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‘The Force Awakens’ Unseats ‘Avatar’ as Top-Grossing U.S. Film of All Time


“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” today will surpass the $760.5 million domestic haul of “Avatar” to become the top-grossing film of all time in North America. However, any hopes it might seize the James Cameron blockbuster’s global crown have begun to falter.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The Force Awakens” added another $8 million to its domestic tally on Tuesday, bringing its total to $758.2 million in just 20 days. “Avatar,” on the other hand, brought in $750 million during its original seven-month run, and added another $10 million or so to the coffers during its theatrical re-release.

As of Monday, “The Force Awakens” had grossed $1.54 billion, a figure made even more impressive when you consider the Disney sequel doesn’t open in China until Saturday. But even with box-office boost from that market — estimates range from $175 million to $300 million — it’s beginning to seem unlikely the film will surpass “Avatar’s” $2.78 billion.

Observers suggest “The Force Awakens” may end its run with a worldwide gross of $2.2 billion to $2.4 billion, enough to displace “Titanic” at No. 2, but still short of the all-time record.


  • jedibanner .

    still interesting to see how fast it made it’s money back and a nice blanket of extra profit.

  • Park Slope Punxy

    Wait, so if it only made 750 million in 20 days, and it took Avatar a full seven month release to make that domestically, and this all before the Chinese market opens, i’m not sure why they’re confident in the film not getting #1 alltime?

  • Stingray

    It’s tracking significantly behind Avatar internationally. It basically needs to make another 1.2 billion dollars to match Avatar internationally. It’s theoretically possible but incredibly unlikely to do that. China will probably add another 200-400m tops, leaving at minimum another $800m for the rest of the world to do.

  • HumorPrint

    Oh no it’s now considered a flop!

  • Numinous

    Avatar also had no real competition for long stretches

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    I made a bet that it would become America’s #1 film but not the world’s. #CalledIt

  • Francis Tommaso

    IIRC, it was also re-released in theatres a couple of times, too.

  • HouseOfDNY

    Let’s see how many people have been holding off from watching due to holiday season/weekends/travel/avoiding crowds. This coming weekend should tell the tale.

  • PretenderNx01

    Wasn’t Avatar exclusively in 3D? So TFA made all that on both 3D upcharges and mere 2D screenings. I think it’s clearly the more popular movie.

  • PretenderNx01

    I actually saw some idiot on Facebook call it “Flop Wars” just because he didn’t like it. I’m like, that’s not how flopping works…

  • PretenderNx01

    We’ll see. SW has good repeat viewing numbers.

  • Kicker2

    More and more people have egos enough to think their opinions are hard science.

  • Power—Droid

    That’s the power of social media…..Ugh.

  • addition is fun

    It’s not about ‘also topping internationally.’
    It’s about the combined gross.
    Given another 1-2 months it could make another $400M domestically, which would make the difference.

  • LionMan

    I prefer the original title of Avatar, which was “Dances with Wolves . . . In Space!”

  • MontyCircus

    So far it’s only 21st biggest domestic boxoffice all-time adjusted for inflation.

  • butters911

    I wasn’t a huge Force Awakens fan, but compared to Avatar, it’s like the second coming of Citizen Kane, so I welcome it hopefully taking Avatars spot.

  • Mark Maddocks

    it was pocahontas in space lol

  • TotalRecall

    Eh….a 63% drop from the first week speaks for itself. Not to mention it has already surpassed another movie that highly profited from repeat viewings…Titanic. Unfortunately its best days are behind it.

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