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Robert Downey Jr. Talks ‘Iron Man 4,’ Suggests Mel Gibson as Director


What would it take for Robert Downey Jr. to suit up for a fourth Iron Man film? For Marvel to hire Mel Gibson to direct.

OK, the 49-year-old actor is probably joking, but it’s difficult to tell in this new Deadline interview, which covers his storied career, his new film The Judge and, yes, his future as Tony Stark.

“That’s all being talked about on a bunch of different levels right now,” Downey tells the website. “To me, it comes down to what’s the half-life of people enjoying a character? It’s different on TV, where you expect the longevity over seasons while movies get a two- or three-year break. Marvel keeps stepping up its game, and I appreciate the way Kevin Feige and all the creatives there think. They are as in the creative wheelhouse as any great studio has been at any point. So it becomes a matter of, at what point do I cease to be an asset to what they’re doing, and at what point do I feel I am spending so much time either shooting or promoting these films that I’m not actually able to get off the beachhead and do the kind of other stuff that is good for all of us. Each one of those movies is spread over two years and some people fit other things in.

“But I’m not 42, I’m turning 50,” he continues, “and now I’ll have two small kids instead of one grown one, and eight Team Downey projects with people who are imagining I’m not just spending Warner Bros’ money out of vanity, but that I’m taking it seriously. It all has become this thing that has to be figured out. It has come to a head, right now, where the points of departure will be.”

While Downey’s ruminations about his age aren’t new — his injuring on the set of Iron Man 3 seems to have been a turning point for him — his acknowledgement that a fourth solo film is being talked about would seem to be. It was just early last month that the actor said there was no plan for Iron Man 4; of course, talks don’t necessarily equal plans.

After much speculation and hand-wringing, Downey, the highest-paid actor in Hollywood, signed a deal in June 2013 to return for Avengers: Age of Ultron and its sequel. Through box-office bonuses and back-end compensation, he earned more than $50 million from The Avengers alone.

Now how about that Iron Man directing gig for his old friend Gibson? “Why not?” Downey tells Deadline. “That movie would be bananas.”


  • lewis4510

    Like hiring his other friend Shane Black turned out so well on IM3. And yes I know the movie made over a billion dollars. But most of that was carry over from the Avengers, as a stand alone film it’s just not that good.

    I’m ready to move on from RDJ as Tony/Iron Man, after the Avengers franchise wraps up.

  • Joseph

    I’m not. I liked Iron Man 3. And to say the billion dollars it made was only due to a “carryover” from Avengers is absurd – Thor 2 didn’t do nearly as well.

  • J. Alan

    Hell no to Gibson. Marvel has enough controversy to deal with than to attach his name to one of their films ever. They don’t need anymore bad press associated to cast and crew of that kind and scope.

    Hell yes to Ironman 4 though. They’ve got enough outlying plot threads that it’s kind of needed to pick up some leftover story threads like the real Mandarin and the Hands of the Mandarin story now that the over-saturation on that character is starting to settle.(Talking a few years from now still, so by then the over-saturation should be completely settled and ready to use alongside with a side mini avengers team cameos! Though the problem with Mandarin is the alien rings might be too close to the infinity gems as alien jewelry that has world ending issues. Depends on direction and scope and whether it’s before as a prelude setup for audiences or after as a ‘didn’t we just handle alien jewelry last week already?’ in the story.)

  • awesome_mia

    I agree. It’s time to let Iron Man rest in peace.

  • unpaidpundit

    I know that Robert Downey Jr. has his devoted fans, but I think it’s time to recast. In the comics, Tony Stark is forever mid-thirties, not fiftyish. Disney will NEVER agree to hire Mel Gibson for anything. They just don’t need the headache. Downey insisting on Gibson directing the next Iron Man will only drive Marvel to part company with him. Even Downey is not that powerful in Hollywood.

  • Migalouch

    I’d love to see Gibson direct Iron Man 4, regardless of his personal beliefs the guy is a genius when it comes to making movies.

  • David Fullam

    Gibson is damaged goods. I would be surprised if Disney allowed this.

  • John Doe

    I would have to second you on that. Regardless of his beliefs he does quite well as a director. But unfortunately in this day after his controversies over the past years being able to seperate his personal actions from his professional actions are harder than the would have been 3 or 4 years ago.

  • PietroMaximoff

    the passion of Tony Stark
    that i would pay to see

  • DoyleHolmesFan

    I will third that. Despite South Park mocking him constantly, they got it right when they said he understands how to create a realistic script with proper plot points that makes the story move smoothly and doesn’t leave GAPING plot holes (unlike a few of the Marvel movies)

  • Randall Cheuvront

    the “carry over” was a relevant part of the character’s life.

  • Randall Cheuvront

    yeah that’s because they put out one issue a year in stories that are continuous.. how can they age a month in the span of a story that can take place in virtual hours? it’s comic book time so age is somewhat irrelevant.

  • John

    the roster of marvel movies has gotten so big, marvel had plans for lower budget movies but were flooded out by other companies tryin to get that avenger money. i dont think it’s unreasonable for RDJ to show up in avengers 4 5 and 6 they have a stunt guy stand in for him in the half suit most of the time anyway, age doesn’t matter , he’d have to be that old for his dad to be in WWII

  • cltaylor

    Gibson? This has to be a joke.

