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Fox Cancels ‘Gang Related’

Fox’s Gang Related has been stripped of its gun and badge.

Deadline reports the network’s undercover drama series has been canceled following a 13-episode first season. Despite soft but consistent numbers, Fox was unable to find a place for Gang Related in its 2014-2015 calendar beyond the summer, a difficult spot for such a serialized story.

Gang Related told the story of Ryan Lopez (Ramon Rodriguez), a member of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Gang Task Force, with deep-seated ties to the Acosta crime family. He’s forced to weigh his allegiances to the law and to his criminal roots as the series wears on. The rest of the cast includes Cliff Curtis, Lost veteran Terry O’Quinn and Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA.


  • alton

    Fox is a freaking disaster. Good bye Gotham.

  • lewis4510

    A Batman-less Gotham is just a police procedural dressed up as a Batman prequel. So don’t be too upset if it gets canceled, it should never have been green lit in the first place.

  • H.L. Mac Thornton

    Yeah, why do they fear the Bat? They need to go ahead and just do a Batman series, and quit trying to dress Arrow up as Batman. Don’t get me wrong I like Arrow, but from many of his gadgets to some of his villians, just seems like they’re borrowing from Batman.

    And back on subject, personally I couldn’t get into Gang Related. I get numb to the never ending battles, where neither side seems like it’s ever going to win.