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LOOK: Robbie Amell, Lauren Ambrose Arrive on ‘X-Files’ in First Photo


“The Flash” star Robbie Amell and “Six Feet Under’s” Lauren Ambrose are about to make their big “X-Files” debut, and Entertainment Weekly has our first look at the two in their roles as Agent Miller and Agent Einstein.

Miller is described as “smart” and “smooth” and Einstein as “sharp” and “confident.” Though there’s a resemblance between Amell and Ambrose and “X-Files” stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, their appearances will not be a flashback. The duo will appear in “Babylon,” in which Mulder and Scully attempt to communicate with the comatose bomber of an art gallery and have their own beliefs brought into question by their younger counterparts.

Amell played Ronnie Raymond/one-half of Firestorm in multiple episodes of The CW’s “The Flash” last season. Ambrose has appeared in “Torchwood” and “Dig.”

Set to run for six episodes, “The X-Files” airs on Fox at 8 p.m. EST.



  • Mike Hunt-Hurtz

    The X-Files is primarily responsible for my fetish for dumpy little gingers in pant suits, I’m glad they have kept that alive.

  • Hector Lugo

    Dumpy? How dare you! LOL

  • Mike Hunt-Hurtz

    You say that as though dumpy is pejorative, this is my sexuality good sir, how dare YOU!

  • TheFirst

    I wonder if maybe they could be the ‘next generation’? So that when David and Gillian don’t want to do another full season, these two take over as leads. I could see it working.

    I mean, Robbie Amell did presumably leave The Flash/Legends of Tomorrow for this. So it’s gotta be a big role, right?

    (Or I could be totally wrong..)