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‘Terminator 2′ Removed from Paramount’s Schedule


“Terminator 2,” the sequel to “Terminator: Genisys,” has been removed from Paramount’s schedule. According to Deadline, the film was originally slated for a May 19, 2017 release, but has since been replaced by “Baywatch.”

The franchise reboot, “Terminator Genisys,” was intended as the first film in a trilogy (with sequels following in 2017 and 2018), which would also incorporate a tie-in television series. However, the $150 million-plus “Genisys” grossed just $90 million in North America, which seemed to spell doom for the sci-fi series. A report indicated that even the $440 million worldwide haul wasn’t enough for the film to make money.

“Terminator 2’s” removal from the schedule follows a recent report that ambitious plans for the “Terminator” franchise are “on hold indefinitely,” though one of the film’s producers later insisted they’re still moving forward, just at a slower pace.


  • Ray Garcia

    When are we going to see the King Conan film?

  • Jason Graves

    how about a terminator vs robocop movie…

  • Its the same movie

    They should just remake the original Terminator again. They had a mega hit on their hands when they used that formula to make T2

  • Clint Parker

    They just did remake the first Terminator but they basically erased the first 2 films.

    What they need to do is the FUTURE WAR and I MEAN DO IT PROPERLY. Rated R and follow exactly what Kyle Reese says in the first film and make it look like the flashback scenes from the first Terminator. Terminator fans have been waiting decades for that.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    We saw the war in the Bale movie. It was generic Robot v Human action.

  • mel

    Because that was the early days of the war. Reese was still a kid. We want the grown up Reese and laser guns.

  • buckwhizzle

    I really liked this movie.Bummer.

  • Disgrace

    Too bad, I like that Sarah Conner better as a brunette.

  • Clint Parker

    I am talking the PROPER future war. Not the shitty sunshines and rainbows future war that Bale movie gave us.

  • JohnSmith1993

    How about bringing back and properly wrapping up The Sarah Connor Chronicles?

  • Curious Joe


  • Curious Joe

    Hopefully, Cameron puts an end to this. This franchiese has been messed around with long enough. Sure, there are worse, but if I were the creator of that franchiese I’d be appalled of what it has become.

  • CogInTheWheel

    Understandable, Genisys was a total POS.

  • Jason Graves

    but not the new touchy feeli crap of the new robocop the dark funny orginal with alot of gun fire and explosions

  • John

    How about we all just admit that the ’80s are finally over? Time for new stories, new ideas.

  • ZigZagWave

    Good riddance, Terminator Genisys was awful. Garbage movie.

  • TheCyberZon

    HOLY F*CKING SHIT!!! They were actually intending to make ANOTHER trilogy of Terminator movies!!?? AND another TV series!!!??? Insanity! Enough is Enough! 1 & 2 were awesome but Rise of the Machines, Salvation, & Genisys all sucked ass. Judgment Day was a great place to leave it but no!, it HAD to be at least a trilogy and the franchise has gone further & further down hill ever since with even more garbage sequels. They couldn’t even get & keep a TV audience the first time for that f*cking awful Chronicles show. The whole thing should’ve ended with Genisys once & for all but they had to have that stupid scene at the end where the evil Skynet program somehow survived. Buy a clue idiots! You’ve ruined the franchise enough and people are sick of it altogether. Good call scrapping this whole new clusterf*ck trilogy Paramount. May these alleged ambitious and no doubt half-assed plans to further beat this dead horse be terminated and rolled over again & again by an HK until it’s been ground into dust.

  • TheCyberZon

    Only if it’s to wrap it up in a garbage bag and toss it into a thresher. That would be a proper send off for it.

  • Todd AngelHawk Clark

    Once again I guess I’m in a minority here. I LOVED Genisys and thought it a worthy successor. It didn’t erase the first two movies, it complimented them. Just as Judgment Day came later in “3” because of what happened in 1 + 2, the past changed again because of what happened in the future. (I know, paradox always makes my head hurt.) I loved Amelia Clark as a very worthy successor for the character, and just had a blast. Hope they decide to take a risk and move forward with the franchise. Otherwise we’re looking at a future of fucking Baywatch remakes, and then we deserve Skynet.