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New ‘Star Wars’ Figures Answer The Question ‘Where’s Rey?’


As promised by Hasbro last week following fan outcry regarding Rey‘s exclusion from a “Star Wars” Monopoly game released in September, a new wave of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” toys has been revealed — and it includes plenty of Rey. Entertainment Weekly debuted pictures of figures both new and old, some of which give a positive answer to those asking “#WheresRey” on Twitter.


Among the newly revealed figures is a 3.75″ action figure of Rey in her “Resistance outfit,” which is the look she wears in the closing scenes of the film. She’ll also receive a 12-inch Hasbro figure, done in the scale of the six-pack that she was noticeably left out of, and an even larger 20-inch BIG-FIGS from JAKKS Pacific. She’ll also appear in a kid-friendly Galactic Heroes 2-pack alongside Captain Phasma.

Additionally, Rey’s weapons will get toys of their own. This includes a NERF Rey Blaster as well as a new version of the classic Skywalker lightsaber (previously owned by Anakin and Luke), now named “Rey Electronic Lightsaber.”

“It’s about acknowledging the role the lightsaber plays in the film and the role she plays as the heroine, as well as the role she’ll play in the future,” said Paul Southern, head of Lucasfilm licensing.


Finn also receives two new figures — one 3.75″ and one 6″ — depicting him in his stormtrooper uniform with blood-stained helmet.

The Entertainment Weekly slideshow also contains toys that are in stores now, some of which (like the Die Cast Elite figures) have been available since before the movie hit theaters. The toys already in stores include the Disney Store Deluxe Figure Play Set (which includes Rey, Phasma and General Leia), the LEGO Buildable Figures, the LEGO sets and the Disney Store exclusive Elite Series Die Cast action figures.

The article points out that existing Rey figures have sold out faster than expected, which may provide an additional answer to “#WheresRey” — she’s at home rather than sitting on store shelves. “Rey is clearly the standout character in the film,” said Southern. “We always knew that was going to be the case, but the excitement around her is a lot more than we were expecting it to be.”


Considering the amount of time it takes to plan, design, prototype and mass produce toys, these figures likely aren’t a reaction to the #WheresRey movement, but were part of an attempt to avoid spoilers prior to the film’s release, as indicated by the manufacturer’s response to the Monopoly controversy. Southern speaks to this, saying that this new wave includes a number of elements, like her lightsaber and second costume, that Lucasfilm “wanted to hold back until the film had been released.” He added that the timing of the planned second wave “is good to try to address some of the social discussion that has been created through the ‘Where’s Rey?’ movement.”







  • butters911

    Rey was the best part of the Force Awakens in my opinion

  • NHP

    She’s included in the complete collection of first wave figures (which means she WAS in the first wave despite the Mary Sue’s nonsense) and a search of “rey action figure” on Amazons yielded numerous results, and further searching revealed LEGO sets, costumes for kids, stuffed animals, Pop figures, action figures, etc.

    Were people just walking into stores and assuming if they weren’t there, they didn’t exist?

  • FandomPost

    Past history is certainly some of it as every film that has a female lead character rarely gets anything. And I get the hesitance on the part of the toymakers because historically they have not sold because for the longest time fandom was made up of folks that just wouldn’t buy those. Which was weird, because we’re damn completists.

    Hopefully people ARE getting out there and buying these things. I only bought one piece of TFA mercha and was the Funko Rey.

  • George Balooney

    FINALLY! our long national nightmare is over.

    Seriously though, there was already tons of Rey merchandise and this is an almost entirely made up controversy.

  • Eisenhorn1976

    I just noticed… her blaster has the same general shape as her desert swoop… which sort of looked like a sideways popsicle.

  • acetabulum

    That’s such a strong opinion. You are brave to share it.

  • Larry Tate

    And what’s your excuse for being a dimwit?

  • Tom

    “Past history is certainly some of it as every film that has a female lead character rarely gets anything. And I get the hesitance on the part of the toymakers because historically they have not sold because for the longest time fandom was made up of folks that just wouldn’t buy those. ”

    Do you have any basis for any of this? I’m not attacking you, I know this is considered common knowledge. I know from my childhood that She-Ra toys sold extremely well. They were even credited with boosting Barbie sales simply because they were from the same manufacturer (adjusted for inflation the She-Ra line sold $170 million dollars of merchandise in its first year).

    Admittedly she didn’t sell as well as her male counterpart He-Man but it is still pretty good. All TMNT merchandise sold this year totaled $250 million to give a frame of reference.

  • FandomPost

    Nothing that I’ve personally retained; there’ve been various statements I’ve seen over the years, often in talking about the comic book figure side, but it has to be remembered that they’re talking about the big retailers like Target and Walmart and the way they didn’t want them. So if you couldn’t produce them in bulk like every other figure, because of limited distribution (because they weren’t selling at said retailers), they weren’t going to get produced. Target’s at least been going through its changes in those aisles, with stupid pushback from some parents/people, but the change is slowly coming.

    All I want is to see people stepping up and buying as opposed to keyboard complaining about it.

  • acetabulum

    Your comment doesn’t even make sense. Thanks for the laugh, retard!

  • Guy Incognito

    Now that the Rey controversy is over, and thank goodness for that, let’s all get on with the next internet outrage.

    Of all the characters to get action figures from the film, do you know which one is always available in my area when all the others sell out? Finn.


  • Frank Visage

    I’ve got Rey and Chewie bobble heads on my dash. But yeah, the female characters do get short changed. Few things available for Hera from Rebels too.

