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Sony Cancels ‘The Interview’ Release


Deadline reports that Sony Pictures has officially scrapped its planned theatrical release and distribution of The Interview.

The news comes shortly after the decision of several theater chains not to run the film, following threats from hackers evoking the memory of the 9/11 attacks, threatening violence against any who attended screenings of the James Franco and Seth Rogen comedy about a journalist and producer sent to North Korea by the CIA to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

The film, originally scheduled for release on December 25, was reportedly the cause of the Sony email hacks that brought a massive amount of information — both personal and professional — into the public sphere. The hack is one of the biggest breaches of Hollywood security in the modern era, and information from the emails continue to come to light.

Rogen’s current project is a television adaptation of Preacher for AMC with Evan Goldberg and Sam Catlin, which has gotten a pilot order.

Sony’s official statement on the cancellation can be read below.

In light of the decision by the majority of our exhibitors not to show the film The Interview, we have decided not to move forward with the planned December 25 theatrical release. We respect and understand our partners’ decision and, of course, completely share their paramount interest in the safety of employees and theater-goers.

Sony Pictures has been the victim of an unprecedented criminal assault against our employees, our customers, and our business. Those who attacked us stole our intellectual property, private emails, and sensitive and proprietary material, and sought to destroy our spirit and our morale – all apparently to thwart the release of a movie they did not like. We are deeply saddened at this brazen effort to suppress the distribution of a movie, and in the process do damage to our company, our employees, and the American public. We stand by our filmmakers and their right to free expression and are extremely disappointed by this outcome.

UPDATE 12/17/2014 4:27 PM PT: Deadline reports that Sony has “no further release plans” for The Interview, even on home video or video-on-demand.


  • Tommy Rankin

    What, they gave in? How can they give into North Korea’s demands? That’s just pathetic… What are they gonna do? Release more e-mails? Damn they must’ve gotten some damning stuff if Sony’s gonna cancel the whole movie’s release in the hopes that the hackers aren’t going to release whatever they stole

  • jeff Smith

    Letting the terrorist win

  • ShpotSb

    All the theaters chains refused to show it, what else could Sony do?

  • Simon Taylor

    They should put it out on the net for everyone to legally download for free

  • Brandon Zemel

    Release it online

  • Kerwin

    This is insane!

  • Tommy Rankin

    That’s so effed up. I hate it when entertainment creators give into terrorist demands. It’s going down a dangerous path.

  • Teste

    Wasn’t much of a loss, the movie clearly was far from being funny. Aiming for something politically incorrect just to be “funny” can often lead to bad outcomes

  • Tommy Rankin

    Really? I wonder why. It’s not like there have been any threats reported against any theater chains if they show it?

  • Kerwin

    I hope they do…sell it at a premium online.

  • Daniel

    Wow so north korea has won for now. They know how sensitive we are about terrorist violence. I think it was a bluff. Just invoking a dispicable memory to scare us into submission. Its probably only a matter of time before its at least “leaked” onto the internet.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Well it’s a Seth Rogen film so I wouldn’t have expected it to be all that funny but I still wanted to see it and the premise sounds okay

  • penguintruth

    Pretty bummed about this, but I guess it’s somewhat understandable. They don’t want to be held liable for attacks on theaters.

  • Stormlover1

    They don’t make any money that way. Sony is still a business and this picture has cost them more than they could have anticipated. The bad press and leaked messages are affecting other projects. They are attempting to distance themselves from the picture as fast as possible and get back to working on profitable endeavors.

  • Bass Guitar Hero

    I’d feel bad about it if it wasn’t such a bad idea for a movie to begin with.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Great and mighty America. Just flash a little terrorist attack card and America is on its knees.

  • ShpotSb

    If they release it on the streaming services, the hackers will try to attack them next.

  • elektra

    someone needs to hack fox and make them give x men and ff back to disney

  • Sturgeon’s Law

    Forget the politics. Anyone who saw that Rogen/Franco mess This Is The End are glad they are not subjected to such torture again.

  • Sturgeon’s Law

    Yes there have been threats.

  • Dave

    ahahahaha, that is hilarious.

    I don’t care if the terrorists won, I hate Seth Rogen.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Oh I see. Still seems pretty weak to me.

  • Tommy Rankin

    I second that!

  • Sturgeon’s Law

    Back in 2012 one nutjob killed 12 and injured 58 at a screening of a Batman movie, for no damn reason whatsoever. Do you really think some lame-ass comedy from Rogen and Franco is worth the risk of nutjobs who think they DO have a reason? Hell, it ain’t even worth the risk of 12 bucks, much less 12 lives.

  • Will $teel

    r u kiddin me? that movie was f’n hilarious

  • Sturgeon’s Law

    No it was a lame exercise in self-indulgence. But I must confess your assessment is pretty damn funny.

  • Troy McClure

    Seeing as how this wasn’t an attack on America and it was an attack on a Japanese company based in America; you’re a fucking idiot.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Did I say that it was? But to be honest those nutjobs will find some excuse for that if they really want to. Nutjobs always find excuses.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Um… What the fuck’s your problem?
    Sony Pictures Entertainment is an American subsidiary of Sony. These films are their area. Fucking idiot.

