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Original Green Ranger Gives Thumbs Down to ‘Power Rangers’ Fan Film

Jason David Frank-green ranger

Count the original Green Ranger among those who don’t care for that dark and violent “Power Rangers” fan film.

Jason David Frank, who played Tommy Oliver in “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” posted a video on his Facebook fan page criticizing director Joseph Kahn’s 14-minute short, which stars Katee Sackhoff as Kimberly and James Van Der Beek as a traitorous Rocky.

“I know there’s a lot of fans out there that love it and all that stuff, but I’m just a PG-13 guy,” said Frank, who revealed he was approached last year to appear in the project. “The cuss words, the drugs, all this other stuff — it doesn’t fly with me. […] The problem is, they’re [the Power Rangers] still connected with adults and kids. The ‘Super Megaforce’ and ‘Power Ranges Dino Charge’ are still on Nickelodeon, and so you can’t take a brand like this and reboot it so dark and gritty. […] This still is a kids’ brand.”

Released late Monday, “Power/Rangers” serves as a bleak sequel of sorts to the long-running children’s action franchise, set in the aftermath of the war with the Machine Empire. “Power Rangers” copyright holder SCG Power Rangers LLC, a division of Saban Brands, successfully petitioned Vimeo to remove a NSFW version that includes nudity amid the profanity and bloodshed. A tamer edit remains on YouTube, where it’s been viewed more than 11 million times.

Saban has its own big-screen reboot of “Power Rangers” in development with Lionsgate planned for 2016.


  • Bri

    Lighten up, Francis.

  • letloosethekraken

    Oh no! This would matter if he were relevant.

  • Nicholas Hillier

    He makes a good point… kids shouldn’t watch this. I however, want more!!

  • John

    I actually do like the dark tone and vibe. Especially the after-the-war plot that goes well with the ptsd.

    The violence is so so (Honesty I laugh at the sight) because it’s really fake so a movie goer (even a kid with a right mind) won’t take it seriously.

    The ones that make a big deal probably don’t enjoy SAW or think american horror story is scary.

    Though they could do without the nudity and sex though.

    While I am Bree Olson ftw , I don’t need to be reminded that everyone is having sex afterwards except me.

  • SorryNotSorry

    It’s a fair point. I certainly enjoyed it, but it’s aimed more at my demographic, an adult with nostalgia and a dark sense of humor. It was really just a lark.

  • asinox

    But classic PR …is stupid

  • dumok

    The Butt-Hurt is strong with this one..

  • Benjamin J

    People took it WAAAAY too seriously when it seemed obvious to me by the 3 minute mark that it was meant at least in some part to be a satire of dark, super serious, straight faced film adaptations of lighthearted childrens’ properties. I kinda wonder how it went so far over so many peoples’ heads.

  • Sean R Reid

    ^ This. Personally, I loved this version. But, I never expected it to be a serious “grimdark” retelling. It was fun, and was obviously taking the piss.

    Saban, and JDF, would have done themselves a lot more good if they just embraced it for what it was and had a good laugh. No one is expecting Tommy to become the Punisher.

  • Jessi Kuzma

    I think that Jason David Frank needs to shut his pie hole, he really has no say in the matter. He bitches about drugs yet he got busted on drug charges himself a few years back. And he’s a total sell out. He probably only protested the fan film because some corporate ass hat paid him to. And as far as copy rights go, thats a cop out. Star Wars fan films are all over the internet in a large variety of countries and languages. You don’t hear any body complaining about them though. And all kinds of other Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, Comic Books and Cartoons have tons of fan films made about them and nobody complains about them either. Jason David Frank needs to take a long walk off a short peer, and Saban and the other creators of Power Rangers need to grow up and stop being a bunch of pansy ass cry babies. They are only butt hurt because somebody else vastly improved upon their lame corny G-Rated Crap that even Disney would be ashamed to Produce. Hell even Barney the Big Fat Ass Purple Gay Dinosaur was more hard core than the original Power Rangers. This guy took one of the crappiest kids shows in history and made it awesome. So leave him be and let him do his thing. He’s an artist and a genius.

