos to her Instagram feed revealing the actress’ new haircut, a hairdo reminiscent of the fun and spunky bob often worn by founding Avenger Janet Van Dyne — a.k.a. the Wasp.

There’s just one snag, and it’s a snag that you’ve probably seen hashtagged #JanetVanCrime on social media. Lilly’s not playing Janet Van Dyne, she’s portraying her daughter Hope Van Dyne. This has led to a lot of protesting from comic book fans upset that Wasp, who actually came up with the name “the Avengers,” has been removed from Marvel movie continuity — but Lilly’s Wasp-like haircut could be a hint that Jan’s daughter might take flight as the superhero. If Lilly has taken on the pint-sized powerhouse’s ‘do, hopefully she won’t have to deal with some of the Wasp’s fashion don’ts.

The Original
The Wasp’s original costume is a campy classic, and no one here is going to argue any differently. But, like a number of classic superhero costumes, it just wouldn’t work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The big shoulder pads, the cone-shaped helmet and the spritely boots — it all makes for an iconic silhouette, but I don’t think anyone wants to see Lilly’s rockin’ new bob covered up by that delightfully weird helmet. The red-and-black color scheme, as well as the subtle “W” on the collarbone, could work in Ant-Man. If Lilly suits up, maybe those elements will be incorporated.

2 Jester

The Jester
Despite what we said about Jan’s original duds, at least it felt like a “Wasp” costume. The points evoked stinger imagery, and the helmet’s antennae made her entire appear insect-like. This costume looks like something out of a Renaissance Fair. The skirt and collar are a bit much, and a bit medieval — not exactly befitting a character who’s often at the cutting-edge of high fashion. Note: Athough we’re pointing out the Wasp’s five weirdest looks, that’s an incredibly small percentage of the uniforms in her closet. Ms. Van Dyne has at least a hundred or more hanging in there, and very few of them involve brown tights and fishnets like this one.

3 Doctor's OrdersThe Doctor’s Orders
Janet underwent a risqué makeover after a psychiatrist told her she needed to do something to keep husband Hank Pym interested. This is the costume Wasp came up with: a backless lavender affair, complete with a belly window and approximately a million cutouts down her legs. Between its color choice, impracticality and implausibility, this ensemble flies right past sexy and straight to head-scratching. It’s so tacky that even the inevitable XXX Ant-Man parody would steer clear of this one.



4 JazzerciseThe Jazzercise
The ’80s were a magical time, weren’t they? Popular fitness fashion finally caught up with what superheroes had been wearing for decades, thus pushing superhero style even further out of the realm of reality. And that’s how we arrived at this, an asymmetrical, legless and armless number that looks more appropriate for an American Gladiator than an Avenger. Ant-Man‘s costume department would have a tough go making this look work, especially those thin and oddly placed shoulder straps stretching out of the “W” on the chest. Compared to the previous two entries on this list, however, this one’s maybe not so bad.


5 BugThe Bug
If the ’80s were magical, then the ’90s were certifiable. Of all the characters that didn’t need an edgy makeover, the happy-go-lucky Wasp was easily at the top of that list. Alas, here she is, in all of her “glory,” a newly insectified Janet Van Dyne, rocking a garishly colored hot pink body suit and weird abs-only armor. To top it off, Jan’s spunky and simple haircut has been replaced with something straight out of Babylon 5. ’90s nostalgia might be back in a big way in other areas of fashion right now, but may everything involved with this look stay six feet under where it belongs.


  • QueerJock2

    Ironically Wasp is one of the few cases where a flamboyant outfit could be justified. She’s not a S.H.I.EL.D. agent or a soldier so it’s not one of those cases like Hawkeye where a stupid-looking spandex outfit would make no in-story sense.

  • lewis4510

    Hopefully if she is Wasp her outfit won’t be too similar to the Black Widow’s. To avoid the inevitable comparisons.

  • Toneloak

    I hope they go for a female Tony Stark character type for Janet. If so she’ll likely end up burning through like 4 -5 costumes by the end of the movie.

  • shaunn

    To be fair, if I remember correctly, the “Dr’s Orders” costume was very much a one-time thing. Jan designed it as her personal version of something like “Victoria’s Secret” lingerie – I don’t think it was meant to be seen by anyone but Hank and never outside of the bedroom.

  • lemonline2

    I loved the lavender cut-out ‘uniform’. Very 70s and very fun. It sure beat the two-toned leotard she usually wore. I suspect, though, that the new Wasp will end up in something similar to what Olivier Coipel designed.

  • Augie De Blieck Jr.

    Don’t discount the cut-out leggings look. They’re not unheard of these days. For example: or Maybe not in purple and maybe not quite so skimpy on top, but — well, even the bare mid-riff thing is coming back again.

    But, yeah, the Jazzercise one doesn’t stand a change. Looks a lot like a rejected costume that they might save for Sabra. ;-)

  • ArthurDBusch

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  • unpaidpundit

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the movie goes with a variation of the black and yellow costumes Wasp has been wearing in recent years.

  • unpaidpundit

    Here’s a big question — will Wasp’s sting be mechanical or biological? Many younger comic fans may not know that Wasp’s original sting was mechanical.

  • Mr November

    predicting Ultimate Wasps costume assuming she actually become wasp

  • Mr November

    when you say that do you “Tony Stark” or Robert Downey Jr, because I know its hard for some people to understand but are are two separate characters, its just the later murdered the former in Iron Man 2.

  • alex

    ‘Still a $1.50′. Still didn’t buy it. I was waiting for Avengers to get its mojo back in the 90s. It was pretty good, later on, when Busiek was writing it.

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