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James Gunn: No Carol Danvers in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Sequel

When will Carol Danvers show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

It appeared the superhero was set to appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron, although that’s now in doubt, and rumors have swirled about a full-on Captain Marvel movie, but that has yet to materialize. And here’s another place where Danvers won’t appear, despite some noise to the contrary: Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

During his appearance over the weekend at Dragon Con, director James Gunn denied rumors that Carol Danvers is part of his plans for the sequel. Simply put, the filmmaker wants to steer clear of any “Earthlings,” other than Peter “Star-Lord” Quill. Danvers aside, Gunn said there are numerous other female characters he can introduce to the franchise, and that he’s “more than excited” to bring them into the fold as soon as possible.

Beyond discussing the Danvers of it all, Gunn’s panel included the director’s thoughts on a Thunderbolts movie (he’s placed that idea on the back-burner, thanks to the success of the cosmic side of the MCU), the original plans for Stan Lee’s cameo (he would have factored into The Collector’s “museum”), and much more. Check out Collider for a full report.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 arrives July 28, 2017.


  • JAlexander

    Mantis, Moondragon, and Tana Nile please

  • Cylon

    I don’t want to talk about the quality, that’s subjective. Nevertheless, sales numbers aren’t and it is mind boggling anyone can look at the amount of issues sold and reach a conclusion this Marvel’s IP is “fan favourite”.

    It isn’t favourite among comic book fans and there is no reason to think Ms. Marvel is favourite among general public.

  • Dalarsco

    I’m ok with this. She’s only recently been a member, and could easily overshadow the others with her huge power levels. Give me Moondragon and Quasar.

  • Thiago Rosa

    Do you even know what “fan favorite” means?

  • PatriciaDRodger

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  • lewis4510

    Well the Guardians weren’t a fan favorite among the general public either before the movie. And the comics weren’t a big seller either.

  • art123guy

    They should call the movie Carol Danvers since Marvel keeps changing her name. Plus there have been 7 different Captain Marvels over at Marvel. Just do Black Widow and make us all happy.

  • Alex Hayden

    I agree with this. It’s crazy how many cosmic characters are from Earth. It was bad enough that the Xandarians appear completely human and my wife just assumed that they were human, with Earth and Xandar having a shared ancestry like Stargate or something. It was a good decision to make the other primary characters, besides Quill, clearly (seemingly) non-Terran.

  • alex

    They should use non superhero-type characters. Ones’ that aren’t strictly identifiable as Super heroes. That was one of the appeals of the movie.
    I’m trying to think of characters that might work, like something out of the old Silver Surfer books. I’m drawing a blank right now. I bet that planet the Hulk landed on and became a gladiator will be in the next film.

  • lewis4510

    Your wife must not have seen an episode of Star Trek. Most of the aliens on the show could pass for human.

  • Jay

    This also disconfirms a Nova from Earth, so sorry Richard Rider and Sam Alexander.

  • Brian from Canada

    The next one is supposed to deal with Quill’s father, so I can see the possibility of Mantis, Moondragon, Tana Nile, Quasar — or even Deathbird there in the throne room.

  • nin

    Thank you Cylon.

    Apparently “fan-favourite” stands for “the same 8 chicks that show up at every con dressed as Ms marvel”