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FXX Cancels Animated ‘Cassius and Clay’ Before Series Debut


News broke today that the previously announced animated series “Cassius and Clay” has been cancelled. The Archer-created series was meant to debut on FXX this spring.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, FXX (the sister network of FX,) shot a pilot in 2015, and then announced they would be airing a full 10-episode series in 2016. THR announced today that FXX would no longer be moving forward with the show, despite the previous episode order.

“Cassius and Clay” would have complimented FX’s current line up of animated shows, which includes “Archer” and “Animation Domination.” The show would have featured the voice talents of Lake Bell (“In a World,”) Susan Sarandon (“Dead Man Walking,”) and Kaitlin Olson (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”)

This cancellation announcement comes on the heels of FX’s picking up two other animated shows, one from comedian Louis C.K. and a second animated series from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. THR speculates that FX decided to move forward with these new shows, instead of  “Cassius and Clay,” which is sad, because the world could always use more female-led post-apocalyptic television shows.


  • Scott Gregson

    On the one hand, FXX is a business and they should be free to make whatever shows they feel make the most business sense. Sure. On the OTHER hand, though, this is absolutely fucking disgraceful. Any internet millionaires out there want to do something GOOD for the world? Privately fund this show. Put it online. Stream it for $$ or for free, whatever, and give someone other than old white men a voice. Seriously.

  • James Birion

    Wait…I was looking forward to the show, but HOW do you know it was any good? There were never any leaks of the pilot. Unless you work in the industry and had access to actually seeing the pilot and how the follow-up episodes were panning out (which would suggest to me you worked on the show, and therefore lacked objectivity), it’s a pretty wrong-minded statement to say FXX is disgraceful for not picking up a show that we have no idea was good or not. It was a good idea, for sure, but who knows how the execution of that good idea went. Odds are you don’t.

  • KunTa KonG

    It’ll get picked up on either Netflix, Hulu, or Prime. Also FXX is owned by Fox so it could just go to one of it’s other affiliates. Fox always is cancelling shows so it could be placed as a mid season filler once one may get cancelled. I doubt they will shuffle it under the carpet cuz they not only put money in a pilot but the other episodes which we dont know how many they completed.

    Obviously this is a business decision and not one “made by evil white men who dont want women on tv” lol knowing C.K. and Rogan possibly one of their shows is female led, if that whole diversity quota in art is important for some reason. Also since Kaitlin Olsen is a part of the show they may put it in a spot behind its always sunny.

  • Scott Gregson

    Instant replies by guys saying how diversity is unimportant or how we don’t even know if the show was any good. Even calling me biased. Fucking typical. This is why the show was important, in it’s own small way. Because we don’t even know if CK/Rogan’s shows are any good either. They made a pilot and now won’t make the show. It won’t get put on some other slot. It won’t get picked up elsewhere. It is – for the forseeable future – a chance to have a different voice on TV lost, replaced by more shows not JUST by old fat white dudes, but MORE shows by THE SAME fat old white dudes.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Now I want to see an episode!

  • James Birion

    Wow…well, at least you know how to respond like a rational person. Cool post, bro.

  • Cowtools

    That screen cap looks awesome in and of itself.
    It is lame that this got passed over for two male-lead shows. Even if their was no ‘evil intent’ behind the decision, the end result is the same.

  • jrau18

    You realize this show was ALSO by another fat old white dude, right?

  • jrau18

    You realize this show was ALSO by another fat old white dude, right?

  • NoFace

    I’d rather watch anything by Louis CK than that crap. Thanks FX!

  • All American Male

    I don’t think you know what you’re talking about, Scott. Not every aborted pilot is “important” or significant. It’s business. And what do you have against fat people? Or “white dudes” for that matter? You’re coming off as an uninformed, angry, bigot who likes to complain when you don’t get your way. Settle down, cupcake. It’s not the end of the world.

  • demoncat_4

    wonder if the creators are now free to try to shop the pilot some where else . for this is not the first time a network has done this with an animated series. cbs did it with the animated garbage pail kids one even before the pilot ever aired.

  • John Plugger Mellencamp

    Scott, this a comedy by the creator of “Archer” and “Frisky Dingo.” Somehow, I doubt the “female voice” would have been empowering. Sterling Archer isn’t exactly a male role model, you know.

  • John Plugger Mellencamp

    Now, now, James. Let’s not go talking crazy. This is the internet. We are supposed to pre-judge everything and become outraged when something doesn’t occur exactly the way we want it to.

  • popehentai

    Well, either they aired it and Dealt with idiots crying about how it offended them or didnt depict women in the “proper” way because whatever nonsense reason they choose, or they drop it and people whine about “not enuff wimminz” either way they lose.

  • Thomas Disbrow

    So, I didn’t see any information about the C.K. and Rogan shows having male leads in this article or the article it links to about Louis C.K.’s show. Can you share the articles you read about these two shows that indicate what they’re about and who the leads are? I’m curious about them and would like to know more. Thanks!

  • fuck noface

    Then you’re a retard with no taste.
    Fuck you, loser.

  • vk at nyte

    Fox’s tv division actually do have their act together most of the time unlike their film division..FXX is a new network so maybe they have their own budget as well, and didnt account for it til the last minute-either way i’m sure a head rolled on this one