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Online Support Grows for Potential ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Romance


SPOILER WARNING: This article contains minor spoilers for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is a film defined by friendship, not romance: Some of its best moments are seen in the budding friendships between Finn & Rey and Finn & Poe, not to mention the longstanding bond between Han Solo and Chewbacca. But while there’s no overt love story on screen in the record-breaking blockbuster, some fans have — rather inevitably — interpreted its subtext and devised potential romantic pairings, known commonly as “shipping.”

And the most popular “ship” so far? Finn and Poe Dameron, as played by John Boyega and Oscar Isaac.


As picked up by outlets including Fusion and Buzzfeed, social media platforms such as Tumblr have popularized the idea that Finn and Poe — call them “Pinn” or “Foe” — could be “more than friends,” even if that’s not what’s presented in the film. In the movie, the two save each other’s lives, Poe rechristens the deserting Stormtrooper known as FN-2187 as “Finn,” Poe lets Finn keep his jacket because “it suits [him],” and they share a meaningful moment before heading off into battle, as seen above.

Those are all, as depicted in the movie, moments of friendship — though plenty of movie romances have been built on less — but it’s enough evidence to have inspired plenty of fan art, gifs, photosets and unsurprisingly NSFW fan fiction.

Art by Molly Ostertag (

Art by Molly Ostertag (

In a “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” interview aired the day before the film’s release, DeGeneres asked Boyega, Isaac and Daisy Ridley (Rey) about potential romances involving their characters — all were typically vague and jokey, though Isaac’s answer and an interjection from Boyega gave further fodder to those who want to believe.

“I think it’s a very subtle relationship that’s happening,” Isaac said. “You have to watch it a few times to see the little hints, but there was. At least I was playing romance.” Boyega starts to interject to agree, and Isaac clarifies, “I won’t say with which character.”

Directed by J.J. Abrams, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is in theaters now, but fans will have to wait another year and a half before Finn, Poe and Rey return in Episode VIII (written and directed by Rian Johnson), scheduled for release on May 26, 2017.


  • Æmilius

    If it was for fangirls, every male duo out there would be porking in scene 2. I’ll never understand why male homoerotica seems to turn these girls on :

  • Anubhav Kumar

    Tumblr is why we can’t have nice things…

  • AnabelMartinez

    It’s hands-down the best chemistry in the new movie. ;)

  • bmales01

    I thought it was pretty clear Finn was trying to impress and woo Rey

  • Jay Michael

    Now if this doesn’t actually happen, which it likely will not, SW will be tagged as being intolerant.

  • bmales01

    well C3P-O and R2 were the first robosexual relationship

    I’d call that pretty darn tolerant and progressive

  • Mikhail

    I dismissed it as part of Poe’s personality and it was stated that Finn admired him by his flying capabilities, but the actor did suggested it, and I don’t remember Poe treating anyone else at a personal level…

  • mel

    I have chemistry with my dog. It doesn’t mean I want to F*** it.

  • bmales01

    well that went weird quickly

  • ripclawe

    Tumblrinas need to be purged.. They imagine romance of any two things not male/female

  • TUD

    It’s for the same reason that guys watch lesbian porn. It’s twice the fun.

  • TUD

    “You have a boyfriend? A cute boyfriend?”


    You queerlovers have now made me HAPPY that Disney bought this franchise.
    The Mouse will NEVER,EVER let the Magic Mountain turn into
    Brokeback Mountain(a TOTAL WASTE of the sheer,raw beauty of
    Anne Hathaway).

    I’d much prefer to see Rey,Finn,and Poe have a menage-a-trois,but
    the Mouse won’t let THAT happen either.

    STAR WARS has already hinted at an incestuous interlude, and if you look VERY CLOSELY ,you see some hints in the Prequels that Padme was sneaking around on Anakin with Obi-Wan.
    So let’s take a cue from Lennon and McCartney ,and just Let It Be.

    Let YouTube have THAT kind of activity to itself.

  • TUD

    I’m pretty sure me toaster and my lmlshade are about to f**k.

  • AnabelMartinez

    Well, now we know what you have on your mind there buddy.

