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Cast and Crew of ‘The X-Files’ Celebrate Season 10 Premiere


The newest season of  “The X-Files” kicks off in just 11 days, and the cast and crew are celebrating in a big way. Last night Fox hosted a red carpet premiere for the series, where they screened the first episode in an IMAX theater.

Stars Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Mitch Pileggi, William B. Davis, Robbie Amell, Lauren Ambrose and Joel McHale arrived on the red carpet — stopping to take photos, take selfies, and answer questions about the new series.

Check out the cast photos below:

#TheXFiles premiere on an IMAX screen. Full geek out.

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In one red carpet interview, series creator Chris Carter shared that the only cast member he wanted to bring back that he couldn’t, was Robert Patrick. Patrick played Agent Doggett in seasons 8 and 9. Patrick couldn’t join the cast for the new season because of his previous commitments on the CBS show “Scorpion.”

Also according to Blastr, “Arrow’s” Robbie Amell shared that like David Duchovny, his character is a believer. “I am a believer. It’s his main similarity with Mulder. I think I’m not quite as weird as Mulder. There’s also fun relationship between Agent Einstein (Lauren Ambrose) and I, and between Mulder and Scully. We have the same dynamic going on there.”

You can watch the first minute of “The X-Files” premiere here. “The X-Files” returns January 24 at 8/7C on Fox.


  • Ikea Monkey

    Finally, I find out why Robbie Amell isn’t Firestorm on Legends of Tomorrow. His death was very sudden on The Flash. I would choose The X-Files also.

  • Rory Harvey

    Why do I have a feeling that they are releasing this series then plan on brining in Robbie and Lauren as the new agents.