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Lucasfilm Reveals The Identity Of Fan-Favorite ‘Force Awakens’ Stormtrooper


If your love of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” extends past seeing the movie repeatedly in theaters into internet fandom, then odds are you know that there’s one stormtrooper that’s captured the attention of meme-makers across the globe. Yep, the riot control trooper that engages in combat with Finn in the ruins of Maz Kanata’s castle has become an internet superstar, earning his own entry in the meme encyclopedia Know Your Meme.

But there’s more to TR-8R (the name given to the character based on his sole line, “Traitor!”) than is glimpsed in that brief scene — and Lucasfilm is getting the word out about him. has confirmed what was previously only a fan theory: TR-8R is indeed FN-2199, a stormtrooper and former squad-mate of Finn’s.

FN-2199 plays a role in “Before the Awakening,” a “Force Awakens” tie-in novel (one of the 6 “Star Wars” books you should read immediately) written by Greg Rucka with art by Phil Noto. The novel also gave the character a nickname, “Nines.” Lucasfilm also confirmed that the red-headed trooper seated in the image below is FN-2199.


Keep an eye out to see how the fast-moving TR-8R meme incorporates this newly confirmed information. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is, of course, breaking records in theaters right now.


  • Old Prospector

    No shits given.

  • Picklepuss Dill

    Then why did you read it and go to the effort of commenting?

  • Blake

    In the wake of TFA, let’s meditate on how a stormtrooper with a single line is a more resonant character than Captain Phasma. And by ‘let’s meditate’, I mean to say ‘one has agency in the plot and the other is a perfunctory merchandising advert’.

  • Larry Tate

    Why not!

  • Larry Tate

    That was a very round about way of making your point.

  • Zed Numar

    I have the ULTIMATE SPOILER, how the whole saga will end: At the end of Episode IX the droids will get separated from their friends and have to climb into yet another lifepod like the one that took them to Tattooine so many years before. But instead of landing on a nearby planet, they will be sucked into a transgalactic wormhole that will send them to the Milky Way galaxy where they crash land on Earth during the reign of the Egyptian pharaohs. Centuries later, at the end of his career in archaeology, Indiana Jones will discover the droids and reactivate them. They will tell him the entire tale of the Skywalker family, the rise and fall of the Empire, and the resurrection of the Republic. Unfortunately for Jones and the droids, government agents will arrive and secret them away, erasing all evidence of their existence. EXCEPT for Dr. Jones’ notes about the incredible epic story they told him. These notes will get lost and found, passed from person to person, until they end up in the hands of a young film maker in the 1970s, one George Lucas, who will be inspired to turn the story into the movie Star Wars…


    Except the ‘shit’ that urged you to post.

  • HumorPrint

    Cool story, feels like I was there.

  • Jacob Svetlik

    nines? gayest name ever. how about tr-8r.

  • Jacob Svetlik

    Phasma reeked of that unhealthy beauty at every size campaign. Phasma is the worst character ever.

  • jrau18

    I’m a bit sad to find out Nines is dead, tbh. About as sad as I was to learn Slip died, too.

  • The Captain

    not much different than “fives” from Clone Wars, which I’m assuming you haven’t watched.

  • The Captain

    She’s going to expand her role significantly in episode VIII, as per the people working on it.

  • Ushio

    They threw her in a crash compactor then blew up the planet just let her stay dead.

  • Colin Stoneheart

    “gayest name ever”? You, Jacob Svetlik are an asshole. It’s 2016, get a fucking clue.

  • Blake

    All I want is the good captain to wreck havoc, I have hope that she will. Gotta see that shiny suit with some battle damage.

  • Blake

    It’s funny but that seems to be the only way I can do just that, make my point that is.

  • Blake

    That’s a sticky situation you got playing out there with all that male gaze on a Thursday night. I’m sure you’re as strapping as a 80’s Fabio.

  • Doctor Mata Lozano

    And he is a redhead.

    Kinda tragic

  • Doctor Mata Lozano

    Nines is way better than Phasma, Kylo and Snoke

  • maddieC

    It’s gonna take more than a trash compactor to stop Phasma of Tarth.

  • The Wicker Man (BWF)

    Because we thought this would be interesting, not just some lame after the fact toy naming.

  • The Wicker Man (BWF)

    It’s all a grotesque way of selling shit to a marketed and artificial “nerd culture” that the studios have created. It’s like breeding cattle to feed off of that are ever so grateful.

  • CogInTheWheel

    Yup. There’s no other way to know about the content you’re reading until you’ve read it.

    Also, dissenting comments are still comments.

  • CogInTheWheel

    Funny how I see memes on the daily and have not once seen this stormtrooper used at all, despite it having an entry on KnowYourMeme.

  • Master Bumscratch

    You’re 100% right. I doth love me some angry TR-8R, but that scene would have been PERFECT for Phasma. It would have built on the rivalry with Finn, as shown right at the start and made the finale make a wee bit more sense.

  • The Dread Pirate Steve #812

    Agreed. Obviously Gaylord Gaiman-Begay is the gayest name ever…

  • The Captain

    She’s the captain of the first order storm troopers. She’s prbably crafty enough to escape a trash compactor.

  • Old Prospector

    So that maybe, just maybe, the site and sites like it will stop running this garbage.