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‘Astro Boy Reboot’ TV Series Debuts New Poster


A new poster has arrived for “Astro Boy Reboot,” the upcoming television revival produced by Tezuka Productions, Shibuya Productions and Caribara Animation.

Announced in June 2014, the 26-episode series will blend CG and traditional 2D animation for a story aimed at viewers ages 8 to 12. As you can tell from the poster, the show will boast contemporary designs in a present-day setting, and will feature of mix of old and new characters and elements.

Created by the legendary Osamu Tezuka, Astro Boy was introduced in a manga series published from 1952 to 1968. The story of the boy robot has been adapted several times over the decades, most famously in 1963. A 2009 CG-animated film grossed just $44 million worldwide. It was announced last month that New Line Cinemas has partnered with Animal Logic, Ranger 7 Films and Tezuka Productions to produce an “Astro Boy” live-action feature.

“Astro Boy Reboot” doesn’t yet have a U.S. distributor.

astro boy-reboot

(via Anime News Network)


  • Sebastian Mengay

    Looks tartakovsky-ish.

  • Picklepuss Dill

    I’m watching the proles on parade…

  • Viroro

    What, no Ochanomizu? Where’s Atom’s adoptive dad? And, Tenma looks weird with those glasses. If he had to have glasses, couldn’t he have gotten something closer to his Pluto design?

    Besides this, it looks pretty good. Hoping this series is good, Astro Boy deserves more recognition in the west.

  • Bitterbear

    He’s been replaced with a doctor, and she’s a doctor in Gender Studies.

  • Viroro

    Confirmed, assumed, or is it a joke? With current western tendencies, it’s hard to tell. (I’d not mind given it’s a different take on Atom in any case, just want to know)

  • Bitterbear

    Poe’s Law.

  • Viroro