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J.J. Abrams says no ‘The Force Awakens’ director’s cut forthcoming


Don’t expect to see an extended Special Edition of J.J. Abrams’ “Star Wars” installment any time soon.

The director said Friday that while “The Force Awakens” Blu-ray and DVD home releases will come with extra, unused bonus footage, it will not be in the form of a longer, so-called “director’s cut,” telling the Television Critics Association, “There will be deleted scenes, but not an extended version,” according to IGN.

The unprecedented magnitude and profile of the “Star Wars” relaunch led to heavy online speculation regarding the film’s production process, especially into when certain script and story decisions were made and what exactly was left on the cutting room floor. Scenes seen in some early trailers that ended up left out of the billion-dollar blockbuster’s final cut left some to wonder whether a longer version of the movie might eventually be made available, but it appears fans will have to wait for the next “Star Wars” chapter for more on-screen, in-canon action. Abrams noted that, by his recollection, the film’s original cut was its longest, clocking in at “close to 2 hours and 50 minutes, or something.”

After breaking all the box office records of galaxies near and far, it seems his ultimate, 2 hour 16 minute run-time was deemed long enough.

“The Force Awakens” took another record Saturday, with a $33 million opening in China, according to Variety. Check out the international trailer below.


  • @nal surprise

    Damn. So we’re stuck with that bad, pointless and never ending CGI ball monster scene?

  • superfan!

    Oh I’m sure somewhere within the 753 different releases of this movie that are on the way we’ll see one. Get ready to blow all that money star wars turds!!!

  • modok baby

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone take the bonus scenes and use them for a fan edit, but I’ve always had the sense that the version released IS the director’s cut. The whole movie is such a fast paced cascade of action and reaction it seems like it could only be made by someone making a serious effort to craft the briskest, most relentlessly delightful movie he could. It’s crazy to watch it with some idea of scenes that were cut and see how they actually covered all the would-be plot holes with a line or two of natural sounding dialogue, presumably in reshoots.
    I still feel like the biggest weakness in the film is the lack of anything to make the Repiblic tangibly register to us prior to the scene where they’re blown up, but at the same time everything leading up to that is paced so well that I’d have a hard time saying there should be a Leia/Republic scene somewhere in the opening.

  • red vector

    Leia could be forced to make a deal with some unsavory characters to keep the Resistance supplied with the resources she needs. Maz Kanata’s contacts could help with this, after all her castle was attacked by the first order and her good friend Han was killed at the hands of Kylo Ren. Plus the attack on the Republic puts the rest of the galaxy on notice that the First Order is not to be trusted especially if they had a non aggression treaty with the Republic and then violated it.

  • modok baby

    Those are some interesting places it could go, especially having the Resistance aligned with more explicitly seedy criminal types than we saw of the Rebels in the originals; I’m definitely not arguing against the Republic’s destruction or the story opportunities it brings, I’m just saying that the dramatic planet destruction as presented would carry a lot more weight if the Republic had been introduced to us earlier in the movie, either visually, or discussed as a concept anywhere other than Hux’s dialogue and the opening crawl (preferably by a good guy like Leia; her “no, Alderaan is a peaceful planet..!” pleading went a long way in the first one.)

    I do know there was at some point a scene of Leia sending an envoy to plead her case to the Republic, featuring at least one of the characters we see on the exploding planet, which would have served exactly this purpose, but I can’t decide where if anywhere I actually think it would fit well in the movie as they have it, since every scene transition seems to come at the perfect time now.

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  • Smarf

    Better than being stuck with the only the prequels.

  • @nal surprise

    And better than getting AIDS, but I’m not sure what either has to do with that bad CGI monster we all endured in TFA. That thing is the new Jar Jar, thank God it doesn’t have a name.