  • Andrew72287

    I guess the issue is that there is a large amount of people not taking this for what it is. I’ve seen hundreds of people all saying this exactly what the brand should be. Which is strange.

  • Andrew72287

    Fans asked his opinion of the movie and he gave it, fuck him, right?

  • NoFace

    It’s about time the people who grew up on the Rangers have a more mature take on the group. It cant always be about the children.

  • frank

    Get fucked Tommy.

  • J.p. Ducey

    I liked it, but I definitely thought the nudity and drugs were excessive.

  • Jessi Kuzma

    I’m not his fan and I never asked his opinion. I was never a fan of the original Power Rangers. The only one i could tolerate was Ninja Storm. It was the only one that dealt with real life martial arts and asian philosophy and mythology. All the other Power Ranger series’s sucked, the one with Tommy sucked the worst.

  • DarkeSword

    Yeah. It’s also strange that people seem to think Power Rangers is something that ended a long time ago and needs a “revival.” Power Rangers has been on the air for like 20 years. It’s STILL on. There was only a brief break a few years ago when Disney cancelled it and Saban regained the rights.

  • DrJay

    To be honest I sort of agree with him. I don’t have a single problem with a slightly darker take on MMPR, but this just seemed dark for the sake of it. It just screamed “look, I’m being really edgy by being excessively violent and gory, swearing a lot and having drink and drug problems. And oh look…boobies!” Every single one of the ex-rangers had issues it seems. Production values were great though and I thought the cast was pretty good except for Tommy.

    I think there’s a good middle ground to be found between the original series and this, and that is around about a Marvel level of groundedness I believe. It doesn’t need to be like a Tarantino film, nor does it need to be like a SunnyD ad. Somewhere in between I think would work!

  • PieisAwesome111

    Can’t blame a man for loving that which he helped launch. Nothing but respect for yah Jason.

  • Zagreus

    Too bad they didn’t get the actress who was the original pink ranger to do Kimberly. She matured into an actual actress… that would have been a trip. (No dig on Sackhoff, she did a good job). I thought it was fun. See it while you can. Saban is going to sue…

  • Ilpalazzo

    I’m an adult with nostalgia and a very dark sense of humor, and all I saw was cliche after cliche after cliche after Michael Bay cliche.

  • Dalarsco

    Lol, he actually said “cuss words” unironically…

  • Ilpalazzo

    I think the problem is that it’s original idea was to spoof the Michael bay reboot formula, but that wasn’t very clearly identified, so it made people angry. Combined with the good ol’ dumb media not grasping that concept and instead spreading with buzzwords of ‘serious’ and ‘gritty’ and completely missed relaying the spoof part, so people got mad due to that. That, lastly combined with the last element, anger at the sight of people actually rooting for and desiring this version [without any indication of them acknowledging at the notion of it being a spoof].

  • Ilpalazzo

    These same people also probably think it’s American made too and don’t know about Super Sentai or even that part of Japanese show culture.

  • Andrew72287

    You didn’t ask him, but lots of his fans did. Then he posted a video, to his own page, addressing said fans. As this article states. Then this website decided to mine that video to get some quotes for an article. It’s not like he gave a statement for this website to run. They chose to run it. So hate CBR for boring you with quotes he made on his own page.

  • Andrew72287

    That’s all well and good until you realize Power Rangers is, has been, and always will be a childrens franchise. Just as Super Sentai in Japan has always been aimed at kids, with a few parodies thrown in for good measure. So yes, it can always be about the children. Just as Dora, Barney and Thomas the Tank Engine were all about children, and continue to be so.

