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Rumor: Warner Bros. Eyeing Jaden Smith For ‘Static Shock’ Digital Series

jaden smith after earth

After Earth may have failed spectacularly at the box office, but it doesn’t appear to have diminished Hollywood’s interest in its teen star, Jaden Smith.

Flickering Myth reports that it’s “getting word” Warner Bros. is considering the young actor for Static Shock, a newly announced live-action digital series from the studio’s Blue Ribbon Content division.

Helmed by Reginald Hudlin, the project is based on the Milestone comics by Dwayne McDuffie, Robert L. Washington and Jean Paul Leon. Introduced in 1993, Static is otherwise known as Virgil Hawkins, a teenager who got electromagnetic powers after being exposed with chemicals. He soon put his newly found abilities powers to good use as a hero, but also had to contend with his secret identity and the host of problems that can bring. The original Milestone series ran for 45 issues, but Static then moved on to star in the WB animated series Static Shock from 2000 to 2004.

As the website notes, Smith father Will Smith is reportedly being courted by Warner Bros. for director David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, while his mother Jada Pinkett Smith now stars in Gotham.


  • David Fullam

    Never liked Static at all (I was far more into Icon and Blood Syndicate), and like “Daddy bought me a career” even less.

  • Noviere

    Dear Hollywood: Stop trying to make Jaden Smith happen.

  • butters911

    Nobody wants Jaden Smith

  • Charles J Doval

    Please anyone but Jaden Smith

  • lewis4510

    He always has this blank expession on his face and has the personality of a dial tone.

  • JGLives

    I LOVE Static. Way more than the others (I haven’t read or experienced stories with them aside from Icon in Young Justice).

    I do feel that whoever stars in the series needs to earn it themselves.



  • Ushio

    He wasn’t that bad in Karate Kid. Maybe After Earth had other reasons it sucked even Jack Nicholson has been nominated for a razzie after all

  • wks9370

    If you can call B.O. grosses of over 250 mil “failing spectacularly”…

  • jclaude66

    Idk why he gets so much hate. The kid acts and dresses a lot like the character.

  • Guest

    People are probably still unnecessarily bitter about the Karate Kid remake

  • jbro

    Kill it with fire.

  • Frank Graham Robinson Jr.

    BTW: After Earth Worldwide Box office: $243,843,127

  • marccoogs

    They are better off going with a skilled unknown actor, than an unskilled son of a famous dad.

  • TitanGaia

    Please, no. Don’t let him ruin one of the best things of my childhood. I loved Static as a kid, I do not want him ruined

  • AnarchyOpteryx

    Should check this guy out:
    He’s starting a campaign to try and get WB to give him an audition.
    Everybody should spread it, if for no other reason that you don’t want Jaden Smith.

  • Bryce

    He was okay in Karate Kid. Nothing spectacular. It was After Earth that made me not like him.

  • Bryce

    He was okay in Karate Kid. Nothing spectacular. It was After Earth that made me not like him.

  • davie_boy_long


  • Jeff

    NO, HIM!!!!

  • Jeff

    No!!! Leon Thomas III!!!

  • DeadInHell

    Can’t act, can’t draw an audience. Sounds perfect for the role!

    The only people who want this kid acting are his parents. If he gets this deal, it will only be because WB wants his father to sign on for Suicide Squad (for no apparent reason).

    Somebody please get this family out of the DC universe.

  • DeadInHell

    That number means nothing out of context. After Earth was not only a tremendous critical and audience disappointment, it was also Will Smith’s worst summer opening in 20 years. Even considering M. Night’s declining reputation, the film still failed to perform at expected levels. It was certainly a failure in this respect.

    And on a production budget of 130 million, with an advertising budget of at least 50 million (probably more like 65+ considering the budget and studio confidence in Smith Sr.’s box office draw), the worldwide take of under 250 million is far from the success that the filmmakers and the studio intended.

    After Earth just did not leave people chomping at the bit for more Smith family movies (yourself excluded, I guess). The film was intended to be the first in a trilogy, a trilogy that will never happen because the movie didn’t do enough business and was generally hated. So, critical failure, audience failure, box office failure, and failure to start a planned franchise. In how many different ways does the movie have to fail for us to be able to call it a failure?


    You realize simply cutting and pasting box office numbers is a terrible way to judge a movie’s success, right? I mean, it works if you put it in perspective, but seeing as how it cost over $130 million to produce and they poured cash into advertising (because people needed to know Will Smith was in it), that number is significantly smaller.

    Also, pointing out that $243 million some odd dollars came from the pockets of duped moviegoers thinking that AE was a good idea does not in any way condone the casting of Jaden as Virgil. At all.

  • DurrD

    Please no.

  • Jerry B. Travis II (otakuro)


  • tharris6970

    People are rude . This opportunity , no matter how he gets its, could be the breakthrough this kid needs .instead of all this negative stuff be encouraging. Hes a young kid living in the shadow of his famous dad, trying to keep his head above water… I hope it does well .

  • Onaje Gregory

    that was well said .. whats wrong with him wanting to be an actor like how alot of sins want to be fire-fighters or police officers like their dads ? … its just that acting can start at virtually any age so he got in the business quick .. he needs the experience to grow.. and ppl werent complaining of his performance in “pursuit of happiness” … so lets not say ” he doesnt have any talent atall for it” plus he can always fill the cup with hard work and determination.

  • TYBG

    Please cast Chief Keef as Static Shock. Thank you, Based God.

  • Stephanie Rivera

    Someone from production leaked some of the casting! I wonder what network it’s going to be on.

  • freeSanDiego1

    It’s funny how talentless brain-dead zombies like Jaden Smith get tv/movie parts because of mommy & daddy and Hollywood wonders why it struggles at times.