  • Riona Daidouji

    The ship name isn’t “Pinn” or “Foe”, it’s stormpilot.

    Just. You know. Putting it out there.

    I personally just want to see the three of them in a happy poly relationship. (“Jedistormpilot”, which is also gaining a lot of traction)

  • Mike Elsner

    Because it’s Star Wars, I’m always worried that any hint of romance between two characters means that they’ll eventually be revealed as siblings.

  • Blade X

    Typical, hypocritical liberal vocal social media activists are reading way too much into things and want the only two non alien minority lead characters to be gay, but they are conveniently silent about pushing for those same characters to have more screen time (Poe) and to be competent combatants (Finn) and/or for both of them to have Force powers. These same social justice warriors are all for making minority male characters “less threatening” by making them gay, but they seem to have a problem with them being straight and having powers and being just as competent as the white lead character.

  • ANSYS754


  • dudeno

    You know nothing about shipping, that’s for sure. “Making minority male characters “less threatening” by making them gay”? WTH do you even mean by that? Maybe you should stop projecting your own opinions on people who just found another canon to be creative with.

  • Leirus

    You see CBR? Purging your forums and destroying the community that had sprung around them totally worked. The site does not attract bigoted posters anymore.

  • dudeno

    Umm the place with all the fanfic is called AO3.

  • Blade X

    I wasn’t talking about the shipping, I was talking about the so called “growing online support” for the Poe/Finn relationship on social media. And whether you want to admit or not, there are a number of hypocritical self proclaimed white liberals out there who find straight Black and Latino men “threatening”, but find gay/bi Black and Latino men “less threatening”.

  • dudeno

    But that growing online support is the actual act of shipping?

    And anyway, majority of the most popular pairings consist of two white dudes (Holmes/Watson, SPN guys etc), so fandom latching onto a pairing with two non-white dudes is a great thing.

    The number of Finn/Poe fanfic is still not deserving of all this hubbub imo (<150 at the moment).

  • Nicolás Torres

    Man, i believe you if you make an article about that Rey x Kylo Ren ship— But, seriously?

  • Stilinski

    Not every male duo, only the few that have obvious romantic chemistry.

  • Lecrazy

    When I first saw the movie, I whispered to my brother: “Just watch…the big twist is that Finn and Rey are brother and sister.”

  • ls1200

    How about us niggerlovers? Nothing we made you happy with?
    Or are you just a disgusting bigot where is relatively safe?

  • Blade X

    Ah, I see. I thought that the shipping was just the idea or fanfic stories that paired 2 characters together.

  • dudeno

    Fanfic, fanart, meta, fanvids, gifs and all the squeeing in between. Only, usually, legit webpages pay no attention to any of it. But I guess making a story out of free fan content and tweets is better than nothing…

  • Jeremy F

    Poe is going to end up being a spy for the sith / Empire anyway, so, probably not gonna happen…

  • ShiBaalNommAh

    Gotta agree. Maybe not as extreme as your feelings but I feel the same.

    SJW and PC crowd are hypocrites who’re ruining a franchise just to fit their needs in everything. In fact, why should there be a romance between Finn and Rey? Keep them all as best buds! No need to force romance. But Finn and Rey will be a sure thing. I just hope they make the chemistry organic and natural, not forced.

  • Mecha_the_Hedgehog

    WTF Finn isn’t gay or bi did you people watch the fucking movie. the first girl he meets thats not a crazy bitch in silver armor he falls for and isn’t remotely subtle about it at all.

    Poe he could be gay we dont know there just isn’t enough shown in the movie about him. But there is no way he is gay with Finn it just ain’t going to happen.

  • Chillybrick

    It’s heavily hinted that Finn likes Rey in the movie. I really hope they move forward with that.

  • Nemo

    If all of this turns out to be true, I can hardly wait for a further trilogy featuring Poe and Finn’s descendants… The Village People.

  • ThatGuy

    lol shippers do make me laugh – but this wouldnt be the first time fan reaction to a couples chemistry changed things for start wars – luke and leia were not originally intended to be siblings folks

  • GSgamer

    Man why do people have to turn a brothership into something gay?