  • Mr November

    so stupid. ray figures everywhere since force friday… sjw just do the marketing for some companys now

  • Jamie

    Looks like you’re happy to dish it out but can’t take it yourself. Pussy…

  • acetabulum

    This place is like the reddit for emo retards. Try thinking before you post something.

  • Sara


  • Leon Morgan

    I want to believe it was to prevent spoilers, but I don’t. Out of the new characters, Rey was definitely my favorite new character, followed very closely by BB-8.

  • Leon Morgan

    So, when can I buy the new Rey action figures?

  • jacobtrue

    As soon as someone buys up all of the old ones that are keeping the pegs warm at stores right now.

  • jacobtrue

    It’s the truth, though, they didn’t come up with these toys and release schedules overnight, they knew there would be more demand for Rey after people saw the movie and planned lots of releases to capitalize on that popularity.

  • CommanderRen

    There’s been a lot of Rey figures released since September 4th (Force Friday). She sells out as soon as the retail stock crew puts the case out. I swear, people are getting more and more retarded every day. Do some research before making a ridiculous trend. “#WheresRey” give me a fucking break.

  • Jamie

    I did think. I thought to myself, “Acetabulum likes to dish it out but can’t take it himself because he’s such a little pussy.” And then you replied to my comment with another inane comment like the little crybaby pussy you are! Grab a box of tissues next time mum takes you shopping for big pants sweetheart.

  • muckeypuck

    ohhh snap

  • Grimace

    Best. Hashtag. Ever.

  • Leon Morgan

    Kinda like I said in my previous comment, I want to believe that, but I don’t. If it was true, they could have simply included Rey with her staff in monopoly, then provide a free figurine with a lightsaber after the movie was shown.

  • Leon Morgan

    Went to Walmart earlier and asked a person who was putting some toys out if she knew when they would be getting some more Star Wars stuff. She said all the stuff is changing around and new stuff is expected in approximately 2 weeks.

  • Leon Morgan

    Then why is it that they already made 12″ figures of pretty much all the new characters, but not Rey?

  • CommanderRen

    How would they do that with a Monopoly set? Rey welding a lightsaber was the biggest reveal of the movie, they wanted to keep that a secret. Why is that so hard to grasp. Think for once people.

  • Leon Morgan

    Sounds like you’re the one who needs to think for once.
    For one thing, Rey pretty much seems to be the only new human character they didn’t make a 12″ figure of, not even with just a staff. If they had the new action figures made and ready for shipping by the time people started complaining about the lack of Rey stuff, I might believe it was for spoilers.

  • Kal-El-1983

    So what is your assumed reasoning then. I assume you know very well they could not have designed and produced these figures, received them from China, set out marketing and then shipped them to stores nation wide all since the “where’s Rey” crap started. Hell, if you followed spoiler sites we know the 3 inch Rey with the Lightsaber was already in stores Before the film released, since there was a store that got in trouble for putting it on the shelf earlier. The Monopoly set has 4 characters. Luke, Finn, Kylo Ren and Lord Vader. Other than Finn three Force Users. Since they were trying to bait us with the “Finn is a Jedi” thing it made sense to keep Rey out of it. No ulterior motives here other than trying to surprise people.

  • Kal-El-1983

    They had made 12 inch figures…they just didn’t release them until now.

  • disqus_RHkdNcEMT1

    Maybe this reply isn’t all that neutral because it’s coming from the perspective of a doll collector, but I think the problem is that there are big action figures (11″ and more) of pretty much every character in the movie but none of Rey. Little girls want a *doll* to play with, not a tiny action figure. They want to comb her hair, change her clothes etc. I don’t say they should put the doll in a pink box and put it in the barbies section of the toy store, but just make something more appealing to little girls. Pretty much all the merch of Rey that I’ve seen it focused more on boys rather than girls (*blablah whole psychological rant about what toys appeal to girls/boys*)
    I have the Black Series Rey action figure because and I absolutely love the posability (a very important factor for my as a doll collector!) and the paint job looks quite good too, but it wouldn’t be something I would want as a kid. I had to go to 7 toy stores before I found one and haven’t seen any other Rey merch in those stores.

  • Leon Morgan

    They had only made 12″ figures of the other new characters. They only started making the 12″ Rey action figures after people understandably got pissed off over them not making them before. I’ve checked a sh!tload of sites, I have yet to find a 12″ figure of her.

  • Leon Morgan

    You are so goddamn stupid it’s unbelievable. Or maybe you work for hasbro and are spreading their crap.

  • Kal-El-1983

    What a response. No, I don’t work for Hasbro..I just have a little common sense. It takes months if not a year to get figures from planning to production to stores… this is know to anyone who pays attention to the toy industry. There is no way in the Month the film has been out they could have done all that. Again the figure with the Lightsaber was released early in many was all over the web because it was a Spoiler…

  • disqus_RHkdNcEMT1

    I think the problem is also the lack of Rey toys directed towards girls, a girl doesn’t want a 3.75″ action figure, it doesn’t need to have 16 points of articulation, a girl just wants something with actual hair and clothes that can be taken off and changed (and of a decent size). I know, that’s the description of a doll, but call it doll or action figure, whatever you want, it’s what little girls want. I don’t say it has to be put in a pink box between the Barbies, there were Leia dolls too in the past (although very few and rightnow they’re quite rare) so I hope they’ll do the same for Rey. It’s just a psychological and natural thing that girls and boys want to play with different types of toys and all Rey toys I’ve seen so far are definately still aimed towards boys. (well, I would still buy it though as a woman, but I’m not 7)