    Adults aren’t the demographic, they never have been, and a more mature taken on the franchise would bomb at the box office, almost assuredly, because it’d be marketed to such a specific demographic. Not just fans of the original show, but fans of the original show that care for this style of film, which isn’t nearly as many people as one might think. I also can’t imagine this concept working beyond a 15 minute short film. I think 2 hours of this would become so dark and gritty, it’d just be a parody, which this short film actually is anyway.

    The difference, I suppose, is that people see potential in the concept. They see something you COULD make a more matured themed product out of, but at the end of the day, Power Rangers is still for kids. And it will always be that way.

  • Andrew72287

    The movie was kind of meant as a parody of ‘grim and gritty’ takes on old franchises. Unfortunately, quite a few people seem to think this is a great way to take Power Rangers, and it’s really not. Power Rangers is still a kids show, and Saban, Lionsgate, or whoever are never going to alienate that demographic to appease a few hardcore fans.

  • Jessi Kuzma

    Yeah, well 2 other former Power Rangers Stars also got into the mix and praised the fan film. The Former Pink Ranger and the former Black Ranger. I didn’t ask their opinions either, but they aren’t sell outs and they aren’t former drug addicts like JDF either, so I have more respect for their opinions. And I’m not the Only one who thinks JDF should keep his mouth shut. Read sone of these other posts plenty of people agree with me. So go give them a bad time about their opinions. JDF is a douche bag. I don’t care who asked for his opinion. Any one who values his opinion has even less sense than he does. Its like the blind asking to be lead by the blind and retarded. JDF’s drug addled brain can’t form a worth while opinion.

  • SorryNotSorry

    I think it was supposed to be a spoof of that.

  • Jessi Kuzma

    Hey rotten you stupid fuck thats my pregnant wife. Shut your fat face. This is her Facebook page. She took the picture with me. And she’s giving birth to my child in 2 weeks you retard. Go suck a fat cock you disrespectful douche bag. This is about a stupid kids show not some personal bag session you dumb fuck. And bagging on someone for being pregnant only makes you look like a fucking ass hat. So go run your mouth some more. All you’re doing is making yourself look bad dumb ass.

  • phokez

    Fuck the green ranger/ lol / this is asoloutley the best thing I’ve seen since its inception .
    Sure its a Lil dark and gritty but this to me is way more authentic then the crappy half assed and very badly produced show for kids which in turn was kid friendly with so much violence….and honestly I’d rather see the full finished product of this movie finished

  • SexTrex

    if you have to think about what it is and isn’t trying to be then its probably missed its mark.

  • Viroro

    Just saying, I do understand that person earlier could’ve avoided that bad comment on your wife and you do have all rights to react badly for that, but the way you’re talking smack of everyone who didn’t like this short seems a bit too much, especially since you don’t really seem to be a fan of the source material in the first place (and if you consider Power Rangers corny and bad, I guess your opinion for Super Sentai would be even lower). You didn’t like it and don’t agree with JDF’s opinion? Fine, it’s how you see it, nothing wrong with that. Saying that anyone who agrees with him makes even less sense sounds like an entitled opinion, which is something I think no rational person should do. Since you want so much your opinion to be respected, you should do the same, just saying: I’ve nothing against you and I really hope you don’t see this as an assault. For me, I can see what JDF’s point is, and just because an actor who worked on the series didn’t liked it, doesn’t mean all the hard work they definitely put on the short was for naught. I didn’t liked it much but I do appreciate the production values and the acting, personally, but it’s something which works as a fan film but I’m baffled to see many people consider the way PR should go when as some pointed out this was likely meant as a satire. It just reeks of fans of a children show in denial who want things to be more ‘mature’ so they don’t have to feel ashamed for liking it. But I can easily be wrong, and I don’t mean to insult anyone: it’s just my opinion on the whole situation, and I don’t think that if someone liked it genuinely and want a darker Power Rangers series they are stupid who understand nothing. Japanese tokusatsu like GARO and some Kamen Rider series (Black, Faiz, Ryuki and Gaim among all in particular) also exist for some who think Sentai is too childish, as well.

  • Blackiechan52

    you are dumb. he will always be relevant.

