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Neil Patrick Harris Joins Netflix’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ in Lead Role


“How I Met Your Mother” star Neil Patrick Harris is in talks to star in Netflix’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” According to The Hollywood Reporter, Harris will play Count Olaf, the evil uncle of series protagonists Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire. Harris follows Jim Carrey, who played the character in the 2004 movie adaptation of the popular book series.

The book series is written and narrated by the fictional Lemony Snicket (a pen name for Daniel Handler) and follows the adventures, trials and tribulations of the orphaned children as they try to uncover the secret of their parents’ deaths. Handler will executive produce the Netflix series.

Though the series has gained Harris, “True Blood” veteran Mark Hudis has stepped down as showrunner. The search for a replacement is underway.


  • Carol

    Neil Patrick Harris, evil? Does not compute. Can’t wait to watch this.

  • JasonMBryant

    Well, he does have a PhD in horribleness.

  • Hagareno

    They’re going to need a lot of hair and make-up if so.

  • Alison Cowan


  • Anna

    Awesome casting, perfect choice!!!

  • Bryan Sheldrick

    awful choice in casting him as Olaf but i guess we will wait and see

  • Lee Mapes

    Dr Horrible!

  • Nathan Forester

    a fan of the books and movies, and as someone who liked Carrey’s
    performance in the movie…i’m still interested in seeing how NPH is
    going to do as Olaf. Plus, i’m hoping Olaf’s girlfriend Esme will be

  • ♫ Hime ♫


  • Mariah

    Um, did you see the first few seasons of HIMYM? He’s definitely perfect.

  • Chanse

    He can’t stand up to Jim carrey.

  • Syd Christen

    Really have a hard time imagining him replacing jim carrey ??

  • Spencer McClure

    I’ve always considered him a good candidate for Riddler if they ever bring him to Live Action again, so I’m interested in seeing him play as Olaf. (ironically, both characters were also played by Jim Carrey)

  • Spencer McClure

    Jim Carrey had the look of Olaf down to a T, but I think his acting was too goofy to be as threatening as Count Olaf is supposed to be. It’ll be…interesting to see how NPH decides to play it.

  • Delores Woodard

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  • Fehérvári András

    Terrible choice, I hope that they do not choose him or make Olaf like Jim Carrey’s portrayal. Olaf was not a goofy idiot, there was not much comedy in the books at all.

    Denis O’Hare would be much better, off the top of my head. Hell, Ryan Stiles would be better.

  • Cameron

    The books I read had tons of dark comedy and quirky, deadpan humor.

  • Dara

    Too bad they didn’t consider Jim Carrey for the role. I think he was perfect in this role Dark humor and all. I love this series the books are amazing. I don’t think he could deliver on this role but we’ll have to wait and see.