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USPS’s ‘Star Trek’ Stamps Help You Boldly Pay Your Bills in 2016


With “Star Trek Beyond” arriving in 2016, and the Trek franchise celebrating five decades of sci-fi storytelling, Gene Roddenberry’s beloved franchise will be honored with a series of commemorative stamps by the United State Postal Service.

The series of four stamps feature iconic imagery from the long-running sci-fi staple, including Spock’s “live long and prosper” hand gesture, the U.S.S. Enterprise and a crewman transporting planetoid on a fittingly red background.

The official description for the Forever Stamps is as follows:

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the television premiere, the new Star Trek Forever stamps showcase four digital illustrations inspired by classic elements of the television program:

• the Starship Enterprise inside the outline of a Starfleet insignia against a gold background;
• the silhouette of a crewman in a transporter against a red background;
• the silhouette of the Enterprise from above against a green background; and,
• the Enterprise inside the outline of the Vulcan statue (Spock’s iconic hand gesture) against a blue background

The words “SPACE… THE FINAL FRONTIER,” from Captain Kirk’s famous voice-over appear beneath the stamps against a background of stars. The stamps were designed by Heads of State under the art direction of Antonio Alcalá.







    How many people still pay their bills via mail?

  • Dean_Winchester

    Exactly. I was even about to say “What is the purpose of a stamp in 2016?” Its been many years since I physically mailed anything. I don’t even have a checkbook.

  • excelsciors .

    I will buy the ones with the Star Ship Enterprise! Spock’s Live Long and Prosper is another one I may buy. I still pay my bills by mail, because I don’t trust online banking on yet because of the identity theft potential.

  • Misscar

    My Roommate. I actually had to get a checkbook to pay rent because she likes hardcopy. Also my mother again I tried to get her to go digital and it did not go very well. Although the stamp seem like the type of thing that people would buy and never actually use. I know I probably will get a couple of sets for collectibility.

  • Pegalicious

    @excelsciors, I suspect you’ll only be able to buy books of 20, with 5 of each design.

  • Pegalicious

    @excelsciors, I suspect you’ll only be able to buy books of 20, with 5 of each design.