  • Blackiechan52

    you didn’t ask him for his opinion but you clicked on a link that will take you to his opinion. You stupid bitch.

  • Kal

    It rather depends on who you are I suppose. The actor himself is the opposite of relevant to the mainstream. But to the fans of the series he will always be somewhat relevant. That said, I disagree with him. I like the gritty fan film and it was fun to watch.

  • Chris

    If there is anybody “butt-hurt” here, it’s the people doing nothing but flinging insults at him for simply stating his opinion that he, like many other people, didn’t like that short. And I understand where he’s coming from, honestly. This is yet another “let’s be gritty and grim and dark and violent and miserable and bewbies because… because!” project. It’s the kind of thing that draws the appeal of by pretty much taking everything people don’t like about the original source and trying to “fix it” while ignoring and/or disregarding everything that made the original source a beloved success. To me, this short is basically yet another Man of Steel, it just does not work. I’m all for the occasional dark stuff, but this wasn’t even entertaining. I can understand why some people might like it, I just personally don’t like it.

    And before anybody tells me the director meant it as a parody of Hollywood taking kids franchises and trying to make them super gritty (Transformers, G.I. Joe and… yeah, that’s it, nothing else), I know he said that, and either he’s lying through his teeth because of how divisive this short became, or he just plain failed at it. Like somebody said, if you have to explain to people that what you made is supposed to be a parody, then you obviously did it wrong.

  • TommyDilfinger

    I mean, couldn’t the same be said for shows like “Once” that take children stories and turn them semi-dark? I grew up with the MPPR and I loved this short. It reflects where I am today, as an adult, that use to love the Power Rangers.

  • TommyDilfinger

    The creator even said it was a spoof of all of the dark and gritty movies coming out now.

  • TommyDilfinger

    No, some people are A.) Just dumb or B.) Over think it.

  • TommyDilfinger

    The creator of this short even went on record saying it was satire. It was meant to poke fun at all of the dark and gritty movies that Hollywood keeps on pushing out.

  • TommyDilfinger

    Longer than that. The original show, Super Sentai, goes back to the 70’s.

  • TommyDilfinger

    It was more or less a spoof on Michael Bay and Christopher Nolan.

  • TommyDilfinger

    It is perfectly legal in America to spoof anything. Hence the reason movies like Scary Movie exist.

  • Sentry616


  • TommyDilfinger

    No need for his rude comments or your response. Just flag him and keep it moving.

  • TommyDilfinger

    TBF, JDF is the only original Ranger still actively working with them.

  • TommyDilfinger

    But, the show “Once” isn’t a kids show. And for the record, this short was satire and a spoof. If anyone would actually read the interview with the creator, they’d know this.

  • Tommy Rankin

    It’s kinda funny that he complains about it since the director of this film even said that it’s also a partial parody of the current trend of making everything super-mega grim and gritty and dark to make it seem more mature or whatever so people shouldn’t take it so seriously.

    I actually like the concept of less goofy Power Rangers. I’ve never cared for Power Rangers, even when I was a kid. When I learned about the Power Rangers first time I immediately thought it would be a cool kids show about a group of kids (teens) getting kung fu skills and superpowers from an alien to fight evil and become superheroes and I thought it seemed really cool.

    But then when I saw it I couldn’t understand what was wrong. It seemed to me even at the time really childish and lame and there wasn’t any seriousness and the action was barely non-existent since the villains were even more pathetic than most villains in other kids’ shows. It seemed like it was aimed at toddlers.

    And whenever the characters were in costume it seemed like they were having some sort of seizures the way they waved their hands and jumped around and the robots fighting against the monster were pathetic. Of course this was before the wide spread internet so I couldn’t know that it was a tokusatsu show from Japan which explained some of that stupidity.

