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’24: Live Another Day’ Inspires New Movie Rumors

Where will we see Jack Bauer next? After the success of 24: Live Another Day, it seems likely that Fox will want to pursue another mini-season featuring Kiefer Sutherland’s counter-terrorist operative. However, there’s another possibility in the mix: big-screen Bauer.

TVLine reports the long-rumored 24 feature film is once again in discussions, given the positive buzz surrounding the Live Another Day revival. Ideas are reportedly being kicked around by Imagine Entertainment’s Brian Grazer, with a pitch yet to be presented to Fox.

One possible complication, however, is the desire to move forward with another 24 miniseries. Could Bauer live again on both the small and big screens? TVLine points to comments made by Fox chairman Peter Rice earlier this summer, indicating that the network wants the show to return.

“It’s a wonderful franchise,” he said. “When you look at the show itself, it has many more stories to tell. I think we need to sit down and talk to the creators.”

Whether it’s back as a film or another season of television, it certainly sounds like Bauer’s return isn’t a matter of if, but when — and where.


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