  • Sturgeon’s Law

    True, but few nutjobs offer prior warnings.

  • Tommy Rankin


  • gerw

    It will be on netflix soon enough

  • gerw

    yes there have been exactly that.

  • guest

    just release it on youtube for free.

  • ric

    The threat is not the immediate one, it’s the conditioning of the public by the media to accept ideas that make war palatable, thus serving the interests of policy makers and militarists.

  • Opportunist-Man

    Welp, that’ll leave Sony hurting in its coffers. Time for Disney to make an offer for the Spider-Man rights.

  • The One and Only

    Sony pussed out. Pure and simple. This right down there with that whole Mohammed “controversy” on SOUTH PARK that Comedy Central where the network bleeped out the name of the Muslim Prophet, and only ran the ep once. And have never run it(and the first part of a two-part bicentennial celebration) since. Along with the episode, “Super Best Friends”, which had been airing since 2001, 02, which featured Mohammed as a part of a super team with Jesus, Tao, John Smith, and other major religious figures. Even John Stewart trashed the network for its cowardice by bringing in the F-You choir to trounce Comedy Central. Just a cowardly act by both parties.

  • Zed68

    In my book, this is a menace of terrorist attacks coming from a country against another country. This should have diplomatic consequences.

  • Alfolywa

    So, the cyber terrorists won. That doesn’t set a good precedent.

  • Alyssa

    THAT SUCKS!!!! FREEDOM OF SPEECH already, it’s a freaking comedy, and they are self censoring because of another country?? Our country is weak and passive.

  • @nal surprise

    I think deep down, we all kinda knew that the USA would someday go to war with North Korea over a Seth Rogan & James Franco movie.

    We just didn’t know which one it would be!

  • Spacedog2k5

    Know what Kim Jong Un needs right now? A junk shot, followed by some serious caning on his spoiled, psychotic ass! That, or we just hack his satellite network, subjecting to 24-7 viewings of ‘Honey Boo-Boo’ and ‘Duck Dynasty’!

  • Olavo Lima
  • Andy Nystrom

    I’m a Canadian and not normally prone to violence. Having said that, in this instance the US military letting them know the consequences should they carry out their threat would have been appropriate.

  • Alex W

    No need to be rude fucktard.

  • penguintruth

    If they don’t show it, they’re not going to make any money off of it anyway, so they might as well just show it for free, because at least it’ll give a middle finger to terrorists.

  • BackOn

    Like what, Spider-Man? Sony’s having a pretty shitty year, lol.

  • Justin Rod

    Because a movie about murdering a real life world leader is such a smart fucking move to begin with…

  • Corona

    No money to feed there people or treat them like humans but our “leader” being ridiculed in a movie we will hack and attack. What kind of crazy world has this become?

  • Marc M.

    What? It clearly looks funny… you just have to like humor! I was really looking forward to seeing it. Funniest trailer I’ve seen in a while.

  • Marc M.

    Pulling some movie from theaters is “America on its knees”… A tad dramatic, no?

  • Marc M.

    You’re the first person I’ve come across who hasn’t liked that movie. It was pretty damn funny!

  • Anita

    So I’m gonna laugh, when they do end up showing this later, and it’s all a hype to get more ppl to watch the movie.. I know a lot that said,”they don’t want to watch this” 10 to 1 they will now just bc all the attention brought to it.

    & if it’s not just another one of Sonys public grab tactics. Then NK should just make a movie about killing Obama. Right? lol

    Really tho.. They know what a whine ass NK leader is.. They really didn’t bother at least asking before they sank all that dough in… Come on?? They really thought he wouldn’t make a fuss…. Gtfo.

  • Right

    Yeahh an how ironic.. They were behind all them celeb hacks before the issue of this movie was in light… Uh huh.

  • Forrest Rainford

    That doesn’t have anything to do with north korea, they threaten us all the time but do they actually do anything? no, and i thought america doesn’t listen to terrorists, furthermore if they really were going to attack us they wouldnt warn us first they would just do it

  • Outside

    While I get their reasons (economics and the off chance that NK actually does something), it is disappointing that this is their course of action.
    Instead, they could (or should) just release it on DVD or better yet; let it leak onto some pirate site and let it flourish as ‘the movie North Korea didn’t want you to see’. Sony keep’s it dignity, the rest of the world gets a laugh and NK is left standing as pathetic as always.

  • khmerog

    I think South Park did an episode about this.

  • Convoy

    In my opinion, this was a bitch move. Thinking logically though, looking at what happened in Colorado, then what happened in Australia this week. The gunman in Canada last month. It’s not like random shit doesn’t happen, and I can see why the theaters dropped it. The threat could just be saber rattling, but what if something did happen? Everyone would be saying to these theaters that there was a threat, so why didn’t they take precautions.