  • Ilpalazzo

    I agree and acknowledge that. The problem is that this ‘buzz’ is heading down the route last seen with ‘Snakes on a Plane’, which was a funny *idea* spoofing disaster, but when media/PR got on board it becomes what it was designed to spoof.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Yeah, he needs to lighten up. It’s kinda funny that he complains about it since the director of this film even said that it’s also a parody of the current trend of making everything super-mega grim and gritty and dark to make it seem more mature or whatever so people shouldn’t take it so seriously.

    I actually like the concept of maybe not grimdark but let’s say less goofy Power Rangers. I’ve never cared for Power Rangers, even when I was a kid. When I learned about the Power Rangers first time I immediately thought it would be a cool kids show about a group of kids (teens) getting kung fu skills and superpowers from an alien to fight evil and become superheroes and I thought it seemed really cool.

    But then when I saw it I couldn’t understand what was wrong. It seemed to me even at the time really childish and lame and there wasn’t any seriousness and the action was barely non-existent since the villains were even more pathetic than most villains in other kids’ shows. It seemed like it was aimed at toddlers.

    And whenever the characters were in costume it seemed like they were having some sort of seizures the way they waved their hands and jumped around and the robots fighting against the monster were pathetic. Of course this was before the wide spread internet so I couldn’t know that it was a tokusatsu show from Japan which explained some of that stupidity.

  • L-DLS

    I would rather kids get the proper education not all the way care bear and stuff… how was that old school powerrangers a kids only show.. when it promotes violence, revenge, fighting and destroying stuff.. sure no blood shed and no nudity .. but its not any more carebear like or safer.. stop endless protecting kids.. they will see the stuff one day or another. Start educating them early and make them more responsible beings with more of a free will than having ratings and NSFW .. stuff like really.. [I might be the bad guy here , not knowing what am talking about, but that is my opinion]

  • Said Atala

    I want to watch it now. :D


    Power rangers popularity has been in decline. At least now people are talking about it now. There was a fanfilm short of a gritty batman with joker, alien and predator. People loved it and I think was one of the reason for the new gritty batman trilogy

  • David Pickles

    he’s only but hurt because tommy was blamed for the deaths and wasn’t in this fan clip much untill the end.. the end kinda explains stuff.

  • camaro_mang

    I know Jason David frank. If he has his reasons, we should respect that

  • Jessi Kuzma

    Hey fuck face. You want to talk shit to me online like a cowardly key board warrior? or you want to be a fucking man and come do it in person so I can kick your fucking ass. Show some respect. This blog is not about me or my wife. and its not about your inferiority complex either. This is not the place for your low self esteem to take a dump on people you don’t know. What the fuck is your problem? Huh? You must have no fucking life and be really board to come one some stupid blog page to pick a fight and say stupid shit to a stranger you’ve never met in person. I’ll tell you what. Keep running your mouth like a coward from the safety of your key board. Or be a man and come get your ass kicked in person. I’ll even give you my address so you can show up here and get your ass kicked. Other wise shut the fuck up. You sound stupid.

  • Jessi Kuzma

    Why Should I respond politely to people who are attacking my point of view but not attacking other people for having the same point of view. Seems a bit hypocritical to me. One guy even posted the comment telling Saying “Get Fucked Tommy” talking o the guy who played the Green Ranger. No body attacked his comment. I basically said he same thing. The only difference is I explained why I have that opinion. So why am I being attacked and not others? Explain that to me and I might maybe react a little less defensive to my comments being ran down. But I don’t know what “Super Sentai” even is.

  • Jessi Kuzma

    This is a blog page. its the place too rant about stupidity in the media. Not a place run other people down. I came because I was curious, same as many other people I bet. Curiosity is human nature. And unless you’re a martian then you have known curiosity in your life once or twice too. so don’t run me down fore being human you stupid bitch.

  • Jessi Kuzma

    Thank you. Finally someone who has some education on the subject. This was about a legal thing to begin with. Its about Saban trying to file lawsuits for copyright infringements that legally they are not entitled to. The guy never claimed credit for the original Power Rangers and he went way off the main story line to do his own interpretation of what he thought should take place next. No laws were broken and no body was hurt. What the man did was not a cir,me and was not wrong in anyway. its called Creative Licensing. It is refreshing to see someone who understands that concept.

