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John Barrowman Attached to “Heavy Metal” TV Adaptation


John Barrowman already has serious genre cred with his roles on “Doctor Who,” “Torchwood” and “Arrow,” and his next target is the long-running sci-fi/fantasy anthology magazine “Heavy Metal.” The Hollywood Reporter has word that Barrowman has signed on to develop — as star and executive producer — a potential TV miniseries adaptation of “The 49th Key,” a story by writer Erika Lewis and artist J.K. Woodward that debuted in “Heavy Metal” #273, just released today.

Jeff Krelitz and David Boxenbaum, who purchased “Heavy Metal” early last year, will executive produce; Jeremy Atkins, a former Dark Horse Comics publicist now working with Heavy Metal, is also on board as a producer. “49th Key” is planned as a long-term fantasy series set to unfold in the pages of “Heavy Metal,” centered on a key that leads to a fantasy world called Enochia.

Barrowman is currently a main cast member on “Arrow” in his role of Malcolm Merlyn, and his company Barrowman Barker Productions has produced variety and reality series in Britain.

In an interview last month with CBR, Krelitz and Boxenbaum talked potential Hollywood plans. “‘Heavy Metal’ was always known for something a little edgier, a little wilder, and a little more provocative,” Krelitz said. “We’re trying to complete the circle on that. It’s had the anthology platform for so long — now we want it to move to every other medium, from dot com to film and TV.”


  • maclives

    um, hell no. He needs to stay on Arrow!

  • Kiera DeCanio

    Um. He can do both.

  • Morgan Butler-Kerridge

    Actually, recently Stephen Amell said that one of the main cast members will be leaving in an “emotional farewell”, in order to pursue other projects.
    They haven’t said who it will be yet, but Barrowman would make sense when you consider this announcement.

  • Lyle

    As sad as it would be to see him leave Arrow (though it does not mean he cannot guest star from time to time), he would make a perfect Captain Sternn.

  • Black Doug

    While we’re doing fan-casting, I vote for Alexandra Daddario as Taarna. I think you’ll find that “True Detective” demonstrates her qualifications.

  • Kiera DeCanio

    Ah. Well many people can and do split their time between projects all the time.

  • Mickie

    Nope he signed a six year contract last year. But he can do both. They don’t film Arrow all year round.

  • Mickie

    It’s not a comic I know much about. But shoes to say John wouldn’t be playing the archaeologist?×808.jpg