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New ‘Game of Thrones’ Promo Features Faceless Ned Stark, Jon Snow


HBO aired a spooky new promo for “Game of Thrones” season six tonight featuring the return of some very familiar, and very dead, faces. Much like in the promo announcement, it opened in the House of the Black and White, and panned across hundreds of faces.

While many of the faces featured in the video are from the Stark family, like Ned, Catelyn, and Rob, all characters who have fallen in past seasons, it also showed the face of Jon Snow.

When Jon Snow fell at the wall in the season five finale, fans wondered if that meant Jon was gone forever, or if he would somehow be resurrected. While this promo could be teasing the final fate of Jon Snow, it also showed the faces of characters who haven’t died yet, leaving the truth about the dead faces very ambiguous and terrifying.

“Game of Thrones” returns to HBO April 24, 2016.


  • Lazarus

    Surely if they were faceless their faces wouldn’t be there?

  • al smith

    Not faceless. The Faceless.

  • Planetary

    Well that was underwhelming.

  • Lazarus

    Ah gotcha, thanks for responding without being snarky.

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  • Andrew Dirks

    You all know EVERYONE YOU LIKE is going to DIE right? That’s the whole point of Game of Thrones: Being nice and noble gets you killed! The most successful people in the GOT universe are all selfish bastards, if that’s not a lesson from GRRM I don’t know what is.