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Marvel’s Kevin Feige Compliments Success of Rival ‘X-Men’ Franchise

“Credit where it’s due,” seems to be the philosophy Kevin Feige is taking when it comes to Fox’s Marvel movies.

The president of Marvel Studios, Feige paid a rare compliment to Fox’s revival of the X-Men franchise, in an interview with Empire magazine.

“I’ve been thinking about Days of Future Past a lot, which I had nothing to do with, in terms of the resurrection of a franchise,” he said. “I think they did a very good job with that.”

However, Feige smacked down another X-Men film as he addressed the question of how to avoid “threequelitis.”

“On Iron Man 3, I thought a lot about X-Men 3 and Spider-Man 3,” he said, “and I thought a lot about Toy Story 3, and how to avoid falling into threequelitis, which is why we went down a lot of the roads we went down on that movie.”

Fair enough on X-Men 3 and Spider-Man 3, Feige, but no need to drag Toy Story 3 down as well. That movie is a delight.

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  • SorryNotSorry

    I don’t think he was insulting Toy Story 3. I think the way he phrased it, he was using Toy Story 3 as the type of threequel that succeeds.

  • Matt Schwindt

    He was dragging it down. He was pointing out two 3rd films that didn’t work. And a counterpart 3rd film that did work. Oh and Iron Man 3 was awesome!!!

  • echelon_002

    He wasn’t insulting “Toy Story 3″; he was using it as the antithesis of “X-Men 3″ and “Spider-Man 3″.

  • echelon_002

    Also, he’s right about “X-Men: Days of Future Past”–I enjoyed it far more than “Avengers” in retrospect, because despite it being advertised as a Wolverine-centric film, it really wasn’t…unlike “Avengers”, which was advertised as a team film and turned out to be “Iron Man 2 1/2″. Speaking of which, Fierge–I want “Avengers 2″, not “Iron Man 4″, okay?

  • ElWaldorf

    I found Iron Man 2 to be Avengers 0 really

  • Matt Schwindt

    I found the films to be what they were meant to be. Unfortunately since IM came first everyone is going to comment how the Avengers is just another IM movie. Oh and screw “DoFP”

  • ElWaldorf

    Oh no, I agree with you. I never thought Avengers was a “Iron Man” movie, nor I get why people thought it wasn’t “deep” enough. The whole point was to bring the team together and beat the crap out of Loki, aliens, and sometimes each other, and it was great.

    And I wouldn’t go as far as saying screw “DoFP” but I have plenty of problems with it. Still preferred “First Class”.

  • Matt Schwindt

    cool. I meant what I said about DoFP because A. I know the story and that film uses it by title only. and B. I don’t like Singer because of his habits with using boys in the hollywood sex exchange. I won’t watch his films anymore and I sold all the ones I owned. There’s just too much of his personal life put into his films if you look close enough. Just my feelings about the subject and I in no way look down on or condemn those for choosing to enjoy his films. :)

  • DaMak

    Innocent until proven guilty I always say. He denies it so I personally can’t condone him. But I get your reason. I personally Loved DoFP. I thought it was the best X-Men film since X2.

  • Retributi0n

    There was good and bad in Iron Man 3, as with most films. I really enjoyed seeing how New York was giving Tony PTSD issues, but I don’t think it reached some viewers. The suits were awesome, very cool to see them all in action.

    I agree though, the newer X-men films are definitely a step above the older, but there are still things I really don’t like about them. Like how they focus too much on Mystique because they have an Oscar actress. How the “first class” is a pretty far stretch from the actual “first class”. Still enjoyable movies though.

  • blink


  • blink

    all except for the disappointing punchline waste of an amazing casting choice for one of Iron Man’s greatest foes. if they had focused less on the humor, it would have been so much better! :(

  • Matt Davis

    Yeah I think he was saying Toy Story 3 is an example of a successful third film of a popular franchise.

  • Mecha_the_Hedgehog

    Well then he failed because Iron Man Three sucked ass.

  • Matt Schwindt

    no I don’t agree there. He is guilty. Why? because this isn’t his first rodeo. he’s been accused multiple times all the way back to Apt Pupil when he requested Renfro do a nude scene. The dude is a sick minded individual. He’s got problems the only difference between him and Victor Salva is jailtime. Plus on top of that he is in a whole group of hollywood elites that do this plus there is a documentary that was made over a two year period covering these sexual exchange parties and prostitution. It’s disgusting.

  • nihilist_santa

    You nailed it. Changing the source material to suit foreign(read Chinese movie goers) was quit the insult to readers. Honestly how hard is it to adapt a comic for the big screen? It is already written and in a story board format.

  • Syringe

    It’s a rare compliment because he knows DoFP beats anything he ever puts on screen.

  • Lance Christian Johnson

    That’s how I read it as well.

  • Lee Stan

    Not true, the film only did well because it didn’t have Stan Lee in it ;)

    Wonder if Fox will use the same trick with the fantastic four reboot ;)