  • GSgamer

    Yeah me to plus it would piss off people who thought Finn was gay so another plus.

  • GSgamer

    I don’t know Poe doesn’t really even know Rey Finn is the one who has a close relationship with her.

  • GSgamer

    Pretty sure he was saying it out curiosity.

  • dnwilliams

    Well yeah obviously, when did that ever stop shippers? It came true with Legend of Korra too, flames fanned.

  • Riona Daidouji

    I’ve been shipping it as a “V” (Rey/Finn and Finn/Poe, but not Rey/Poe, with everyone involved fully aware of and okay with both relationships), though if Rey and Poe get more interactions in later movies, that may change.

  • Derek Metaltron

    I respect this is a thing but I really think people need to respect bromances more, there’s so precious few of them these days with people thinking the merest relationship has to be more than BFF’s to be right. Honestly, I think it’ll be nicer on the whole if none of them are romantically attached. Just be best friends!

  • Ricardo

    Let’s be fair, it’s much the same for most guys and girl-on-girl.

  • mike

    no guy has ever asked a girl if she had a boyfriend “out of curiosity”

  • mike

    I don’t get why people expect every onscreen male/male interaction to turn gay just because the two characters have chemistry. Its like if people hear hoof beats and expect to see zebras instead of horses.

  • Mikhail

    I know, right! I had this tickle the whole movie waiting for the moment to happen.

  • The_Horrors_Crimson

    Cool. About time, but I think i’d rather have Finn with Rey, as I feel that would be more progressive and finally breach the whole Interracial issue Hollywood seem to have with love and leads.

    However I’m not against Poe and Finn, they just gotta do it right.

  • The_Horrors_Crimson


    This comment made my day hahaha

  • jedibanner .

    It’s getting annoying that most things now ”have” to have gay or colored actors anywhere. In this case, I will admit…sure, it’s a new character so it’s ok to make him gay and not change the history of any original characters but, it just feel like it’s done more as a ”well, we have to include gays and lesbians now so let’s make him gay” type of circumstance.

    When I saw the movie, I took it as he was hitting on her, not him…time will tell.

  • Kilian1999

    Perhaps he was asking to see if she will hook him up with someone.

  • CogInTheWheel

    “Because I wanna steal him from you guuuurrllll. Errkay?!”

    ::continually snaps fingers while drawing an S::

  • CogInTheWheel

    By this logic all the guys in Top Gun were married to each other and played couples volley ball on the weekends.

  • bmales01

    I am glad I am too old to never have heard of the term “shipping”.

    Being young is stupid


    I’m just saying that there’s NO WAY that Disney would allow a controversial relationship to be explored in ANY of their properties.
    ANY innuendo of the nature suggested here would be
    VERBOTEN by the Mouse.
    Let me further clarify that I’m NOT against interracial
    couplings, but I do draw the line on same sex.
    Shipping should only be done by UPS and Fedex.

    Please forgive me if I’ve hurt your feelings.
    This is just the way I feel.

    Merry Christmas.

  • selphish

    “You have a cute boyfriend? Because I’m looking for a cute boyfriend, too.”

  • GeneralLux

    “Shipping” is a 20 year old term. People who started using it (with the X-Files on are probably in their 40s now if not older.

  • bmales01

    well then I am just not hip to the lingo

    I am a huge Scully/Mulder fan and still never heard that term

  • Chris Cline

    Yaoi strikes again!!

  • Mr.Mystery

    Sadly, you’re probably right… Besides, Finn seemed interested in Rey when he asked if she had a boyfriend (how easily people want to forget that scene).

  • mike

    no. no one in the history of ever has ever done this. the cute part only slipped out because he had nerve induced word vomit.

  • selphish

    Mike, are you… seriously taking me seriously?

  • selphish

    This just in: bisexual people don’t exist. Thanks for the report, Mr. Mystery!

  • selphish

    Jeremy is a homophobe, pass it on.

  • JellisHero

    Laughing aside….I totally agree.

  • Mr.Mystery

    Yes, I’m aware Bisexual people exist…. lol But, in this case, I think people are grasping at straws…Anyways, this “revelation” was revealed on Ellen… Does anyone not think Isaac was joking when he said this? It’s not like he gave a serious interview with Time magazine or the Washington Post….

