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Tom Hiddleston Gets Messy in New ‘High-Rise’ Red-Band Trailer


A French red-band trailer has arrived for “High-Rise,” revealing new footage from director Ben Wheatley’s darkly satirical thriller.

Based on J.G. Ballard’s 1975 dystopian novel about class warfare within a closed-off community, the film follows Tom Hiddleston’s Dr. Robert Laing as he moves into a luxury tower, where he soon discovers complex loyalties within a building that is itself separated by class, based on wealth and status. Soon, a dangerous social situation develops, and the high-rise fragments into violent tribes.

Also starring Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller, Luke Evans and Elisabeth Moss, “High-Rise” will be available April 28 on Demand, Amazon on Demand and iTunes ahead of a May 13 theatrical release.


  • Nathan Aaron

    How in the world is this a red band trailer? Especially given that it’s French. I think this is an American red band trailer (No! Male nudity! And not even, really! ;) of a French regular trailer. Actually, for the French this is probably rated G. :) Americans, we’ll never learn…

  • somaxd

    they say fuck a few times…