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‘Greatest American Hero’ is Flying Back to Television


Believe it or not, “The Greatest American Hero” is headed back to television.

According to Deadline, Fox has given a pilot production commitment to a revival of the 1980s comedy-drama, written by “Dope” filmmaker Rick Famuyiwa and produced by the “LEGO Movie” team of Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

Created by prolific writer/producer Stephen J. Cannell, the original series debuted in 1981 on ABC, starring William Katt as a school teacher who’s given a red suit by aliens that grants him superhuman abilities. However, he quickly loses the instruction book, leading him to discover the suit’s capabilities through trial and error. Robert Culp and Connie Sellecca co-starred on the show, which aired for three seasons.

The revival’s premise doesn’t seem as if it’ll stray too far from the source material, as Deadline describes it as “the story of what happens when great power is not met with great responsibility”: “An ordinary man, completely content with being average, wakes up with a superpower suit he never asked for and has to deal with the complications it brings his life.”


  • Chris Cline

    So will the lead be changed to Black or Gay?

  • Doctor Detroit

    A left-handed lesbian Latino.

  • Saber Khai

    I watched this as a kid.

    I don’t think I want to watch it as an adult.

  • Wayne Wolfe

    or He’ll be turned to a racist bigot, maybe you should audition.

  • Chris Cline

    ahhh poor baby did I hurt your feeling with a little joke. Go get a hug from your mommy it will be ok.

  • Chris Cline

    More then likely FOX will think it can fight against Supergirl with this and cast a woman, never understanding that is also the writing that is making Supergirl something to watch.

  • Wayne Wolfe

    no you didn’t hurt my feelings, you are just embarrassing yourself. but by all means, now you can poke fun at me ‘for the lulz’ and you can continue to think that the things you said previously are funny (and will continue to say for the rest of your life) and I will continue to know that you will forever be a hate-filled person that will do the best he can, to find new ways to offend people.

  • Chris Cline

    Funny thing is a came back to delete the comment because I thought no one would get the joke, that Hollywood feels that old shows need “fixing” in order to update them for the modern world. Take the remake of Hart to Hart they are doing now. NBC has decided to change the show and make the Harts gay. Or the remake of the Agatha Christine hero Miss Marple. CBS thinks no one would watch an older woman solve crimes so they are changing her to be in her early 30’s. See it is not about racism it is about change for change sake.

  • Chris Cline

    Just don’t turn me into PC Principal, I can’t take another two weeks detention.

  • Chris Cline

    Ok never mind I would watch that! lol

  • Chris Cline

    The there is this “Syfy has ordered futuristic reimagining of “Van Helsing,” with a woman in the lead role” Why? If anyone watches it they will just cancel it after two seasons.


    Well, I’m Black and proud, but I deeply enjoyed Chris Cline and Doctor Detroit’s comments! It was both politically incorrect but humorously steeped in truth!!! LOL

  • Simon DelMonte

    It has not aged well at all.

  • Gus Goreman

    Hahaha I just thought the very same thing! Tracy Morgan would be great gets my vote

  • Ian Cook

    I watched it as a kid, and I will watch it again.

  • John E.

    Wayne. There appears to be a lot of hate in your heart but I am not as good at judging people based on typed words as you are. Are you a hateful person Wayne or just misunderstood?


    Keep in mind,this will be a FOX show,which means it will last as long as
    I was amazed that DOLLHOUSE and TERMINATOR:SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES lasted as long as they did on FOX.
    I would give this show to the new ABC Family Channel(FREEFALL, I think they
    call it now). It was originally an ABC show,so of course they’ll handle it better.

    I would greatly appreciate some feedback on this.
    It would make my Monday a little better,and it’s nice to get away from
    any talk of D***** T****, B** C*****, and their ilk for just one day at least.

  • Jane Stoned

    Its on FOX, so i give it 4 episodes before its cancelled.

  • JoPa

    I got your joke and chuckled! I also think it’s a good topic for lots of
    discussion. I don’t see anything wrong with a black Johnny Storm or a
    gay Hart to Hart (it was fairly gay to begin with) or even a female Dr.
    Who! Throwing race and gender twists into re-imaginings isn’t anything
    new and it’s often successful; Starbuck on BG comes to mind. If it’s
    done with integrity and to diversify, I say go for it. Just make sure
    the switcheroo is faithful to the spirit of the original. That’s all
    that really matters, IMO.

  • joefromnc

    It’s amazing. It’s as if you just can’t stop yourself you poor little man.

  • goldknight1

    The pilot of this still holds up. Yes its dated, but the subject matter and the premise of the show can apply today.

  • Tucker

    I agree with what you said but let’s not touch FF, that new one was horrible. Nick Fury or Electro would good choices.

