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Want a ‘Dredd’ Sequel? Call in Dwayne Johnson, Producer Says


Fans have been clamoring with a sequel to “Dredd” since the film’s 2012 premiere, making musical pleas, signing petitions and even organizing an annual “Day of Dredd.” However, despite the continued optimism of star Karl Urban, it may take a miracle for a follow-up to earn a greenlight, considering the original the original lost money.

But what kind of miracle? “Dredd” producer Adi Shankar, better known in recent weeks for that gritty “Power Rangers” fan short, breaks it down in a new video that requires a language warning.

“I get inundated with questions about what it will take to make a sequel all the fucking time,” he says in a video that’s NSFW, “and the problem is, the answer is very fucking complicated. It’s very complicated. I’m here, right here, right now, to answer that question, and to demystify the process. The guy who dresses up like The Crow is going to give you a lesson in film finance.”

“Bootleg Universe” Producer Adi Shankar Talks Bond, Power Rangers and Captain Planet

And that’s precisely what Shankar does over the next five minutes. Long story short: A daisy chain of international distributors would have to be convinced that “Dredd 2″ would actually make money (the first film grossed $41.5 million worldwide, falling short of its production budget). That’s no easy task.

“At its previous budget level, ‘Dredd’ lost almost every distributor money, so there are only three options, as I see it,” Shankar explains. “One, lower the fucking budget. Maybe ‘Dredd 2′ is found-footage? I don’t know. I wouldn’t watch it, but maybe it’s found-footage. Two, bring out a filmmaker who would really move the needle, someone like David Fincher. But that’s not realistic, that’s not going to happen, because major filmmakers who would move the needle — they aren’t really in the business of directing sequels to someone else’s franchise. That’s just now how it works. And three, a movie star. Maybe we pair Karl Urban with another movie star who boosts the value of the film. Maybe we get The Rock in and fucking save the franchise, because The Rock fucking saves everybody’s franchise.”

Indeed he does.

Until Dwayne Johnson or someone of his caliber signs on, it seems unlikely fans will get that “Dredd” sequel they’ve been hoping for. But they can still watch the Shankar-produced animated web series “Judge Dredd: Superfiend,” which centers on the Dark Judges.


  • NateDizzy

    Dwayne Johnson aka Franchise Viagra

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    The biggest problem with Dredd was that it could not divest itself of Stalone’s film’s taint. Dredd was an amazing film but everyone assumed it would be a crappy reboot.

    The movie was amazing and deserved to do a lot better than it did.

  • Kerwin

    I would love to see the rock as a judge….so many people would die.

  • TheWolverine

    As long as it turns out better then the Doom movie from 2005.

  • JohnB

    maybe stop dressing like the crow when you’re trying to get projects greenlit, ya dolt!

  • Gary

    Really. “Please ignore my clown makeup and take me serious.”

  • Gary

    For no reason whatsoever. He’s a horrible actor. But hey, even Van Damme and Seagal were popular once.

  • Gary

    You said taint.

  • Roxtaf

    Actor… What’s that supposed to mean ?

  • Kevin Carter

    I think Lena Heady was miscast as Ma-Ma and what a waste of money the 3D effects were… The plot of having him go up the tower floor by floor reminded of an old 80’s arcade game with the big boss at the final level. What a budget saver that was. Stick him in a building…job done.
    Don’t get me wrong, Urban was great as Dredd. I just wish they had waited for a bigger budget worthy of taking the movie on. I mean, the Stallone one had a $70M budget compared to $30m’ish for this one and it didn’t even make that back from ticket sales.
    The Stallone movie was overall…shit, but at least they got out and about.

  • Manuel Granados

    Get the guy who directed The Raid movies, make The Rock a villain who doesn’t talk and just wants to punch the life out of Dredd and finish it with an epic shootout between a lot of judges against the scum of Metro City 1. Avoid 3D, just go crazy with a final gunfight of that caliber.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Taint: A trace of something bad, offensive, or harmful.

  • Rod G.

    The Stallone film had NOTHING to do with Dredd’s failure.

    Dredd just wasn’t good at all. All Urban got right was the helmet, nothing more.

  • Gary

    Taint: A geographic location between one’s butthole and ball sack.

  • thatsLike

    “Between”? Ugh.

  • Donnie

    I wouldn’t say horrible. He tends to be two dimensional, but it’s always somehow well-suited to whatever franchise he’s in. The roles themselves he plays aren’t exactly meant to be Daniel Day-Lewis caliber.

  • joe1987a

    Well, Dwayne Johnson (as much as I like him) couldn’t save the G.I. Joe franchise. Retaliation was a dreadful piece of crap. But it’s just a shame nobody is willing to take on a Dredd sequel.

  • Gary

    The spectrum doesn’t jump from horrible to great. Plenty of room in between.

  • jrf jrf

    This guy just seems like a retard or a douche bag one or the other. The problem with movie budgets is they spend way too much on advertising. Heres an idea crow wanna be do a kickstarter if the fans want it it will get made. Make a kickstarter or indigogo there ya go problem solved

  • Donnie

    Sure, so why horrible? I’d say ok. That good for “in between”?

  • Gary

    Johnson is a bad actor. As a wrestler, he played a character. He still plays characters on film. He doesn’t act.

  • Donnie

    By that logic you’d be knocking a whole lot of actors (or whatever you call them). Say what you will, the guy brings in box office earnings, which is why he continues to get roles. Look, I get you think he’s a “star” and not an “actor” (which I practically agree with), but at the end of the day, the stars are actors as well, albeit a different form.

  • Gary

    Well, there’s no denying he is a box office draw. Schwarzenegger, Van Dame, etc. were box office draws too. These kinds of guys are like young starlets. As starlets age they lose the only thing they had going for them. Action stars like Johnson are popular until the crowd gets bored. If they can act, they will remain relevant. If they can’t….

  • tedburke

    Why is anyone listening to a potty mouthed fool who’s greatest film making accomplishment is a fan film. Everything he’s said here–lower the budgent, bring in an A list director, bring in some a Mega superstar–is all conventional wisdom. There are no “financial” secrets revealed in. No offense to fellow CBR readers, but these insights are frankly less insightful than remarks you can read from a better than average comment stream. Shankar strikes me as willfully eccentric , a wanna be without a resume worth a second glance. Please find more interesting people to hightlight.