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Mark Millar Endorses Josh Trank’s ‘Fantastic Four’


Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot has been under intense fan scrutiny since at least 2012, when it was confirmed Chronicle director Josh Trank would take the reins. Does the filmmaker, with just one feature to his credit, really have what it takes to reimagine the franchise? Is the main cast — Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Miles Teller, Jamie Bell and Toby Kebbell — too young? Why has so little been released about the film?

Studio creative consultant Mark Millar assures Sky Movies — and fans –that he has plenty of faith in the upcoming film (even if doesn’t address many of the questions surrounding it).

“You can’t trust the brand because the brand can be done well or done badly,” he says. “But if you get a good director, that’s the cornerstone that you build everything on.”

Millar compares Trank’s involvement with Fantastic Four to Bryan Singer’s with the X-Men movies, and James Mangold’s with The Wolverine. “The work stands or falls based on the director, and Josh is fantastic,” he says. “What he’s going to do is unlike what I think anybody would anticipate.”

Millar finished by saying that, while there is a cut of the film, but hasn’t seen it yet. Still, he “expects big things” from the results.

In response to a recent rumor that the reboot is “a mess,” screenwriter/executive producer Simon Kinberg last week confirmed Trank and key cast members will return for “3-4 days of additional photography,” not the extensive reshoots reported. The first trailer is set to debut Feb. 13 with Kingsman: The Secret Service.


  • JP

    how can you endorse something that you haven’t seen yet? what a non-story. must be a slow news day

  • xaos

    Honestly, given how Millar treated the FF in Civil War, I’m not sure how much weight I’d personally give his endorsement.

    It certainly remains possible that this will be an enjoyable film, but nothing I have seen makes me think it will be a Fantastic Four film, even ignoring superficial changes.

  • The Ultimate Nerd

    “I haven’t seen it but it was directed by a novice who’s only other project was a low budget testament to mediocrity, and it throws all the source material out the window so I think it’ll be good.”

    Do you have to have an IQ under 110 to be employed by Fox?

  • Michael Hardwick

    Proofread before posting, TJ.

  • Arkham America

    So wait.. he’s endorsing a film he hasn’t seen.. to tell us the director.. who directed an over-rated gimmick movie and 5 episodes of a TV show is going to do something nobody would expect. I’d rather watch Kick-Ass2 than this.. and that’s pretty bad.

  • Arkham America

    Millar is just as overrated as Chronicle.

  • Giro Edelezai

    So the guy who gets paid by Fox to be the “studio creative consultant” on all of their Marvel movies has officially endorsed one of Fox’s Marvel movies?

  • Disco_Magic

    “What he’s going to do is unlike what I think anybody would anticipate.”

    And why would this be a good idea? Do another Chronicle movie. Do something else – anything else. People see comic book movies because the characters & stories are recognizable, have stood the test of time, and are pretty damn good. I just don’t see how this can end well.

  • Alex W

    I remember when Fox was playing up how amazing Jeff Wadlow was…. look how that turned out.

  • lewis4510

    Everything that comes out of the mouths of everybody associated with this movie smells like turd polish. If I were Miller I’d be ashamed to admit that I hadn’t seen a movie that I’d been hired on to be a executive producer/consultant. That say’s “I’m just cashing a check and don’t really care if it’s a success or not.” But you can bet if the movie fails he’ll be the first one to throw Josh Trank under the bus.

  • DaddyX

    “Proofread before posting, TJ.”
    Seconded! Geez…

  • f4f

    He wrote ultimate fantastic four, if the film is the same as them and people hate it, it reflects badly on him.

  • f4f

    Oh… This is why it’s based on Millar’s Ultimate Fantastic four #1-6, Trank didn’t really write this movie, Millar did.

    Thanks for sharing this bit of information, it makes a lot of sense now, Old Man Logan next then, I’m calling it.

  • The Dread Pirate Steve #812

    I dropped his dull run on F4 way before it finished (though Hitch’s motion free art hurt too) so excuse me if I take an endorsement from him as proof I will hate this movie…

  • MonsieurVerdoux

    The same Mark Millar who wrote that hilariously contrarian attempt of defense of Liefeld a few years and compared him to Jack Kirby.

    Yeah, that’s reassuring.

