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‘Star Wars’ Video Shows Parallels Between Original Trilogy and Prequels


Thought the original “Star Wars” nods in “The Force Awakens” were a little heavy-handed? Well, you may not remember the prequels correctly, as a fan has brilliantly outlined the very similar — or in some cases, identical — shots that crossover between George Lucas’ original and prequel trilogies in a video.

It’s pretty crazy how many visual nods there were in Lucas’ prequel movies — even right down to specific lightsaber battle choreography. Watch the video, and experience the synchronicity for yourself, below:

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is in theatres now.


  • Æmilius

    There might have been parallels, but the prequels weren’t the carbon copy of the originals “The Force Awakens” is.

  • Scrapper Keeper

    Ugh. You’re one of those people. Do you even know what a carbon copy is?

  • Francis Tommaso

    I honestly thought a video wasn’t necessary. The prequels were real obvious about aping entire scenes from the original trilogy in the hopes of eliciting excitement from the audience.

  • Æmilius

    I know what carbon paper is, I’ve used it. I know what the metaphor means too. And I’m entitled to my fucking opinion. I see you’re one of those who are instantly triggered by the mere existence and expression of others. Have a nice life, away from me, please.

  • Scrapper Keeper

    And that’s my fucking opinion to your fucking opinion. Welcome to the internet, guy.

  • Tabularasa

    These are familiar shots. There’s few moments in the prequel where it’s beat for beat the same movie as the originals. I mean, I liked Force Awakens, but I can’t deny almost all the story beats are ones we’ve seen in the original trilogy.

  • BCYa

    Stay classy.

  • Philly Humor

    I just like a thread about Star Wars where the words “my fucking opinion” appear several times and that’s my fucking opinion about the situation.

  • Hex08

    Well you are entitled to your fucking opinion but my fucking opinion is the right fucking opinion and superior to your fucking opinion!

  • Philly Humor

    Says you! but opinions are like assholes everyone has one!

  • modok baby

    A) The whole “The Force Awakens is a rehash of A New Hope” thing is so tired, because of how reductive and conversation-stifling it is. No one has ever said “I love A New Hope because in the first act someone hides important information in a droid!” etc. How long is that going to be the extent of the TFA conversation? The story is obviously hung on a familiar skeleton, but that works to add a sense of inevitability and forward momentum to everything that’s colored into that framework- let’s talk about that stuff.
    B) the video is awesome. I love the thought that in some cases Lucas is carefully homaging what I assume to be Richard Marquand shots.

  • drwiley00

    Plot beats are different from story or character beats. For instance, the plot beat is the super weapon is destroyed by a hotshot pilot after a corridor run. Both films share this plot point. But in the original, the hotshot pilot is Luke which tops off his character arc, the payoff in the Hero’s journey. In The Force Awakens, it’s not even done by either of the main protagonists and does not payoff the story. Instead, the payoff for the main character is a light saber fight obj the forest which does not occur in A New Hope at all. The plot beats might be similar but the story beats are different.

    If we’re talking about actual shared story and character beats, then Phantom Menace is a closer copy to ANH. In that one, the hotshot pilot that destroys the space vessel is the blonde kid from the desert planet.

  • Archie

    Some clean, some hairy, some are rimmed with shit.

  • Tabularasa

    True, but Anakin isn’t the main character of Phantom Menace as he’s not a character whose decisions are driving the plot. The problem is Force Awakens repeats so many plot beats from the original trilogy that just because character beats may be different, doesn’t take away the movie felt like a retread. Some people have been waiting for a sequel to Return of the Jedi since 1983 and they got was a movie already done before. No matter what way you spin it, that’s weak.

  • drwiley00

    Again, if all you’re doing is using a plot beat, then I would agree with you. But a movie is made of up more than a plot. The story and characters make up the bulk of the story and these were not a retread.

    You want actual retreads? Avatar as Pocahontas. The Amazing Spider-Man that follows plot beats, character beats and story beats of Raimi’s Spider-Man.

  • More Like Crapper Seeker

    Your offense at his statement (disagreeing with his disagreement) means you think the movie IS a “carbon copy” which literally and metaphorically is wrong so fuck off.
    I just think how dare you think that what i think is not something to think about what someone else thinks. Get over yourself.

  • shaunn

    Boy, people are really oversensitive. And vulgarity seems to be the knee-jerk response as well. Look, there really is no denying that the new movie is basically a pastiche of elements from the original three films, borrowing most heavily from the first Star Wars movie. Anyone can see this – it’s kind of blindingly obvious and it was done that way deliberately. This is what George Lucas was referring to when he talked about it being a “retro” film. Retro, however, does not necessarily mean “bad”. Whether or not someone likes this kind of approach is entirely a matter of personal opinion and someone else taking offense at someone else’s dislike is a manifestation of profound insecurity. Personally, I saw the new film twice and thoroughly enjoyed it both times (despite the enormous plot holes and the incomprehensible science mistakes.) But that doesn’t change the fact that its plot is largely cobbled together from elements taken from the first three films.

  • John

    So with this video what you’re saying is that The prequels copied scenes and moments from the original, but the prequels utterly failed to capture any of the emotion or joy that the original trilogy had and still gives all these decades later.

    Great video, great clips and put together well, really like that piece of music, but all this did was remind everyone what poor movies the prequels are.

  • Philly Humor

    Mine is the last 2!

  • thepowell

    Oh my god! There are scenes of people walking down a hallway together! People have lightsabers! R2 plugs into something!

    Seriously, though. Lucas went ahead with a unique vision (which was terrible), but I’m not sure that Abrams aping every plot point was that much better.

  • fuck scrapper keeper

    Butthurt retard.

  • Scrapper Keeper

    Aaaaaw. I know you are, buddy. You should really stop calling yourself that. Self-loathing kills, man. Let it go.

  • Scrapper Keeper

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  • WhatMeWorry

    Face it. The movie sucked ass.

  • superior

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    Fall on a knife.

  • Scrapper Keeper

    Wow. That’s a smart one. How long did you come up with that?