  • Jessi Kuzma

    True but that has given him a big ego. And on top of that his past drug use gives him less reason to complain about drugs in movies. I agree with you. But he’s still a sell out. Its based on all the merchandising stuff he promotes and all the toy lines and T-Shirts that he shows up i person to Autograph. The man is full of himself. And The only noble thing he did was to stick with one franchise for life. But if you thing about that too will eventually become ill relevant. Can you Picture him as a 90 year old man in a green jump suit fighting intergalactic monsters? I can. Its quite ridiculous to think about. If he was smart he would have found an alternative line of work to fall back on when he got to a certain age.

  • Christopher Martinez

    That or no one gives a flying fuck if anyone ever see’s him act again.

  • Kevin Pritchard

    this is a guy that cherishes his place a a role model and work with kids and most of all he cherishes what the show represents to young people..i think you fanboys need to take a chill and relax..this guy is the reason kids love the show was for me ..give me Tommy over Jason the red ranger any damn day . the video is gritty dark and has stuff kids should not see , but sadly there will be a kid seeing it and there you go.!!! again leave JDF alone this is a good guy with strong convictions about what Power Rangers represents

  • penguintruth

    JDF takes himself way too seriously.

  • Viroro

    I don’t condone those who assaulted you personally, just like I don’t condone anyone assaulting anyone else’s point of view. Each and everyone has to respect the opinions of others. And, I think it’s also because you’re responding to the accusations and pretty much adding fuel to the fire. You think JDF’s opinion is not good or worth considering: that’s alright as I already said earlier. I think you should just let this go, since in the end it’s just a discussion, you are firm on your point and it’s not even heading on a healthy path. It’s not worth it to keep attacking and getting attacked by others over the comment of an actor, as far as I’m concerned. Again, this isn’t meant as an offense and I really hope not to come off as that or like I’m talking down to you. Also, Super Sentai is the name for the japanese franchise Power Rangers is adapted from: most of the battle footage and in some case enemy footage comes from it, as do generally the bulk of the plot and even some whole characters (generally villains, but also Doggie Kruger in Power Rangers SPD, for example). Most of the series as a result have to comply to the footage, and is very rare for Saban to stray too far from the source material, even if it did happen (the original Zyuranger was a dinosaur-themed show with ancient warriors awakening in the present day, MMPR was an high school story which just happened to have powers somewhat modeled on dinosaurs; Megaranger was a videogame-themed show, Power Rangers in Space was… well, set in space; Gingaman was a nature-based show, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy was set in space again; Go-Onger was a parody show which didn’t took itself too seriously and had an ecology theme while just being very much weird, Power Rangers RPM is pretty much Terminator as a Power Rangers show). Most of the corniness comes from the show being adapted from a series done on a completely different cultural landscape from America: no doubt if it were an American-made show most of it would not be present. Though, since you liked Ninja Storm, you might like to know that the current Sentai that started last week, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, covers the same ninja theme as Hurricaneger (the show NS is based on), and looks to follow similair themes as a result.

  • Jessi Kuzma

    You said you think i should let it go. Well, I have. I let it go the moment I sent my last response to you. So its been forgotten. Lets leave it that way. No need to beat a dead horse. It’s done and over. This ain’t the place for lectures or discussions of this kind. i was upset with the rude vulgar person and i over reacted to comments made by others as a result. My bad, I’m sorry. But it’s done now. Lets move on shall we?

  • DarkeSword

    Oh I know all about Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. I’m a huge fan. Just talking specifically about the fact that Power Rangers never actually “went away” like a lot of people seem to think.

  • camaro_mang

    why you getting mad at me for? im sad now

  • Jessi Kuzma

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  • TheRealTimewarp

    So what’s he doing that makes him relevant?