    And given the way Millar destroyed Reed’s character and had zero idea who he was in Civil War, his opinion on FF is meaningless. In fact, if he endorses it, you should assume the opposite and figure it’s terrible.

  • CeeCeeCee

    plenty of people here will do the exact opposite for things they’ve not even seen a trailer for yet so swings and round abouts really.

  • MonsieurVerdoux

    Because he attached his name to this drek ages ago as “consultant,” despite his proven lack of understanding of the characters, and now he’s trying to save this bomb.

  • MonsieurVerdoux

    Seriously, this is the guy who made Reed do a 180 on registration from Simonson’s far superior run, then had Reed and Tony turn on their friends, lock them up, perform experiments on them, clone their friend Thor, kill Goliath and then hire a bunch of murderous villains to attack the heroes.

    Worst FF writer ever. Makes early 90s garbage like the Crossing and the Clone Saga look like the Illiad.

  • MonsieurVerdoux

    Shocking, isn’t it?

  • Sean

    @f4f How does a movie adaptation remotely affect a writer whose Ultimate FF run that is completely forgettable? Pretty sure Alan Moore’s standing hasn’t changed much, despite the mediocrity of Watchmen and terror of LXG.

  • PietroMaximoff

    stop lying to us, this movie is BS

  • Floyd Fenris

    “Unlike what I think anybody would anticipate”
    You mean a GOOD movie based on Marvel characters?

  • Alex Hayden

    “Millar compares Trank’s involvement with Fantastic Four to Bryan Singer’s with the X-Men movies, and James Mangold’s with The Wolverine.”

    I wouldn’t consider either of those comparisons to be altogether good things.

  • you’sajoke

    How do people complain about something they’ve never seen yet?

  • you’sajoke

    He’s talking about a film he’s never seen…..sort of like you’re all doing? You know, the whining you’ve been doing for months?

  • Ben

    So he has faith in a movie he hasn’t seen and which anyone with a lick of sense can see this movie is a convuluted PC parade on steroids. I think the cast will do the best they can with the script they have, but my expectations are incredibly low at this point. Diversity for Diversity sake, just creates confusion.

    If you want to make a major super hero movie with a minority lead (all for it personally!) then do it with a strong minority character (ex: the upcoming Black Panther movie) already out there. This need to “modernize” characters by changing their skin color/religious orientation, etc to be more “inclusive” is just so forced.

    i’m sure i’ll be called a racist, etc etc, because I’m commenting on the skin color change of the Human Torch, but it’s how I see it. It was an uncessary change; designed no doubt to cause controversy and “free” marketing for the movie. Micheal B. Jordan is a fantastic actor, I just hope this potential flop doesn’t hurt his career.

    I’d be curious how people would re-act if the Black Panther’s ethnicity was changed to someone of Arabian descent with a Mulsim faith, or a red headed catholic white boy of Irish background. There would be a media poo storm of epic proporations. You can’t have it both ways. if it’s good for one character to change their skin color, religion etc, it should be fair to do it to all.

  • Lance Kemal

    Well his Ultimate fantastic four comics were trash so his opinions are invalid.

  • jml

    You lose nothing by having Jordan play Johnny. It alters the character in no meaningful way whatsoever. Panther, however, is the leader of an isolationist African nation. If you can’t see how making him a redheaded Catholic of Irish descent would be a fundamental change to the character’s personality and mindset, you’re a damn fool.

  • Ben

    I may be a “fool” but your a damn hypocrite. Why is it, that it’s perfectly acceptable to “black wash” a white character, but if one suggested of “white washing” a black character it’s inconcievable and racist ?

    What’s more sad, is the newest trend that the only way for a black character to get spotlight is to use a white hero brand (Spider-Man, Captain America, and Johnny Storm). Kind of racist don’t you think? It is trying to hard to make a black character relevant by using a white character’s mold, when it should be using what makes the black character unique to begin with, and it’s not their skin color….

    Wesley Snipes proved this as Blade, which arguably was the precursor to the modern superhero movie success we have now. It wasn’t because Snipes was black, it was because it had great music, great action, storyline was solid, and great acting.

    So maybe I”m a fool, but your a illogical hypocrite. Use your brain and support black characters for their original style, and stop promoting this hidden condescendion of blacks that comes with “black washing.”

  • Ziaullah
  • Thomas Watson

    This movie just keeps looking better and better….I hope more people give this a chance.