    And does anyone think that this isn’t just North Korea pissed at this American movie? I mean, Sony is a Japanese company, and we know the history of Japan and the entire Korean Peninsula.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Yeah. And it got cancelled too because of terrorist threats…

  • Tommy Rankin

    I wasn’t talking about JUST this. This isn’t the only case where something like this has happened. I just find it ironic since America is supposed to be all about freedom of speech and not negotiating with terrorists.

  • Atomic Kommie Comics

    As long as they’re taking a financial bath on the project, release it for free on YouTube.
    Show that they WANT the world to see the film and will NOT bow to terrorists!

  • Atomic Kommie Comics

    “They don’t make any money that way.”

    They don’t make any money by not releasing it theatrically or on dvd/blu ray.
    If they release it for free, people won’t use the pirate/torrent sites to download it, denying them the income Sony claims they make with downloads.
    (And the film’s already “in the wild”.
    Screener dvds have been floating around for awhile.)

  • Sturgeon’s Law

    You have a limited circle of acquaintances, my friend, and need to expand it beyond those who feel fart jokes constitute humor.

  • Zach

    Remember “SONY” is not just in the USA, the headquarters is in Japan. Even though “SONY Pictures” is mainly in California. “SONY” is worldwide. So this threat is treat is word wide. They won’t do anything the the USA, but they may try elsewhere. Keep all that in mind.

  • Gloria Olivieri Perri

    I never go to the movies anymore, but when I saw the coming attractions of “The Interview”, I told my husband we’d go see it the day after Christmas. I’m so bummed out. Kim Jung Un is a movie lover and I guess Seth thought he’d go for the plot. He’s pulling his weight, and showing the world he is a no nonsense dictator. What a shame, because he surely would have been more popular after everyone saw the movie. Hopefully, they’ll release the DVD / Blue Ray version and make more of a fortune that way than by movie theaters.

  • Gloria Olivieri Perri

    Sony had no choice. Movie chains refused to show it because the hackers threatened 9/11 style (epic) terrorism to the theaters and movie goers who saw the film.

  • joejoe28

    Pathetic….now our country is being dictated to and guided by internet hackers! Alas America, I barely knew ye!

  • Jeremy

    Sturgeon, you obviously aren’t intelligent enough to appreciate good comedy. I feel sorry for you.

  • person

    So now our comedies are going to be filtered out of fear. I miss the days of Mel Brooks, Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker. This world has gotten way too sensitive over petty issues. If we are not allowed to laugh about our leaders, or how screwed up this world has become, then we might as well hand over what freedoms we have left. Pity, I haven’t had a good laugh at a theater in a long time. Hard to laugh when you have to wear a bulletproof vest after a good body cavity search. Good times…

  • Sturgeon’s Law


  • dekko

    Half of the people decrying Sony for buckling were probably going to steal it anyway. If you steal it now, you’re just supporting terrorism. :p

  • heratio hufnagel

    Yep, Comedy Central really screwed them on that one.

  • lewis4510

    Does Sony seriously think that these hackers are going to stop because they decided not to release this movie? They’re not going to stop until they’ve destroyed Sony and I’m not just talking about the entertainment division.

  • gerw

    Every American administration has negotiated with terrorists since at least the 1980s.

  • edked_v2

    Whether it would have been good or not couldn’t be further from the point.

  • edked_v2

    The quality or lack thereof of the movie in question is totally and utterly irrelevant.

  • edked_v2

    Even if the movie was the worst thing ever, your priorities are heavily messed up.

  • Jeremy

    Smh, there’s no hope for you Sturgeon.

  • Jeremy

    You obviously are lost on the conversation and are trying to talk smarter than you actually are. Your so-called “friends” must think so highly of you, with you saying they are so “inferior” and weak-minded.

  • ashram12

    That’s what I was thinking as well. Just leak the movie online…granted they wouldn’t make money from it but at least the hackers wouldn’t “win”.

  • Sturgeon’s Law

    The fact that they thought valid the premise of an assassination of the ruling dictator of a hostile state as the basis for a movie is totally and utterly stupid. I don’t agree with the hacking tactics used and don’t like censorship at all, and I certainly don’t believe Seth Rogen’s drug-addled brain could comprehend the potential for trouble. However, one would think someone at Sony might, seeing as how that is their job.

  • Sturgeon’s Law

    I don’t have to enlighten clueless slackers, I need but defend my original premise. Thus:–finance.html

  • Marc M.

    Must have missed the fart jokes you are referring to. Clearly you notice fart jokes first and foremost when you watch a movie… interesting. As for my ‘limited circle of acquaintances’, I’m doing just fine without sarcastic dicks such as yourself in my circles. I’m not your friend asshole.

  • Sturgeon’s Law

    Wow. Your vulgar response explains your taste in humor, as it indicates your level of emotional maturity. Thank you for this clarification.

  • Sturgeon’s Law

    Wow. Your vulgar response explains your taste in humor, as it indicates your level of emotional maturity. Thank you for this clarification.

  • Marc M.

    Go fuck yourself.

  • Marc M.

    Go fuck yourself.

  • Sturgeon’s Law

    Another brilliant refutation, and sterling example of your mental level.

  • Tommy Rankin