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‘Star Wars’ Star John Boyega Dressed as Finn to Visit Children’s Hospital


Dressed as his “Force Awakens” character Finn, John Boyega paid a surprise visit Friday to The Royal London Hospital, where he handed out “Star Wars” toys to sick children.

The actor appeared at the request of the Rays of Sunshine children’s charity and Daniel Bell, a 5-year-old diagnosed with a brain tumor whose wish was to meet Finn and distribute toys with him. Daniel dressed as a Stormtrooper, while a little girl named Layla donned a Rey costume.

“I stayed in character while I was with this brave boy, asking him what a car was,” Boyega wrote on his Instagram page. “He taught Finn about everything Earth.”

“When I heard about Daniel’s wish to meet Finn, I jumped at the chance to make it come true,” he told the Belfast Telegraph. “It was fantastic to be a part of his very special wish with Rays of Sunshine.”

(via People)


  • Heather

    I can’t handle how adorable this is. <3

  • LogicalLeopard

    Boyega: “Okay, we have some toys to distribute. Where do you want us to take them?”
    Daniel: Jakku.

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