  • Chris Cline

    LOL… I thought Michael B. Jordan did the best he could with what he was given, which was not much, but I am really looking forward to CREED. It looks like it will be a great film for him to really show what a good actor he is.

  • Brin Londeaux

    If they reboot with the same characters I can agree there’ll be issues of changing the races, orientation, and such. But if they reboot with different characters, so no big issues or make it a sequel to the original series where Ralph passes on the suit to a new generation.

  • Hypestyles

    Will the lead still be a schoolteacher?

  • NYC1977

    A black gay illegal immigrant woman.

  • Chris Cline

    Starbuck worked in it’s own way. And the recent change for The Master on Doctor Who to Missy has worked pretty well. Sadly I think that by making that change they have taken the whole Doctor as a women off the table for now. While I don’t see why the Doctor can’t be a woman, after all he says that he has been a mother before and Missy says that he is not like the little girl she use to know, but I don’t know how the wider random would react to a possible Doctor/Missy relationship if he was a woman. I am still hoping for a different race Doctor instead of the same white guy and a Black James Bond.

  • NYC1977

    And if the new guy is white, you’ll be crying about how racist the show is for “lack of diversity.”

  • NYC1977

    Nah….that slop Empire is somehow still on, despite jumping the shark before the first season ended.

  • Chris Cline

    You have a lot more faith in FOX then most people…lol

  • dekko

    I know you’re making a joke, but the serious implication here is that if they change the character’s race, then it’s just the trend. As though there couldn’t possibly be a legitimately good reason for casting a person of color. You make the assumption it’s “change for change’s sake,” but with that attitude right off the bat, you’re saying that race is the most important aspect to the character that must be maintained and casting anyone of a different race is already wrong. If it’s a different character and not a rebooted whatsisname, would you feel the same or would that be ok?

  • K. E.

    You forgot woman and/or transgendered!

  • J’Noai Dixon

    I can tell by your name that you’re not Black and proud.

  • Joseph Camenzind

    Does it matter? Can you name one lead superhero on TV that is black or gay? Hmm lets see, Arrow – no, Flash – no, Supergirl – no, Daredevil – No.

  • Francesco Dell’Anna Muja

    That’s not it.
    The problem does not lie in the race of the protagonist, or even his sexuality.
    I can’t speak for Chris, but for ME, the problem is the “reboot” part.

    I hate it when they try to sell the same old story with no creative effort whatsoever by simply swapping the gender of the protagonists, and then they say “ehy, check this out, this is totally new and it will blow your mind”.

    It’s simply a money-grabbing move with absolutely no inventive – and no regard to the fans of the old material.
    But some people fall for it, they earn money, so they keep doing it.

    Just thinking at the new Ghostbusters sends shivers down my spine, for example. I don’t even have to watch that movie to know that it will suck.

    A new movie with an original gay/lesbian/black/female/jew protagonist? I’m totally okay with it.

  • Ed Exia

    TJ Miller already has the necessary hair

  • CallahanAuto

    Come on, that was funny!

  • CallahanAuto

    Come on, that was funny!

  • Kaliaila

    The Doctor said that the Corsair had been a mother. Also, we know all of the Doctor’s regenerations, and none of them are female.

    Honestly, I think that if they made the Doctor a female the PC crowd would have a fit unless you change the basis of the Doctor’s most basic personality tenets.

  • Kaliaila

    CREED does look good, though I would just consider it a sequel.

  • justinept

    You didn’t make a joke…. You made an observation. There is a difference.

  • fillion sucks

    Firefly is shit & deserved to be canceled sooner.
    Fillion sucks.


    I totally agree that Fillion sold out big time with CASTLE.
    That wedding episode should have been the series finale,same with BONES.
    Both shows have grown stale ever since.


    Brin, I think you have a Marvelous idea.
    In fact, I think there was a fanfiction story where the aliens pass the suit on
    to Ralph and Pam’s son.
    Bill Maxwell’s daughter has followed in her father’s footsteps as an FBI agent,
    and she winds up being the partner to Ralph and Pam’s son.

    This is the sensible way for the story to continue.
    Since this is on FOX, I strongly doubt they’ll do the sensible thing.
    With a few exceptions,FOX programming is as stupid as FOX News.

  • ShadowWing Tronix

    A woman might work…if they realize why “Greatest American Heroine” was a terrible, terrible pilot that failed to get what made Ralph and Bill work as well as they did. This is one I don’t mind a race/gender change for some reason but I do get the original poster’s point. I like seeing the character resemble the source material, even if it’s a simple as getting the hair right.

