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‘The Force Awakens’ Soars Past $1 Billion Overseas


“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” may have slipped to third place in its fifth weekend of release at the domestic box office, but the Disney sequel barreled ahead overseas, where it crossed the $1 billion mark. It’s only the fifth film in history to do so.

The J.J. Abrams film grossed another $47.3 million this weekend in international markets, bringing its global haul to $1.86 billion. “The Force Awakens” is the third-highest grossing film of all time worldwide, behind only “Titanic” ($2.18 billion) and “Avatar” ($2.78 billion). When the weekend receipts are counted, it should inch past “Jurassic World’s” $1.016 billion to claim the No. 3 position on the overseas chart.

The film retained the top spot in its second weekend of release in China, where it’s expected to cross the $100 million mark in the next day or two. That’s despite Chinese audiences being largely unfamiliar with the franchise, which never saw heavy release there.

(via Deadline, Variety)


  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    I wonder what it is like for your first Star Wars movie to be episode VII.

  • butters911

    Better than your first being episode I.

  • Scott Cranidge

    How about seeing it 18 time without the Episode 4 A New Hope title card…Just Star Wars.

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