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CBS Casts ‘Person of Interest’s’ Sarah Shahi as Nancy Drew


Sarah Shahi, best known for her roles on “Person of Interest” and “The L Word,” will star in CBS’s contemporary reimagining of the Nacy Drew mystery novels.

In “Drew,” Shahi will play the title character, now serving as a detective for the New York City Police Department, where she investigates crimes using her uncanny observational skills — all while navigating the life in the modern world.

She joins a cast that includes ER alum Anthony Edwards as Nancy’s father Carson,Vanessa Ferlito has her best friend George, and Felix Solis as a fellow detective.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the pilot, from “Grey’s Anatomy” veterans Joan Rater and Tony Phelan, finds Nancy as a rising star in the NYPD — the youngest female homicide detective — until she arrested the wrong guy and ends up quitting the force. “Drew” will follow her on her path to becoming a confident sleuth.


  • Picklepuss Dill

    Too bad it’s not based on Kate Beaton’s version of Nancy Drew.

  • Picklepuss Dill

    Too bad it’s not based on Kate Beaton’s version of Nancy Drew.

  • Nap60

    The amount of typos in this article

  • Adam Steed

    Welp I’ll still have the old books. She probably won’t get knocked out half as much in the modern stories, lol.

  • Sturgeon’s Law

    Nancy Drew, the girl detective? What’s next, Bruce Campbell as Dennis the Menace?

  • Mark Kuykendall

    I do like Sarah Shahi.

  • JP

    Just the name of the show tells you this will fail.

  • Point Dexter

    I love Sarah Shahi. I’m glad she’s staying at CBS!

  • Adrian Werner

    The hopes for Person of Interest continuing on other network/service just keep getting smaller and smaller :(

  • John B

    Shahi only became a regular in Person Of interest during the last couple seasons, so the show could easily go on without her. Now if there’s any news of Jim Caviezel or Michael Emerson getting new shows, that will pretty much confirm the show’s cancellation.