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It’s Official: Quentin Tarantino’s Movies Share the Same Universe


It turns out Quentin Tarantino’s shared movie universe predated the Marvel Cinematic Universe by over a decade, as the director has now revealed — in confirmation of a fan theory — that many of his movies since 1992 exist in the same world.

Promoting his latest film, “The Hateful Eight,” Tarantino told The Project (via Polygon) that his films exist in two realities: the “realer than real” universe where his characters exist in a through-line between “Resevoir Dogs,” “Pulp Fiction,” “True Romance” and others, as well as a “special movie universe” where those characters would watch films like “Kill Bill” and “From Duck Til Dawn” for themselves.

The connection between Tarantino’s body of work started way back with “Pulp Fiction” in 1994, as the film had the character Vincent Vega (John Travolta), who shared the same surname as “Resevoir Dogs'” Mr. Blonde, Vic Vega (Michael Madsen). Tarantino confirmed that those characters are indeed brothers, and exist (or at least, used to) in the same universe as many of Tarantino’s later films.

“The Hateful Eight” is currently in theaters.


  • Arnie Carvalho (Arnie C)

    “From Duck Till Dawn” is that what Howard watches on Duckworld? LOL

  • Alex W

    Really, really old news.

  • CBQSteele!

    I want to see From Duck to Dawn! Killer birds peck Hitler to death!

  • The Ráuque Gentil
  • red vector

    Maybe there’s a parallel universe where Hateful Eight is not a box office bomb.

  • Nerd Supremo 4.0
  • Jota Be

    Yay From Duck Til Dawn starring Count Duckula!

  • Biznatch1

    save it dickhole. If you knew anything about the movies this comes from, being a box office hit isn’t what this kind of movie does. It’ll be talked about long after Star Wars is done being forced down our throats. There is nothing in the movie that is in its favor towards a wide audience. It’s a challenging piece and certainly not for everyone but is certainly exceptional.

  • BigAl_81

    And Nanny upsets the odds to save the day yet again “Here, Ducky-Boos!!” :)

  • Larry Tate

    Almost as stale as your comment

  • Larry Tate

    All true but red vector still is correct

  • red vector

    It’s being ignored by 95% of the movie going public because of the moronic decision to release it the same week of the Force Awakens. They only people who are talking about it are the people who are talking about how bad it bombed.

  • Joseph

    It’s a three hour long, R rated, violent, talky Western that has grossed almost $90 million worldwide (and counting) with a production budget of $44 million. Marketing spend usually equals production spend, but I highly doubt it did in this case. Regardless, the film will certainly at least break even once it’s box office run is over, and will turn a profit once ancillary profits are taken into account. Not Tarantino’s most successful film to be sure, but hardly a “bomb”.

  • Shannon Potratz

    Considering no one has stopped talking about Star Wars for the better part of the last 40 years, I don’t see that changing anytime soon. As much as I enjoy Tarantino’s films, their cultural significance don’t hold a candle to that iconic juggernaut.