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Rumor: Marvel Courting Angelina Jolie to Direct “Captain Marvel”


The February issue of OK! Magazine has a report that Angelina Jolie is being sought for the director’s chair on Captain Marvel. Strictly a rumor, the magazine’s source told them that Marvel and Disney were very impressed with Jolie’s work on Unbroken, and that the studios are offering her $20 million to direct their first female-led superhero film.

“Having a female director is a priority for them,” says the source. The source adds that Jolie feels extremely complimented by the offer considering the negative way she was discussed in emails released following the Sony hack. “She never thought she’d be in such huge demand as a director, and then be courted by Marvel after the Sony fiasco is a huge pat on the back.”

Recently, Avengers director Joss Whedon mentioned he wouldn’t “rule out” directing the Captain Marvel film himself, though there was no talk about him being in discussions for the job. Whoever sits behind the lens, Captain Marvel is set to bring the story of Carol Danvers to the big screen on July 6th, 2018.


  • seedyreview

    Roger Deakins is the only reason unbreakable wasn’t a complete mess.

  • Petey

    $20 million? Ha!

  • Objectively Biased

    I find that very hard to believe. Marvel has never shown a willingness to go after big name filmmakers, but rather under the radar directors who can shape the vision that Feige and Co. have laid out. Think Derrickson, Gunn, The Russos. No one is paying Angelina Jolie $20 million to direct a shared universe film.

  • xsikal

    I like Angie, but wasn’t particularly impressed with either of her directing efforts. And $20M is an absurd quantity of money, given Marvel’s usual approach. So, I suspect this will remain merely a rumor.

  • henardas

    Sounds like a straight up rumor coming from Jolosers PR team. Unbroken and INTOBAH were failures. Both of them got bad reviews as films and for her directing was panned!. Why would Marvel approach her to direct one of their movies? Yet alone pay a talentless, 2-time director 20 million ? Makes no sense! Marvel only hires talented director like JJ abhrams and Joss Whendon thanks.

  • red vector

    Katherine Bigalow would be my choice if they are really considering a female director.

  • Eisenhorn1976

    Don’t forget James Gunn. He was damn good on Guardians!

  • Jon M’Shulla

    It seems the time of the comic book movie is over. Not because, it was a trend, like so many say (it could have gone on forever) but, because very many bad, Hollywood-like decisions are being made.

    Race changing. Origin changing. Reboots. “sigh”

    Up yours Hollywood.

  • Essex2099

    Marvel has never hired J.J. Abrams…

  • Essex2099

    You’re an idiot. Nobody but the hardcore nerds cares about race changes or origin changes. Sorry, it’s not going to affect the hundreds of millions of dollars these movies make.

  • Ronin0948

    Ok my conditions for the movie have expanded by one. No Katee Sackhoff as Carol and kill this rumour with fire.

  • Willieaames


  • bernardg

    It’s your opinion & i respect that. But you’re entirely wrong. Comic book movie have been going on for more than 3 decades (believe it or not) & instead of slowing down, they are gathering paces since the turn of century. Of course there was misfired/misstep happened. But unlike other genres, comic book movie is here to stay, because it’s incredibly rich sources material. You can see the dread & dry in romantic comedies since last decade. But you wont find it in comic book movie.
    Plus, unlike other genre, reboot in comic book movie actually sort of expected. Since the comic book itself always enduring cyclical rebooting, universe expanding, origin changing, etc.
    So, you are entirely wrong in your opinion.

  • Petey

    Or JJ abhrams.

  • Petey

    Yep. The hardcore nerds could all stay home and it would barely (if at all) affect the profits of a movie that stands to gross between 750 million and a billion dollars.

  • David Fullam

    Stop the madness!

  • David Fullam

    Now that I would fully support.

  • Sentry616

    *cough* Kenneth Branagh *cough* 4 Academy Award nominations *cough*

  • Objectively Biased

    First, take this cough drop. You sound horrible.

    Second, the combined gross of all of Kenneth Branaugh’s films prior to Thor was less than the half of the gross of Thor.

  • James

    Marvel has been notoriously frugal regarding salaries for actors and directors. I can’t see them all of a sudden going batshit crazy and throwing $20 million at Jolie.

  • Sentry616

    Ah the old box office equals quality rub. So The Phantom Menace is twice as good as The Empire Strikes Back then?