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New ‘Ghostbusters’ Teaser Asks ‘Who You Gonna call?’


Sony Pictures released a new “Ghostbusters” teaser today that featured the classic tag line, “Who you gonna call?” The trailer debuted the first footage of the film and announced the release date for the first official trailer.

The teaser showed footage of New York City under attack from an unknown enemy. The NYPD and the military all seemed to have their weapons set on something in the heart of Times Square, but the teaser doesn’t reveal who or what they are fighting. Clearly they are going to have to call in the experts on this one.

Check out the teaser below and the official trailer, which drops on March 3:

“Ghostbusters” stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and opens in theaters July 15, 2016.


  • BigAl_81

    I can’t wait…

    …to *not* attend this on opening (or ANY)day.

  • Andy McAwesome

    Not even a trailer. A TEASER for a trailer. And you’re already decided, huh? That’s dedication to… something, huh.

  • BigAl_81

    It’s not set in the continuity of the previous films or animated series – Feig’s made no secret of this from the get-go. That’s all about this I ever wanted to know, and GB of all franchises doesn’t deserve this throwaway approach to revival after 25+ years. An actual sequel or bust (yes, pun intended)for moi.

  • Tiberius

    Awesome. They make such a big deal out of the new female cast and they don’t show them. What are they afraid of…?

    Regardless, it’s a pass anyway. I’ve no desire to see them crapping on the original.

  • CogInTheWheel

    A teaser trailer announcement for the release of the actual trailer, what a time to be alive.

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  • Andy McAwesome

    Lots of people talk like that. And I totally understand it. If that’s why you hate it, then it doesn’t matter who’s in the cast either way. …and then they start calling Melissa McCarthy a fat bitch.

    Sends mixed messages. I mean, you could be against the reboot AND be a raging misogynist, but I can’t shake the feeling that a lot of people are against the reboot BECAUSE they’re raging misogynists. Like, I truly wonder, if they hadn’t cast women (and a director best known for directing comedies starring women), would there be quite as many people crying out against it being a reboot?

  • BigAl_81

    Look, no doubt whatsoever that quite a lot (if not most) of the hate for this movie is because of the all-female team and that’s it. What I’m doing is categorically stating that my reason for hating this movie is not, to any extent, the same as those people’s.

  • Andy McAwesome

    I’m gonna go out on a limb, even, and say that hating a movie is kind of a stupid thing to do. What with how easy it is to avoid movies. A lot of people say, “I hate this movie! I’m not going to watch it!” …if you’re not going to watch it, why would you devote your energy into HATING it? It just seems a bit overkill when you could feel, you know… ambivalent.