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‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Approaches $2 Billion in Global Box Office


“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” could pass $2 billion at the worldwide box office by the end of the week.

Variety reports that in its seventh weekend of release, the Disney sequel earned $10.8 million domestically, bringing its tally to $895.4 million in North America, where it’s already the top-grossing film of all time. Overseas, “The Force Awakens” raked in another $12.6 million for a total of $1.09 billion.

That means globally “The Force Awakens” needs to bring in just $17 million more to push past $2 billion. It trails behind only “Avatar” ($2.78 billion) and “Titanic” ($2.19 billion).


  • MZ

    Is nobody shocked that, even with inflation, a movie from 1997 is still in the (unadjusted for inflation) 2nd place? That’s insane!

    I thought for sure this movie would have been able to be the first non James Cameron movie to knock it down a peg.

  • simon austin

    I do believe that number includes the 3D rerelease though, which added a few hundred million to the total. I could be wrong, but I think that had Titanic not gotten a second release a few years back Star Wars would now have beaten it.

  • kjmclark

    Also, it partially shows that there hasn’t been that much inflation since then. We’ve been bumping along at 1% or less this whole year. In the ~18 years since 1997, we’ve had around 22% total inflation. The 18 years before that we had 37% total inflation.
    And, of course, that was a booming economy, and those of us in the 99% had a bigger share of the money back then. Harder to pay for movies when the movie tickets have increased faster than your income.

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  • DarkStarAz

    SW7 was fastest to $1B and will be fastest to *$2B, but still don’t think it will surpass Titanic at $2.19B. I originally thought it would do $300M in China. Wrong. (*It took Avatar 74 days to reach it) I saw it in IMAX 3D so $15 of that was mine.