  • ShadowWing Tronix

    Vixen, but I don’t consider cartoons apart from live action. Since that’s just me, your right. But then why not make NEW characters. Who knew who (Green) Arrow was before the show came out? I’d like to see MANTIS come back, but with the original concept. The all-black cast from the pilot was way more interesting that the multiracial one the series stuck us with. And I still want a Prowler movie since Sony was taking about spinning off other Spider-Man corner characters. Black Panther getting his own movie and Falcon being Captain America’s partner (I still need to see that movie) are at least steps in the right direction. Or maybe do Steel right this time, despite the risk of being compared to Iron Man? (Another character nobody outside of comics knew until the movie. Also, War Machine.)

  • Jeff NME

    If you watched the original series story “The Brain of Morbius”, there is a hint that there were several regens *before* William Hartnell’s version, so he could have been a she and the whole 13 regens line could be a convenient lie to not make The Doctor (and other Timlords) seem like an unkillable superman.

  • Jeff NME

    Firefly certianly wasn’t helped by the facts that the episodes were shown in random order and it’s timeslot was bounced around, so both making sense and being able to watch it were both a stretch.

  • Joe Bambino

    It will be the lack of new ideas at the networks & studio’s that will kill TV. Why would anyone watch this nonsense.

  • Zach


  • Zach

    A black gay guy with a blonde curly afro

  • Heather Atkinson

    If we cannot laugh at ourselves life will be joyless.

  • Don

    Fucking awesome! ! Hope they get the casting right.

  • Kaliaila

    Only if you ignore everything that came after that story. There have been multiple places in classic Who that makes reference to and New Who explicitly states the fact that naturally the Timelords are born with the ability to regenerate 12 times; 13 is the number of faces they tend to have (birth + 12 regenerations). The High Council of the Timelords has the ability to grant additional regenerations or strip regenerations from a timelord as well. It has also been firmly established in both new and classic that the Doctor was still on his first set of regenerations.

  • Deacon Tyler
  • Thomas Dunville

    They’ve dabbled with the suit’s powers a bit. The lead cast will be Caitlyn Jenner.

  • br003

    As long as it’s not on the CW, not everything needs to be filmed in friggin’ Batman dark.

  • Anthony Davis

    Can’t wait!!!

  • drlarrymitchell

    Ok, reality…if you’re not gonna take this shit seriously, then neither am I.

  • J. Ryan

    They had a woman get the suit in the final episode. Ralph was caught using the suit and became a celebrity. Since he was no longer using the suit as the aliens intended they had him give the suit to someone else. He chose a schoolteacher. She was partnered with Bill once again and like Ralph also lost the instructions. The change came too late to prevent GAH from being cancelled.

  • Kamereon

    Nathan Fillion for the lead.

  • Conquistador18

    Why not? No Ordinary Family was OK a few years back. I say get Steven Yeun to star.

  • Technical Support

    No, even worse it will change to a white comment troll with no identity.

  • Ratz

    Keep The Theme Song The same and I will still watch this.


    A dried up prune who runs president and her super powers are her ability
    to uncontrollably lie, cankle cannons, and roast beef thunderclaps.

  • Porno the Clown

    Hopefully he will still be a special ed. teacher.

  • red vector

    I liked No Ordinary Family but they couldn’t make up their minds if it was a comedy or a drama.

  • Sharon Williams


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  • ScarletRainbow1

    I wouldn’t necessarily mind a remake of this show, but I would rather have had a sequel to the original rather than a remake. Such as, the son/daughter of the original Mr. Hinckley inherits the suit after his/her parent’s death, to deal with the trials and tribulations that come with it.

  • Beasthuntt

    You nailed it.

  • Beasthuntt

    You sound ignorant. Got to get your daily dose of racist bigot cries out? Justify the poor me feelings you are told to feel?

  • Xxian

    Murder She Wrote was adapted from a Miss Marple book.

  • NumberOnehater!

    I hate everybody,does that make me an racist??

  • Cerebro

    So, has Hollywood just, completely, run out of original ideas, then?

    But, seriously, I loved this show when I was a kid. I suppose I’ll give the remake a shot if it gets a series order.

  • Rhyno

    I was just watching a tribute video to Andre the Giant and they showed a clip of the episode of “Greatest American Hero” he appeared in. GOD, was it awful. Watch it here:

  • Merydith Johnson Wilson

    You’re right! It was funny and Hollywood is trying to fix too many things that don’t need fixing!

  • Max Blood

    he does have a very good point, they messed up fantastic four’s human torch,annie,dr who and so on over stupid shit when all they had to do was make their own.

  • ShadowWing Tronix

    Holly was also a terrible character, more like a parody than an actual person. Bill already straddled that line but it was part of his charm while Bill and Holly were lacking the chemistry Bill and Ralph had.

  • Mr.S

    Was freaking hilarious!

  • Mr.S

    Was freaking hilarious!