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Mattel Mounts Up For ‘Dino-Riders’ Movie


Mattel is apparently hoping to give the “Transformers” franchise a run for its money by bringing “Dino-Riders” to the big screen.

According to The Tracking Board, the company has partnered with Solipsist Films to develop a feature based on the 1980s toy line and animated series.

The short-lived 1988 syndicated cartoon, created to promote Tyco’s toys, centered on the futuristic war between the superhuman Valorians and the mixed-species Rulons, who are transported back in time to prehistoric Earth. There, the war continues, with the Valorians befriend dinosaurs and convince them to help, while the Rulons use machinery to enslave the creatures.

The adaptation is reportedly envisioned as an action-adventure geared toward a family audience. The producers are said to be searching for a screenwriter.


  • bortman

    Dino-Riders were cool and all, but the dinosaur toys were not nearly as well made as the Definitely Dinosaurs put out by Playskool around the same time. The DD Ultrasaurus (now Ultrasauros) was just beautifully made.

    That said, I’m on board if the movie is like the Robot Chicken sketch:

  • Val23

    They should hired Peter Cullen and Frank Welker for the movie ** since they voiced most of the characters in the cartoon

  • Rocket Raccoon

    Who’s going to direct it?