  • selphish

    A lot of guys seem to be extremely threatened by women being fans of a gay romantic coupling. I don’t get why it matters to you so much that ladies like this pairing and want to see it happen, but okay.

  • twincast

    Well, yes on the last part, but not because of what you postulate in the middle part.

  • twincast

    Ignoring all the bigotry in the comments, this click-bait is news-worthy how exactly? Everything gets shipped with everything – especially two male characters that are canon besties and/or rivals. Has been so at least since Star Trek TOS.

    Why such most of all? Because canonically queer characters in mainstream media are *still* severely underrepresented and most main characters by far are still male.

    No harm in it in and of itself, although you have to ignore the very (!) few nutjobs that honestly believe this is where Star Wars is headed instead of Rey/Finn.

    What pisses me off, though, are those insecure dudebros that deny actual “gay code” even when pointed out to them and/or bemoan characters being “turned” gay when things get less subtle.

    Nowadays less of an issue in the West, where in recent years the occassional gay characters are almost always explicitly stated and/or shown to be such, but it still applies to the rare Japanese mainstream (!) book/show/game with gay characters (including leads), where producers sail the dangerous waters of imported bigotry shitstorms by diplomatically saying that it’s “up to the readers/viewers/players to decide” at best. (Not to mention countries like Russia, let alone most of Africa.)

  • enough already

    How about the romance between Han & Kylo?
    You saw the way he graced that cheek.

  • Jeremiah Brooks

    Awwwwwww fucking shit!
    There even pushing PC BULLSHIT in star wars?


  • Michael Sc

    Yeah, but you ever see someone when they leave something they are used to? They swing hard one way and wind up on the opposite when they’re settled. Finn’s a whole bag of loveable black homo!

  • feckingtumblr

    I hate Hearing that. I’m a dude and don’t care for girl on girl and I’m sure I’m not alone. Stop imagining every male duo touch dongs.

  • ray

    poe and finn would actually be interracial as well, you now? plus i think they have more chemistry. i’d be cool with either, but it’d be nice to have a female character not in a romantic relationship for once. yeah, i agree with the ‘doing it right’ thing. poe actually is a lead though, he’s kind of like the new han solo. rey is definitely shaping up to be more like luke, so.

  • Ananta

    getting confused about relationship of Finn & Rey? is this not only friendship? u people are too naughty…lets have the movie with … & remove your confusion

  • rosie1843

    I don’t see any potential romance between Finn and Poe. They weren’t on the screen together long enough. And the chemistry between them isn’t as strong as the chemistry between Finn and Rey.

  • nerdrrage

    Those guys should take it as a compliment, being the subject of slash means you’ve captured the nerdly imagination. Just ask Kirk and Spock. It also means they damn well need more Poe Dameron in the next movie. The early scenes with him were great, then the damn movie got boring with Mary Sue Jedi. Poe and Finn have nice buddy chemistry, send them off on some crazy adventures.

  • Kevin Bradley

    But most people don’t think that. In 99.999% of cases, guys who are friends are assumed to be nothing more than friends. Why can’t, every so often, it actually turn out to be true that they are more than friends? Why do straight guys find that so threatening? The reason the Tumblrverse is so quick to try and put characters together is because we so seldom get thrown any real “meat.” (Make the puns you like here.)

  • Kevin Bradley

    Yeah, as a gay man, I noticed there was a spark between Poe and Finn that never seemed to quite happen with Finn and Rey. Let’s see what happens!

  • mike

    I wouldn’t say it’s threatening, it’s more the constant insulting implication that men who have a close friendship must be gay, because men are incapable of caring for something without trying to bone it.

    For me, it’s just as irritating how every male/female platonic relationship on tv is expected to turn eventually turn romantic.

  • TUD

    Did I say that ALL males watch lesbian porn? No, I didn’t.

  • TUD

    Exactly. Few people genuinely ship (for example) Iron Man and Captain America, as those characters are always at each others throats. However, Poe and Finn have some genuine chemistry.