  • mike

    Let Iron Man go. 3 iron mans and 2 avenger movies so far. We dont need another stand alone. There are plenty of other characters to introduce! This is Robert Downey being full of himself…..Maybe hes doing drugs again. lol

  • unpaidpundit

    Disagree. “Braveheart” does not stand up. The script is atrocious. Geezers in the Motion Picture Academy gave it an Oscar because it is “old-fashioned,” i.e., “uses lots of extras” film-making. Now, I will concede that Mel Gibson is a genuinely good actor.

  • Paul T

    IM3 was great. Not sure what you were watching. It was a critical and commercial mega success. So yea, I’d say hiring Shane Black did turn out pretty well.

  • Paul T

    Thor 2, despite being crap, made way, way more money than Thor 1. The Avengers boost is very real. Iron Man 3 had that, plus being in the Iron Man franchise (which is a mega hit on its own), plus being really good.

  • Paul T

    Um, what ‘controversy’ does Marvel have? What ‘bad press’? They’re untouchable. There’s been no controversy or bad press. Guys like Norton and Terrence Howard and the would-be auteur of Ant-Man try to create controversy and bad press, and it just doesn’t happen – Marvel keeps rolling. Not sure what world you’re in where this studio’s gotten any bad press.

  • ShadowInc

    Mel is a very good director. Though I’m not sure if IRON MAN is the type of project he would be suited for.

  • Paul T

    You know what else Tony Stark is in the comics? Awful and boring and never popular. I read comics as a kid in the 80s and 90s. You know what Iron Man was? A never-was. He was a guy who was always just around. No one read his book, and he had no rogues gallery. It’s telling that the movies have had these one-off, killable villains in the IM movies. That’s because he has no rogues gallery. Mandarin is basically it, and Mandarin makes no thematic sense (meaning it’s almost impossible to use Mandarin, as he is in the comics, in an Iron Man film). Comics Iron Man is a scrub who was such a scrub that they felt no compunction about throwing him off into Avengers West Coast and then Force Works (!).

    More importantly, all the things people like about film Iron Man, is absent from comics Iron Man – or at least was for the first 30+ years (I’m sure they’ve since adapted the comic character to be like the movie guy). All the personality people like in IM in the films is by Downey.

  • Paul T

    Yea, that, or Iron Man 3 making a billion dollars.

    I doubt it’s Downey pushing for another sequel. The 3rd IM film was a critical success and a commercial smash second only to Avengers.

  • Charles S.

    The only bad press they have is that they are a) not making Iron Man 4 (yet) and b) do not have a minority/female lead movie (yet).

  • Charles S.

    RDJ and MG are BFFs.

  • Jessie

    This article actually doesn’t do the interview justice. It’s mentioned several times in it that RDJ isn’t considering IM4, and that Mel Gibson thing was at the very end, joking about article titles.

  • mike

    I think the audience rating of 85% fresh on rotten tomatoes indicates many people feel much differently about Braveheart. Its also one of my favs and I just watched it for the first time last year.

  • justicegray

    You just keyed on the reason for Superior Iron Man. They’re just trying to make him more like the movie version everyone recognizes.

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  • G-rom Stark

    We want Iron Man 4but Mel Gibson as director ???

  • Lazykungfu

    Sherlock 3, pretty pretty please

  • David Sykes

    No he’s not joking. RDJ owes a lot of his life after rehab to Gibson. He’s asked people to forgive Gibson for his transgression and maybe people should.

    Here’s his speech on the topic from 2011.

  • Migalouch

    Film won Best Picture and Gibson won Best Director, possibly one of the last movies to win those that I really agreed with (Gladiator in 2000 possibly the last).

    While the movie isn’t historically accurate by a large margin, it’s still an incredible movie according to most everyone. I don’t think your opinion is wrong, your opinion can’t be wrong it’s your opinion after all, I think most people would definitely disagree with you though.

  • Tophman

    Lolz… so by your logic… since the latest “Transformers” was a commercial success, it was also a good movie? :p

    Sorry… couldn’t resist.

  • unpaidpundit

    If I remember correctly, “Braveheart” was something of a disappointment at the box office. The high audience rating is probably people wanting to seem “intellectual” by agreeing with media film critics.

  • James Moore

    any fight scene would be full on with gibson directing it and fin fang foom speaking in own language through out. worth a watch.

  • Paul T

    Couldn’t resist making an ass of yourself and saying something stupid? No, I doubt you’re often able to resist doing that.

    Which part of “critical…success” did you not get? If you’re going to pull a ‘by your logic’, how about not misrepresenting my logic, you POS?

  • Tophman

    Hahah… IM3 was a critical success? That’s a very dubious statement. Still, I agree to disagree with your statements and leave it at that rather than follow you down your rabbit hole.

  • Paul T

    It’s not a dubious statement. We live in an age of Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. Look it up, dumb fuck. Critical success.

  • Paul T

    It’s not a dubious statement. We live in an age of Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. Look it up, dumb fuck. Critical success.